Brandi Glanville Says Everything With Eddie & LeAnn Is Fine, There Was No Scene At Nobu!


RadarOnline reported that Brandi Glanville caused a scene at Nobu when she was having dinner with her sons and ran into her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian and his wife, LeAnn Rimes. But Glanville is telling RumorFix that there was NOT a scene. “It was really nothing,” she tells the site. Brandi says she was having dinner with her sons, BFF Darin Harvey, and new RHOBH cast member Carlton Gebbia along with Carlton’s family when Eddie and LeAnn walked into the restaurant.

“Eddie waved hello as he is still friends with Darin the kids ran and said ‘Hi’ and they went and sat at a table outside,” Brandi says. “Listen I throw joint birthday parties with them and I have no issue with it at all. They [LeAnn and Eddie]  came by our table as they left and said ‘Bye’  to the kids and I said ‘Bye’ as I talked to Carlton. No scene, no drama, no nothing.”

“I have to see them all the time for birthdays, baseball, soccer, at there house and mine dropping kids off, school events etc. That’s it. I go to Nobu all the time I’ve never seen them there but it was bound to happen at some point soooo not a big deal,” Brandi insists.

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  1. I sure hope Brandi and LeAnn are getting a lone it would show they have begin to grow up and putting the boys first,

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