Exclusive Details: Brandi Glanville’s Health Scare

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville was rushed to the hospital Thursday night when her illness suddenly got worse. Brandi tweeted, “Called 911 thought I was dieing [sic] went in an ambulance to cedars, @LisaVanderpump rode in the front with the guy ken followed.” The same morning Brandi tweeted, “So sick this a.m.! Grrrrrrr I wanna scream!!!! Infection be gone!” Later, she tweeted, “I cant stop puking :/” Brandi seems to be doing better, she tweeted today, “Resting up, thank u for all the love. Xob” Lisa tweeted late Thursday night, “stressful day, alls well that ends well @BrandiGlanville feel better darling..” Brandi’s rep told RumorFix, “Brandi had the flu — she’s home now feeling better and flying to New York on Sunday for press.” Brandi is scheduled to appear on WWHL Sunday night.

Brandi had tweeted a couple weeks ago she was nervous for a mammogram. She later tweeted that the test results came back fine. I know what’s going on, but I am going to respect Brandi’s privacy. I can tell you that she has an infection that is causing her a lot of pain, along with exhaustion, fever, nausea, and chills. I think she will be ok, she is awaiting more test results. Our thoughts and prayers are with her that she feels better!

UPDATE: On December 6th, upon dealing with all the madness with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, Brandi tweeted, “Ignore N haters, the silverlining is I think I found a name 4 tumor in my booby thats coming out dec12 starts with an R &ends with an online,” she assured her followers, “Its not the big C’ please dont worry, its just some n’lame thats been making me ill.”

Photo Credit: Bravo