Brandi Glanville RHOBH Season 3 Fights!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 premieres in two weeks and The Wives have promised us it’s going to be a drama filled season, even saying it’s their best season yet! Brandi Glanville was introduced last season and is coming into Season 3 as an “official” Housewife. We know that she had a rocky season with former friend, Adrienne Maloof, so who else did she not get along with?

Some of you might have guessed the Richards’ sisters. But no, they are leaving the past behind them. “We are definitely in a better place than Season 2, that’s for sure!” Kyle tells US Weekly. “It couldn’t get any worse than that!” Kim agrees it was time to let it go, “For me to stay in a better place to stay sober, it won’t do me any good to stay angry or negative or carry any kind of ill feelings,” Kim explains. “It’s better for me to work on that with Brandi.”

However, on October 23rd, Brandi tweeted this, “Calm down people! I like @TheRealCamilleG but she hurt my feelings this season and we are not close like we were last year. #fact.” Camille followed up with a tweet saying, “@BrandiGlanville Brandi and I are not as close. And things were said that hurt both of us. She also said hurtful things towards me.” So it looks like Brandi is going to have a falling out with her former friend, Camille Grammer, too.

Looks like Season 3 is filled with drama as promised, I will definitely be tuned in to watch it all play out!

Tell Us- Will YOU be watching?

Photo Credit: Bravo