Brandi Glanville Reveals Which RHOBH Cast Mates Have Not Been Supportive Of Her Book!

Brandi, Lisa, Yolanda

Brandi Glanville is still doing press for her book ‘Drinking And Tweeting’ that was released on Tuesday, and when B stopped by New York Live, she revealed that most of her RHOBH cast mates have not been so supportive of her memoir. “Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster have been extremely supportive,” Brandi revealed. “They Tweeted about it, gone to book signings, they’ve been really great.” Brandi also said that Kim Richards called her and gave her support, “It was a really great pep talk.”

“Not so much on the other girls,” Brandi admis, insinuating that Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong are definitely are not on Team Brandi. “They haven’t said anything,” she said

It is clear in Season 3 the women of RHOBH are very divided over the feud between Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville, and it seems the feud has not died down, but will continue to divide the group even with cast changes as they begin to film Season 4 in April.

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  1. I am glade that Kim a least called and offered support. She has always seems like a lost kitten in the mist of mad dog’s to me. Kyle and Taylor, who cares about them. Brandi would do well to keep them far, far away. Besides, they would probably sabotage her book signing in some way or another. And what’s up with Camille this season? Thought she and Brandi were friends. Guess Brandi’s accusations (Truth’s) of Adrienne hit a little to close to home!

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