Brandi Glanville Reveals Her True Feelings About Kyle Richards, Says She Is Obsessed With Fame & Money


It is clear that RHOBH stars Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville have beef. Glanville even mentioned Richards on her Podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, this week. Brandi called Kyle a “horrible b*tch” and claims that she only cares about money.

Brandi and Kyle seem to be getting along just fine this season, but the trailer reveals they get into a physical fight later on. No details of the fight have been released, but Kyle Richards has publicly stated that she is done with Glanville and Brandi had some not so nice things to say about Kyle during a recent episode of WWHL.

“Kyle can f***g suck it,” Brandi said on the show. “I’m going to tell you why. Kyle is the first person… she’s stabbed everyone in the back. She was not friends with Camille at first, then she wasn’t friends with me, and then she wasn’t friends with her own sister, and then Yolanda, and then Carlton, and then Lisa Vanderpump. For her to say she can’t forgive me, everyone else has forgiven her, she needs to check herself!”

When Brandi was taping her Podcast this week a caller asked her if she thinks she will ever be friends with Kyle again and Brandi unleashed more of her feelings about her co-star.

“She’s a horrible bitch,” Brandi says. “I don’t ever want to be friends with her. She’s not a good person. She’s obsessed with fame and money… that’s all she cares about. She doesn’t care about her own family. It’s really sad.”

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23 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Reveals Her True Feelings About Kyle Richards, Says She Is Obsessed With Fame & Money”

    1. What the hell was that rubbish? Has Brandi, That pathetic excuse 4 a human being looked in the mirror lately! She calls everyone anything and everything, and then denies it, and then tries to apologise 4 her actions!! She seriously needs to grow up and act 42 and not like a Baby!!!!!

    2. Totally- Brandi is constantly talking about making money- and she doesn’t portray herself as nearly half as conscientious of a mother as Kyle is.

  1. Kyle and Mauricio have more money than most of the rest of the wives. She has been famous since a a small child star. She spends more time with her children than THE B does and is quite beautiful with a husband who loves her. THE B is just a green eyed monster who will never grow up. B just please STFU.

  2. Oh Drunki. The only person left who will film with you is YoLemons and Kim. Do you really want to alienate Kim? You have a lease to pay on a new car that you pretended you could afford, after all.

  3. I rarely, if ever, agree with Brandi about anything she has to say about any of her castmates because of her history of twisting the truth or lying. But IMO she strikes some truthful chords about Kyle being obsessed with money and fame. Just because Kyle has plenty of money doesn’t automatically mean she doesn’t want more…same goes for fame, which is for the most part in her distant past. If she has so much money and is happy with her fame status why the hell is she on a reality show? On this week’s show I was struck by her fakeness while playing with Yolanda, twirling in her flowy dress and constantly checking her breasts to make sure they are being displayed at their best. She is as fake as they come, and a huge fame whore. At least Brandi needs the money and is only doing this show because she really doesn’t have any other choices.

  4. Why am I not surprised that Brandi has found a new person to b**** about? A never ending source of hateful comments and bad vibes. Brandi, all I can say is I feel sorry for you. I don’t think you’ll ever be truly happy and at peace with others or yourself. Please get some help with these feelings of hate and jealousy. It’s unbecoming and your children deserve a better role model. You don’t have to be cool all the time.

  5. When Brandi is mad at someone she releases a onslaught of bile and hate that is unending. Kyle doesn’t care about her family? Now, I have had my issues with Kyle throughout the seasons, I don’t think she has been the best friend on the show, but she has consistently been a great mom and wife. Fiercely protective and very involved in her families lives, and it shows in the way they interact. Maybe Brandi is jealous of the fact that Kyle has a long lasting marriage with a man who clearly adores her, and has four lovely daughters who are not in the press doing for doing stupid things but are working or going to school and college like most other regular kids. As for the all she cares about is money- bish, who is the one out there literally, making a disgusting fool of herself nearly daily for a dollar?

    1. Karen, your comment is SPOT-ON. Brandi’s jealousy oozes from her pores & she 1 vindictive ….! She’s also as dumb as a box of rocks. At her age, with all the relationships she’s destroyed / then bad mouthed / then said “I’ll NEVER talk to that person again / “I hate that person” / then months (or years) later ends up apologizing — you’d think she’d learn by now to stop saying “I’ll NEVER be friends with them again?!!

  6. Brandi is a mess, but even a clock is right twice a day. First, Kyle makes her show biz “career” sound like it was something it wasn’t. She was not famous – her sister was. She didn’t earn the big bucks – Kim did. Kim’s earnings supported the family, and the biggest acting job Kyle ever got as a kid was being brought on a show because of her sister. Kim was a star of the show, and Kyle was brought on for a lesser part.

    1. Thank you!! So right about Kyle’s weird memories of her ‘career.’ I’m no fan of Kim’s, but she definitely deserves credit for working her *ss off for most of her childhood. Kyle is STILL jealous of that.

      1. While Kyle is a gossip monger & stirs up trouble , she does care about her family.I admire that about her and thats about all.As far as Brandy goes, She crossed the line by stabbing Lisa Vanderpump Iin the back and throwing her under the bus. Lisa stood by her through thick and then and not be a good friend because she #1 can’t be trusted and #2 has no loyalty.The two things most necessary to a real friendship. Do not say you both said hurtful things Brandi, your actions are inexcuseable and you do not deserve Lisas friendship.You alone are responsible for that horrible pack of dogs attack against Lisa with that magazine BS you and Kyle over dramatized…and Kyle..thou dost protest to much over rumers of infidelity.

  7. Brandi is such a jealous misersble person. Her description of Kyle sounds more like Brandi. Kyle has always been in front of the camera. She seems like a wonderful mother and a very happy marriage. All Brandi talks about is getting some and getting drunk, not too mention her foul mouth. I feel sorry for HER sons. I’m sure she is pissed too because her lies last year didn’t break up Kyle and Lisa’s friendship. She will never fit in with these women.

  8. Brandi is harsh but very honest. I don’t get y people hate on her so much. She is one of the top most popular housewives of the whole franchise and has many other ventures of her own. She has no reason to be Jealous. Kyle is a phony, a fake and backstabbing and anyone who has watched this show from the beginning should be well aware of that. Brandi is only speaking the truth.

  9. The truth of the matter is (all) of them are obsessed with fame & money and (all) of them wish they could be Lisa Vanderpump (who by the way is uber rich, and classy, and intelligent, and successful, and happily married.)
    vyle is “jelly” of anyone with more money, fame or who happens to be younger. her small (childhood) roles do not make her a “star”, she is a dime a dozen like has been lemonhead…. both think way too highly of themselves…. and vyle acts like a 12 year old with a peabrain. trampon is just disgusting……

  10. People, read “House of Hilton”. While I’ve not been a Brandi fan in the past (like, AT ALL), I can agree with her assessment of weird Kyle. And BTW, Kyle wasn’t “FAMOUS”. She was a d list extra from the 70s.

    1. Maybe Kim was the famous one but she turned out pretty messed up and RHOBH has made Kyle “famous”. Either way I’ll never be a fan of Brandi.

  11. I watch all the housewives – even NJ. Shows would be much better if they got rid of the trash – Dina – Brandi – Tamra – Kenya and that annoying Porsha. I still enjoy Nene but Vicki is getting more ridiculous by the minute. IMO.

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