Brandi Glanville Reveals Dark Side On RHOBH And Why She Wasn’t Speaking To Her Father


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to reveal that we are going to be seeing a darker, depressed side of her on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Brandi explains that during the time of filming she was very depressed and trying to repair her relationship with her father, which led to excess drinking and a dark depression.

Brandi writes, “Awwww Im so excited you all finally get to meet my maker, mother, and my love mamma Judy Glanville. My mother has always been the most giving woman I know, so when it came time to move I knew I could depend on her for help.

My parents have been married now for over 44 years, and normally my dad would have come to help me move as well. Sadly at that time he was really struggling with some health issues and we were unfortunately not on speaking terms. My father and I are a lot alike — we are both outspoken, strong willed, opinionated, temperamental — and who do you think I learned the “f word” from. (Side note: my mother has never said that particular curse word but has made up for it with many others.) So I’m sure one can imagine what my dad and my fights must be like. I do not like to argue with my dad, especially noy with his health in a not great place so I am eager to make up with him as soon as possible.

That said I gave my my sweet and very laid back mom a tour of my new rental home. She doesn’t seem overly excited by it but that is just her personality. She really is happy for me. . .I swear! Going through some offices boxes we found some of my older journals and silly poetry books. Looking through them I randomly come across a cute poem I wrote about the fact that my mom never calls me, we laughed so hard we had tears.

Right around the time of my mom’s visit I started to feel an overwhelming anxiety in the pit of my belly, similar to the one I had felt years before when I fell into a depression while going through my divorce. It was a the darkest time of my life, and with the help of therapy, anti-depressants, and a whole lot of white wine, I finally was able to find my happy again. With my dad ill with heart problems and us not talking for almost six months now (our longest break ever) and I was starting to feel a little hopeless and that darkness is creeping back.

Since my divorce my dad has been my main man — the only man that I knew I could count on, who loved me unconditionally and would never leave me. I was starting to feel like I had lost him now, also. So get ready for a lot of a darker, slightly depressed at times Brandi — with a little excess drinking and a little excess sadness as I take the journey to try to repair things with him. I am very self aware and I know when I am in a good place and when I am not, but I have a great support group of friends around me that don’t judge me for my faults or mistakes and help me through my harder times.”

Photo Credit: Bravo