Brandi Glanville Reveals 7 Secrets In Debut Podcast


On Tuesday Brandi Glanville kicked off her new podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, and critics say the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was hilarious in her first episode. Brandi’s tagline for the show, “Nobody gets to tell me not to curse,” sets the tone for what viewers can expect. Thanks to The Dish, we have seven revelations from Brandi’s debut episode.

She’s a Kim Kardashian Wannabe
Brandi admits she took a selfie modeled after Kim’s infamous booty-baring shot from last month. But she’s held back from sharing it with the rest of the world. “Then I saw the backlash that she got and I was like, ‘Listen people out there, when you’re pregnant, you just don’t feel sexy at all,” she says.

She Had a Fake ID at 15-Years-Old
Speaking of the younger Jenner sisters’ recent headline-grabbing club-going antics, Brandi reveals that she was hanging out at bars before she was of-age. “I was up at [the bar] having Long Island Iced Teas!” she says. “And we’ve turned out fine!”

She Can’t Help But Take a Dig at You-Know-Who…
Her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian and new wife LeAnn Rimes will be launching their own docu-series on Lifetime. Brandi is already pulling back the curtain on the show: she alleges that LeAnn hired someone that Brandi knows to play-act the role of a real friend of LeAnn’s. “I have a spy!” Brandi squeals.

…And She Doesn’t Plan on Quitting with the Mud-Slinging
Brandi promises that LeAnn’s ex-husband Dean Sheremet will be a guest on an upcoming episode. “It’s going to be very interesting,” she says. Um…understatement of the century!

She’s an Amazing Chef
“Brandi is not just a good cook,” her friend Jennifer Gimenez says, “Brandi is an excellent chef.” Her best dishes: tacos and Beef Stroganoff. “I’m a comfort food cooker,” Brandi says. “I cook with love and butter and cream!”

She’s Not Anorexic…
All Twitter-haters take note: the uber-lean mother (who says she weighs 125 lbs.) has an appetite. “I eat more than most men I know,” she says. “Del Taco is my all-time favorite!”

…And She’s Got the Poor Health to Prove It!
Brandi says she has high-cholesterol thanks to her poor diet choices. “And my heart is about to give out because of it!”

Will you be listening to Brandi’s podcast?

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