Brandi Glanville Returns to RHOBH, Kyle Gets Emotional About Yolanda’s Lyme Disease


Brandi Glanville returned to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tuesday night to help Yolanda Foster say goodbye to her Malibu home while the other ladies were vacationing in Dubai.

Back at the Global Lyme Alliance gala, Kyle Richards felt really bad that people were questioning Yolanda’s illness.

“Being here tonight, listening to what these people are saying, I just feel bad about that,” Kyle said in her interview.

“She gets it on a deeper level. When it hit her emotions… that’s all I wanted, for them to understand,” Yolanda said after confronting an emotional Kyle.

But in Dubai, Rinna had a lot to say about Hadid. “I’ve never doubted that she’s sick… Eileen and I have had quite a talk about it. I question sometimes, not her sickness, how she uses it, how she displays it and when she chooses to show up and when she doesn’t,” Rinna told the women.

“I do think Yolanda uses her illness as a shield and as a pass and not held accountable for certain things. My business? No. My opinions? I’ve had strong, strong opinions about that,” she later said in an interview.

Erika didn’t like what Rinna had to say about her friend. “Seems a little tiresome to always be so opinionated. It’s on 10, like all the time,” Girardi said.

When Brandi came to visit Yolanda, she told Glanville about Rinna questioning her illness. “She’s not a fake, she doesn’t manipulate thoughts before they come out,” Hadid said.

“I think that wig glue is effecting her brain,” Brandi said. “I want to get one and be her for Halloween. No, I’m not lying, she wears wigs.”

“Dear Lisa Rinna, get a f*cking life. Eat some food and stop talking about my friend. You have nothing else going on in your life. #straightjacket #realfriends #motherf–ker. Get some help,” Brandi said in a confessional.

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94 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Returns to RHOBH, Kyle Gets Emotional About Yolanda’s Lyme Disease”

  1. Oh for pete’s sake…enough with Yolo’s Lymebrain. Let’s talk about how incredible Dubai is…or Erika bringing her glam squad…or Max’s new Jeep.

    1. Apple, like you I am so sick of it! I’m not interested in her ‘story’ if she had been more genuine and humble about it maybe then yes! She uses it to get at any one who isn’t prepared to have her back or sit and mop her brow! Done with Yolanda! Get a grip on your life woman!

        1. (((3D))) you changed my mind around about Yolanda awhile ago remember when I first started posting I defended her? You just expressed why. She overstates or ‘appears’ to overstate her illness and after watching some episodes over again, I saw that. See Im not a ferverant watcher of these shows; I’m very distracted doing other things usually, in & out of the room, reading yadayada so I’m never totally focused so I miss a lot and never feel really qualified to make an educated opinion much of the time. But my heart like yours is forever compassionate to her core plight all the same. She just does seem to involve her EGO in the mix which is unattractive and diminishes my empathy at times. How does your garden ?! ❌❣⭕️

          1. Well I’m quite sure you are not with Yolanda at all times so as you stated about my Kyle comment, I’m sure you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

            1. Are you confusing me with the other Jane? Jane Smith? If you are you get a pass. If not, step off and shut it. I’ve never called anyone out on this board and I don’t take well to anyone calling me out either. If you don’t like a comment of mine, tough shit lady, move your fat opinionated mouth somewhere else.

          2. Hello, Jane Bond! I just saw this. There is a big difference with how you and I watch. I first tape them on DISH, and frequently fall asleep watching since I put it on after I am in bed. Then if the season is good, I buy it on Amazon. Then while I do dishes or look through garden catalogues or color, I watch again. I have seen the ones I like many times. After I started doing this I realized I see it quite differently than before. With correct closed caption and no adds to distract and interrupt the momentum of the episode I see things I never saw the other way.
            I occasionally change my mind also by reading posts of people I respect here. Not often but sometimes.
            I have gone to the “Yolandia Chronicles” also and the author has done a really good job of proving the discrepancies and outright lies she has told. I honestly don’t understand what benefit it is to her to say things like “I can’t drive a car” or “I can’t even read or write” then seeing actual dated time stamped photos or videos of her driving, not just once either, and her blogs and other sermons she writes.
            But the main thing for me is I have never liked her. I think she is the most judgmental, condescending, sanctimonious housewife there is. From her first appearance she spoke how in Ojai the girls should dress a certain way and go to bed and “have an Ojai day!” Always calling someone out. Then in Palm desert when Joyce invited them all to that compound, telling Joyce to get in the pool because Joyce was the host. Then at the dinner allowing Brandy to say cruel things because as usual she was shit faced. She acted the total mean girl bully for the entire time they were there. Kyle still forgave her and let all that crap go. She always went against everyone in favor of BG even tho Brandy isn’t exactly the kind of loyal friend one would go to bat for. Anyway, when she got sick I felt so very bad for her. At the reunion when Andy said that about Yolanda having a relapse of her Lyme and she teared up, so did I.
            On this “journey” she says things that are blatant LIES. She also expects everyone to understand every single thing she goes thru without question. She told Brandy that Rinna accused her of having munchies, lie, lie, lie. She immediately took the approach that makes her the victim and others mean to her.
            I hope she finds health and peace, truly, I just want her to do it elsewhere with Kimmy and BG.
            OH, BTW, I gardened for a good stretch yesterday and day before. My Bleeding Hearts, Daffs, Yarrow, Guem and so much else is up. We had a wet Winter. Lots and lots of pruning of Winter foliage to cut up for the compost, which is a very time consuming job. But it is lovely out today and the Earth is calling. ♥︎

            1. Hi my sweet friend there you is! 🙂 I’ve been wondering where you be. Everything you said here is do right on now that you reminded me of paddy shows, when she came on first. I think I was in favor of her at first arrival cause she was different from the others, I think I’d had enough of the antics of some of the ladies and this Dutch beauty as the media loves to refer her as was like a pretty red tulip in a garden of brown mums. I overlooked or just didn’t notice her swagger first time around I think. I see this now. I see her trying to guilt people in doing her opinion of the right thing. No one likes to be scolded or felt reprimanded let alone adult women (and some men; dear little sweet Ken comes to mind). I get it, 3D. ❣ and you have a huge compassionate heart, just like a lot of the other women here so we all do see her personality faux pas but can also wish her as a human being healing and health. We aren’t wicked women here people! lol I’m so envious nearly about your gardening already I CANNOT wait to get out there and get happy with my spade and shovel. My achy ass muscles are NOT going to ever stop me from my passion if I have to crawl from one raised bed to the other, so long as my arms don’t give out.

              1. Oh I forgot, you’re always invited to my home for dinner! I decided since it’s just the two of us this year I’m making Chicken Oscar. It was going to be veal but I just can’t. I like my meat I do but I can’t with the veal anymore. And cream puffs/Eclairs for dessert. I found a recipe for the pastry cream that you can actually freeze I flipped out! I make so many and we don’t eat them all so I like to freeze stuff but I never could before cause pastry cream just doesn’t freeze. Well this recipe I tried out using plain gelatin in the recipe does and it’s changed my world!! I’m so excited I found this blog on Pinterest, her name is Helen ? Fletcher I think that’s her name she’s written baking books in the past, well she’s dynamite! If you want some baking tutorials she’s the one. I’ll see if I can find her link and send it. 🙂

              2. What the hell. ? I used my microphone and missed some wrong wording here and there obvi. You’ll figure it out, you smart.

    2. I am so over Yo-lie-a-lot’s fuax illness. This weeks episode was very sort for me as i fast forwarded through any scene that fake was in. i can’t even stand to listen to her voice. Get rid of Yo, Bravo.

  2. LVP is the manipulative one? Look how yo twisted the facts to Brandi. She said LR was mad the yo had lunch with Kim and Brandi…LIE…she said LR said yo has munchausen… LIE…and how did all their sadness over questioning yo become it was all lr and lvp? LR is right, yo uses her illness to get back at anyone who isn’t on her pity train. Sooo fed up with it!!! Take Yo and Erika and send them out the door with Brandi and Kim and show us more of the clothes and food and hotel rooms…10,000 sq. Ft. In one room at $40,000 per night. I’ll take the underwater room!!!

    1. Justme, didn’t you know Yo is a pathological liar? of course you have. She says & changes sentences to suit herself. Did you notice the timing of her illness always changes? 14 months, 11 months, 9 months. She cant keep her lies straight. She is core nasty. I AGREE with all that you have said.

      1. I’m the first one to admit I’m gullible and thought many times she’s just confused, but those were outright lies and half truths calculated to get the reaction she wanted…too someone who slammed her kid worse than anyone else has ever done. I’m just glad I’m not the only one that saw it, although I’m probably the only one that was surprised by it.

  3. Well goodness, what big breakthrough occurred that would have changed anything to Kyle or anyone else? The speakers at the gala really didn’t add any detailed info. about the disease or anything beyond basic common sense. More like Kyle just didn’t want to get called out on Yolanda’s turf for saying anything against her.

    Also, Kyle desperately needs fashion advice. What is the deal with that lumpy head and stupid ponytail combo? Not to mention the weird Amish slut dress.

      1. Thankyou, Jane Smith. You said what I couldn’t, for reasons I won’t state. Kyle is genuine and beautiful and classy. Erika wouldn’t have befriended her if she wasn’t honest about all the stuff with Yolanda. If any one of the HW can see through BS, she can. And her dress, she has worn that before, proving she isn’t one of those women who thinks there is some shame in wearing clothes more than once.

      2. Well, Jane, if you’ve ever been to such rah-rah events you’d know that having people get up and say “rah rah rah” is what they do, as in the parts shown just before Kyle started trying to get out of her earlier comments. And of course her “big breakthrough” magically ended as soon as they were in Dubai and others were talking about Yo again. I certainly hope that satisfies your curiousity, Jane.

    1. Ah, the breakthrough that she should have defended yo from lr… but when LR and Erika started in about it in Dubai, she still didn’t speak up or defend, so yea, what breakthrough?

    2. I have never like Kyle’s fashion.. Kyle, Lisa R, and Vanderpump are the mean girls.. they are disgusting to make such gross statements about someone who is sick.. Karma ladies.. Kyle get your ass out of Lisa V’s ass.. you act like such a tough girl now.. it’s gross..

      1. Kyle really does have the worst fashion sense. You’d think she’d have someone advise her before she comes on the show, especially when she owns a fashion boutique!

  4. I love it!! Finally someone calling out Rinna. I didn’t think I missed Brandi but she can be very good at calling out the bs. And it’s true- Rinna has no life. I wish you all lived in LA for 2 minutes & could see that lipsa spews from all 3 major “spiritual” programs here on a loop. She’s a freaking joke. At the very least she’s a robot. And yes she needs to eat. Even her response about why she is so thin is typical LA bs- “yoga & hiking.” Nope sorry doesn’t wrk that way. She doesn’t eat AND also wrks out. Own it whack job.

    1. Her comments & tweets, red bracelet are from programs that are popular and basically social & spiritual in LA. LA is an obnoxious place where anonymous programs such as Alanon can be used social status. Like a badge of martyrdom. Same with AA.

      -“not my dog not my job”- Alanon
      -“engaged” in gossip- Alanon
      – latest blog: “my business? No”- Alanon
      – ppl pleasing: it’s a “character defect” relating to the 4th step in AA and Alanon
      -red bracelet: Kabbalah center
      – “I hike & do yoga” in response to how you stay in shape. Hikes fryman canyon. Typical place to hike for ppl who live in the valley. Which yes she does live in the valley. All her shoots take place on Ventura Blvd. And typical response from disfigured with filler anorexics. It’s an unattainable look without starvation but she’d have you seek it before ever admitting that. Classy. ESP from someone who has said own your sh$ more times than I can count.

      What else? I don’t know- everything? Everything she says comes from from somewhere else except without the the depth or expertise or COMPASSION that comes from truly participating in the program. They are “canned” phrases you hear in these programs. Other ppl in the programs recognize them when they hear them. She’s dog whistling. Has nothing to do with meeting her. It’s what she herself repeatedly says.

      She is also an expert in various illness be they mental or physical which I believe is a result of her lifetime movie research.

      My reason for saying i wish you all lived in LA for a minute is bc I am confident you would see what I’m talking about. If you don’t that’s fine but this is all my opinion- to which I’m entitled.

      1. Oh sorry no problem. I misunderstood the intent of your question. Plus I’ll just be glad when this city is over. I take Rinna too seriously. She sucks.

        1. I have walked passed villa Blanca to get my hair cut. But I’m not a LVP fan either so I haven’t gone in. Looks nice from the outside. I’m sure if it’s your first time in CA you’d enjoy yiurself going to a nice dinner. I always suggest ppl to drive on the PCH bc the ocean is right there & it’s so beautiful.

          1. I lived in LA for about 7 years and I’ve been to Villa Blanca on a date and I went to SUR once with a group for drinks where Jax was on duty…lousy bartender…everything else was AMAZING! Both out of my price range but both cool experience.

            1. Lucky lucky you! I would love to go to Villa Blanca, I know someone else who went to SUR and said Peter was amazing but none of the others were there.

              1. I spent six years living there it’s not somewhere I would want to live again but it’s an amazing experience! Totally ruins you for hotels everywhere else other than Middle East!

            2. yes, it’s expensive here. I live in Corona del Mar, we used to live in the Hollywood Hills and before that Century City. We got sick of the “thugs” that took over what was once a nice, quiet, respectable area. But yes, housing costs more but you don’t use heat and you don’t need winter clothing and yes, the food is more expensive. And gas is always higher here. Actually, they need to charge more here so that all the people who don’t want to work get their government $’s.

          2. Yes, that is the beautiful scenic route from LAX to a lot of places, like Huntington Beach for example. AND one can park and walk right down, or I could a few years back, and walk along the waves on shore. I LOVE the sensation of the negative energy being pulled out through my feet into the big Pacific and dispersing them. When the water goes back out and the sand is pulled out from under my feet!! I find something special in it, wow, what a rush. Such simple actions bring such closeness to Mother Nature.

            1. That is just what I do on the beach at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland. I love that feeling through your toes although the North Sea is very cold. The beach is miles of sand as far as you can see then you have the amazing Bamburgh Castle to look at as well which is right on the beach but set high on a knoll. Sorry that set me off!

              1. Oh,❤️ that sounds wonderful. I wish we were standing there together. I would bring warm plush blankets and a picnic of deliciousness proportions. After the sea generously takes the negativity out of us, we could wrap up, eat, drink, and be merry.

          1. Missouri, not Kansas…but still…I’m only here due to ill family that need me, but hope to escape again someday.

      2. I’m just curious Deedee…is LA like the way it’s depicted on tv and in movies and mags? Is it really full of shallow and fame hungry image conscious people? Or is that Beverly Hills ? I have a niece living in San Fran and she loves it. Two different worlds? She wants me to go out but I’m a very earthy girl and love nature etc. I think I’d be shell shocked eyes bunging here…

        1. I lived in Tujunga, which is very close to Burbank. I worked as a background actor in 2005-2007 on every TV studio and many movies and found there to be very few of those kind of people. Some I admired the most growing up were the worst and so very many you would expect to be that way weren’t. And off set, in the regular day to day, I was one of the more attractive people and I’m not all that and a bag of chips. People are people…wherever you go.

        2. Sorry, I just realized you asked Dee Dee and not general question…and I just put in my two cents, which was rude. I can only apologize cause I’m new to posting.

          1. No, thanks for your insight justme. I don’t want to give the only opinion bc I’m obviously biased. I’m glad you’ve had mostly a good experience with ppl. I think my experience may be different if I hadn’t spent so much time waitressing & bartending. You see the worst sides of ppl in that wrk. Ok going to answer the original question..

              1. I actually thought abt you with this comment 3Ds. I figured you could relate. When you first mentioned being a dealer I was thinking you’ve probably seen your share of interesting things. Xoxo

        3. Hi Jane. Hmm let me think.. Ive been here almost 14 yrs so I forget sometimes what I originally thought of it. It was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be NYC on the beach but it’s not. It’s all spread out and the traffic is horrid. I don’t see friends for months at a time bc of traffic. The women on the show are not practical daily friends based on their locations alone. Pasadena (Erika) to Malibu could take 2 or more hours depending on the time of day. Beverly Hills (kyle LVP) to the valley (Rinna) could take an hour at the wrong time of day. Also, it’s not warm all year & it’s dry. I thought it would be like karate kid- summer all the time. Sept and October are warmer than June. I think the ppl mostly suck but as I commented to justme I have spent a lot of time (20+ yrs) waitressing and bartending so I get to see ppl at their worst. I would never ever ever ever wrk for LVP bc she clearly believes she’s better than her staff. I have said as much to Scheana on Twitter and she “liked” it. I think the portrayal is fairly accurate on rhobh. Rinna is the typical moron, LVP is the typical self important rich woman, Erika is fairly typical (but I love her), Eileen is very actressy and I like her as well. Brandi is the model chick who has to bang ppl over the head with not treating her like a delicate flower. Her foul mouth of the model chicks. It really is. Um let’s see David foster being in love with himself is typical. But what I will say is that as justme said not all the famous ppl are like that. Often they are nice and humble & their entourages are the problem. But these women aren’t famous. They’re wanna be’s. So they are the norm for desperate types. Um … I get my hair and eyebrows done in BH. It’s way too stuffy for me but the quality is amazing. I like Camille too. She is sweet considering all she has. I personally love SF. I wanted to move there at one point. I thought the ppl were way nicer & the fog was beautiful. I hope I answered what you were wanting to know. Let me know if I can elaborate. 🙂

          1. I meant to say Brandi’s foul mouth is typical (or at the very least, common) from model chicks who don’t want you to see them just as pretty.

          2. I haven’t been for many years but I loved SF didn’t love LA but would love to go to SF again. Rain lives there! I’m sticking my oar in as well xoxoxox

  5. This was the best episode of RHOBH ever! The glamour, the location, that hotel… Yum yum yum! That’s why I fell in love with this show in the first place! Just WOW

  6. Brandi shows up looking like she went to Tijuana and spent $50 having four cans of Fix a Flat pumped into her face, got five minutes of camera time talking in hashtags like a tween, and she thinks she is relevant. Isn’t that special?

    1. I wondered for a split second if she would wear something age appropriate. Nope. I mean I could have worn that at 45 too, but a pair of cut off’s up my butt is not comfy for me. God she looks like trash, so she DOES want to represent who she really is.

  7. I was very disappointed in Kyle. I have always liked her but watching her actions during speeches – covering her face with her napkin – wiping tears – I felt like she knew the camera was on her and milking it for all its worth. Sorry Kyle but that is how I felt watching you. We want more Dubai and I want the aquarium suite.

  8. Kyle is softhearted. I love that about her. Very glad she saw the light and realized how wrong they all were to persecute a suffering friend.

    1. I agree Lisa. They don’t know what is going to be shown. She has always used a napkin to cover her face from the first season. She actually didn’t even say anything bad about Yo or her kids. I believe it was mostly about what she thought, more than what she said or did. Those gala’s where the topic is any illness are quite profound and intense. I mean we can’t go around with that level of feeling about important things always or we would be a mess. The mind and heart has many facets.

  9. Well, that hotel was spectacular but they were all acting like they haven’t left the house for a few hundred years. And people wonder why we are looked as “loud, ugly Americans.” And what the heck was that whining ho-bag (eileen) wearing? Green Acres costume department having a sale or what? No excuse for that. Ever. Ever. Ever. Not even working in your garden. LVP looked fantastic in that caftan with her hair up. Erika, as usual, insists on dressing like a high-class escort who just stumbled out of Fredericks of Hollywood. LR needs to stop being such a busy-body (Alice Kravitz) and Kyle was over-acting at that gala. Don’t any of these people know how to conduct themselves in public with some dignity? Kathryn had on some random cocktail dress and then said she likes to not follow the herd. Don’t worry, nobody pays attention to you anyway. Yo lied again, as usual, when talking to sleazy Brandi. And I could care less if her daughters are “models.” Big deal. They are banging their way around hollywood sleeping with morons. Not a good reputation. I’m sick of this season already. How come nobody commented on Erika saying her husband won’t let her buy her own jewelry? I guess this means that Tom picked out her “cunt” necklace. Doesn’t say much for him actually. Erika was on WWHL last night and again, dressed like an escort. She is a caricature. They just all need to stop acting like they just fell off a turnip truck and stop with all the over-acting. And please, LOSE THE OVERALL JEANS.

      1. Miss Moneypenny, You never fail to make me laugh! Now I’m in trouble for waking my husband up for around the tenth time tonight! That was hilarious! Xoxoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. That was just for you actually my sweet Suze 😉 I know you like raw jokes at this juncture. I’m sending you my warmth and love too, everyday… xoxoxoxoxo

          1. I very much disliked the way Kathryn spoke up and said “And ignorance is no excuse”, when Kyle was talking to Erika. Ignorance had exactly nothing to do with what Kyle was talking about, even though she learned a lot about the illness there. She knows nothing of the long time relationship between Kyle and Yolanda and she has only known these people for a very short time and has no right to say something like that to Kyle. She is constantly insinuating herself into things that are none of her fucking business. Can’t stand her from the first moment. If anyone is up Lisa’s ass, it’s her.

  10. I wish the entire show had been about Dubai and that hotel. I want to know who paid for those rooms. I have been fortunate to travel a lot, but never had any desire to go to Dubai. Knowing that rooms go for $40,000 a night I probably never will go there. It reminded me of extreme Vegas. My Canadian dollar couldn’t even pay for a roll of the toilet paper.

    I also watched Brandi in the talking heads and don’t remember a thing she said because I was trying to figure out what she had done and who she reminded me of. She certainly didn’t look like Brandi.

    Over Yolanda as well. I always use the time she is one to check my phone. Snooze.

    I liked the underwater room as well and would have had a hard time leaving. I want to know how much it went for per night. That is the kind of stuff that fascinates me and why I watch. Not to see the bickering. To see things I will never experience – like Villa Rosa.

    I used to watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Robin Leech and that was interesting without the arguments.

  11. I don’t want to travel anywhere. Never know what is going to get blown up next. God bless the people of Belgium.

    1. My husband always asks me “Want to go to (insert country name) and I always tell him “I don’t even like driving to Bristol Farms (grocery store) so no.” I have no inclination to leave the US. I’ve been around, seen what I wanted to see and that’s it for me. He’s the adventurer but I don’t like traveling. I don’t like airports, I don’t like how people dress on the airplane (they wear their PJ’s and open toed shoes… disgusting,) I don’t like hotels and I don’t like cabs or Uber so I’m very happy staying put. And yes, let’s not forget the getting blown up factor. That puts a crimp in things but then again, we have a bozo in the WH who could only spare 52 seconds talking about the attack before going back to doing the wave at a baseball game in Cuba. He’s subversive. And God help Belgium and all those families affected by these “allah akbar” loving assholes.

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