Brandi Glanville Returning To RHOBH Season 5


RadarOnline is reporting that controversial cast member Brandi Glanville will be returning to season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sources close to Glanville tell the site that she will sign on for season 5, “although negotiations for payment are still being mulled over.”

“Brandi will absolutely be back for another season,” the insider tells the site. “There were rumors that she didn’t want to do it anymore, or that certain cast members were vying to get her off the show, but she really loves doing it and will return.”

“She needs the money. It’s not like she has another job,” the source admits. “Her books and stuff do well, but she’s got two boys and a certain lifestyle to support. She likes the money and notoriety that come along with being on the Real Housewives.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


17 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Returning To RHOBH Season 5”

  1. Guess Bravo DOESN’T listen to the viewers. Let it show in the ratings. Lisa too classy to return–to what –bunch of jelly women ganging up on her? no Thank You.

    1. it feels like a set up. Lisa is the breakout star, maybe bravo doesn’t like that? it feels as if they are trying their best to get lisa to quit? cos we all know there’d be uproar if she was fired.

  2. YES! I’m soo happy about this! Can’t wait for her to blast Lisa once again for her fakeness.

    By the way, does Lisa pay for people to praise her on this site? Everywhere else everyone wants her exposed for the liar she is!

    1. I agree with Ruth. Every site I’m aware of is full of people that admire Lisa. And I WISH someone would pay me for my opinion, but sadly they don’t.

  3. kinda weird that they keep brandi but get rid of joyce and carlton – basically keeping lisa’s enemy and firing her only friends?

  4. Of Course she is back…she agrees to do anything Bravo/Andy want her to do – even though Brandi
    single handedly brought RHBH to the trash bin..apparently RHBH will recycle.

    Brandi slithered into Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage – bravo/andy says “here’s the new contract

    Brandi gets drunk and gets dragged to her car a drunken mess with her butt showing – and Bravo/Andy have cast agree “do not offend poor Brandi – don’t mention it”

    Brandi casually spews racist comments – Bravo says “here’s your new contract

    Brandi goes from cast member to cast member to get them to attack/trash Lisa- Bravo says “here’s your new contract Brandi”

    Viewers start petition/ tweets/emails/blogs to Andy and Bravo to throw Brandi back into the trash heap – instead Andy/Bravo says “here’s your contract Brandi”

  5. Pffft. “She’s got a certain lifestyle to support”. Oh you mean a certain lifestyle of renting houses in neighborhoods she can’t afford to live in, paying assistants that are too slow to chase a freaking chihuahua down the street when it runs away and renting luxury brand bags? THAT lifestyle? Git on witchya self Bran Bran.

  6. Brandi’s coming back? I’m gone. I refuse to watch RHOBH if Brandi is part of the cast.

    That’s two Real Housewives shows that I won’t be watching any more. Because until they remove Kenya from RHOA, I won’t be watching that one, either.

  7. I’m not watching NY and BH housewives too. I’m done with Aviva/George/Ramona/SonJa and Brandi. Its obvious Bravo and Andy don’t give a hoot.

    Super glad Carl was fired, she brought pure trash to the show- Good riddance.

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