Brandi Glanville Rants About Overdone Plastic Surgery Comments


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville is finally opening up about her facial plastic surgery. During her Podcast One show this week, the Bravo star ranted about a journalist who said she had “alien-esque cheekbones that whispers she’s had work done.” Brandi’s response to the journalist? “Go f—k yourself!” she said, in true form. “These are my cheek bones.”

Brandi admits she’s no stranger to plastic surgery and says she’s had vaginal rejuvenation, a breast augmentation and fillers. “Get an X-ray machine in here. I’ve had my boobs done and my vagina tightened.. and I’ve had some bad botox and bad fillers. That’s f—king it,” she insisted. “I admit I’ve overdone it at times, but mama is f—king 41. Go f—k yourself! There’s a learning curve, and I want to be youthful forever.”

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  • Aunt Barb

    What is wrong with this woman. Her language tells us what she is – WHITE TRASH.

    • Brandy has more than fillers in her cheeck bones. She looks lkje she has two apples in her mouth Her face does not look normal. Too much. Natural look is in.

  • Cin

    nasty nasty lady

  • getreal

    Well, what happened to ” I didn’t want to waste my money on myself”??? Seriously, she can’t keep her excuses straight from one day to the next. Her credibility is non-existent.

  • Melodie

    It doesn’t matter what you had done Brandi it looks terrible. You look like your plastic. I don’t want to hurt your feelings dear but stop with the botox or fillers or whatever you have had done. Your face no longer looks like the natural beauty you used to be. UGGH Don’t these people look in the mirror before they leave the house in the morning.

  • Joan

    Vagina tightening? With her language, I don’t doubt that it really needed, no had to have that done. Wonder if other openings had been used so much they had to be redone? They should have done a little bit of reconstruction on her face and she should have had a breast enlargement if she insists on showing that flat chest. Maybe a few Big Macs wouldn’t hurt either to put a little meat on those bones.