Brandi Glanville Promises Lots Of OMG Moments In Second Book


Brandi Glanville’s first book; Drinking And Tweeting, revealed secrets from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s divorce from Eddie Cibrian, but Brandi is working hard on her follow up book, and tells Bravo her second book will have just has many juicy secrets!

“While my first book focused mainly on my past and surviving divorce and heartbreak,” Brandi says, “this book focuses on my new future. I joke that it’s my own R-rated version of Sex and the City.”

“It’s an honest look at my life blunders and all,” she says. “It covers everything from sex, dating and relationships to depressions, medicating and, of course, drinking and tweeting. There will be no shortage of OMG moments that readers responded to in my first book,” Brandi promises.

“Secrets are revealed, truths will be told, hook-ups outed and lots and lots of hashtags and F-Bombs,” Brandi says.

Photo Credit: Bravo


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