Brandi Glanville Posts Make-Up Free Selfie, Still Looking For A New Home


Brandi Glanville is always making headlines, and this week it started when the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted a make-up free selfie on Twitter. “Feeling like angel but cant stop sinning!” Glanville wrote, along with the picture above, which sparked comments from her Twitter followers that weren’t so nice.

“What have you done to your face?!” one commenter wrote.

Another added, “You are a mess Brandi.”

One person said, “Oh my … what have you done?? Please stop, you look like Jenna Jamison. #notacompliment”

“Oh my gosh… what have u done to ur face???? Not being mean, but I would sue ur surgeon :(“ another follower replied.

As we previously reported, Brandi is looking for a new Beverly Hills pad to lease and hasn’t had the best of luck. On June 11th, Glanville tweeted that she would be signing a lease on a beautiful new home, but an insider is telling RadarOnline that the deal fell through.

“She was hopeful, but the house didn’t come through,” an insider told Radar. “It’s really starting to wear on Brandi! She just wants to have somewhere to call her own, even if they’re just renting. At least it’s stability for her boys.”

“Brandi isn’t giving up,” the source said. “She has tons of prospects, it’s just a matter of which one will come through… quickly!”

Photo Credit: Twitter


2 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Posts Make-Up Free Selfie, Still Looking For A New Home”

  1. This women is a mess and a sloppy drunk. Why is she even on RHOBH?? Keep Lisa V. and recast the rest of this BORING group of women. Lisa is the ONLY ONE that makes this show fabulous 🙂 I’d like to see more women at her level.

    Why is Kim Richards back???? SO, SO, SO, BORING.

  2. The plastic surgeons in BH do the same frozen chimpmunk face on all their clients. Brandi should have stopped long ago with the fillers and implants. She was pretty before now she just looks like one of many plastic sheep running around on Rodeo Dr.

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