Brandi Glanville On RHOBH Reunion, Season 4 & Faye Resnick!

Brandi Glanville "Drinking & Tweeting" book signing at the Grove

Brandi Glanville has always been a straight-shooter, and now the reality Star is sitting down with OK! Magazine in a special interview where she dishes about the show, her cast mates, Faye Resnick, Season 4 and more!

First, Brandi dishes on the taping of the RHOBH Season 3 Reunion! “The girls really have a go at Yolanda [Foster],” Brandi reveals. Yolanda is suffering from Lyme Disease and as a result is battling memory loss. Brandi says she believes some of her cast mates weren’t very sympathetic or compassionate. “Her brain still wasn’t functioning when she shot the reunion. She couldn’t remember what she had just said, and she couldn’t remember a lot of things. And they were going at her, and I just stepped in and I was, like, ‘Hold up! … Leave her the f**k alone,’ and it got a little ugly.”

Next, Brandi shares her feelings about Faye Resnick…

“I do have my own opinions about Faye. I almost feel sorry for her, but she chose to be that person. She knew it was going to be on national television. I know she regrets a lot of it.”

“That’s just her personality,” Brandi adds. “I know that she was getting death threats and all this craziness and I think that’s ridiculous, and I wish people would stop with that, because, you know… it’s a show, and no one’s perfect. Faye is just Faye.”

“I’m not defending her by any means,” Brandi clarified. “But getting death threats is a little aggressive. She’s a bitch. She doesn’t need to die.”

Being a lady is “who you are on the inside,” Brandi explains. “Do I say the F word? Yes. Do I dress a little slutty? Maybe. But I know I do the right thing … and I know I’m a good person. But I also know that I f#*k up, but I think that everyone is allowed to. You can still be a ‘lady.’ Listen, if you buy your clothes at Walmart you can still be a lady, Faye! It’s ridiculous.”

So how does Brandi feel about Bravo adding new Housewives to Season 4? “I think if they don’t have the bitchy girls in there, they don’t have a show,” Brandi says. “If we all get along, that’s not that fun to watch!”

“They’re interviewing lots of people. I hope they get someone really fiesty, because with Kim [Richards] and Kyle [Richards] – you never know!” Brandi thinks Kim and Kyle should return to the show next season. “Kyle and Kim… I’ve never seen two sisters act like that in my life. And I’ve never seen anyone get under Kyle’s skin like Kim does! And vice versa. That makes good TV.”

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4 Replies to “Brandi Glanville On RHOBH Reunion, Season 4 & Faye Resnick!”

  1. Just as long as the bitch isn’t Faye Resnick! Typing & saying her name or seeing her makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time!

  2. Please get new bitches. I’m sick of Kim & Kyle–so over the same old story line. Besides, Kim never shows up to anything. This season she knows she’s on the chopping block. But still in Paris, “Where’s Kim.” I’m sick of her addiction & she really needs help. She can’t get it on TV. If she’s back, I doubt I’ll watch. I’ve already stopped watching New Jersey Housewives. Yawn. Same old BS. Same with Kyle. We have to see her new dress shop again? I don’t think so.

  3. There’s no excuse for Kim & Kyle going after Yolanda when she has Lyme & Epstein Barr. Goes to show what despicable, self-centered women they are. Yolanda, not feeling well, helped Kim in Paris. How did Kim repay her? Ignoring her back in L. A. No excuse. The show needs new blood.

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