Brandi Glanville On Bethenny’s Return To RHONY


With the premiere of the Real Housewives of New York City approaching, RHOBH star Brandi Glanville is sharing her opinions about her friend Kristen Taekman’s feud with Bethenny Frankel.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Brandi shared, “I think it’s great that Bethenny came back. It’s hard when you keep changing the recipe, and I’m curious… I wanna know what everyone’s doing from when I started to watch the show.”

“She kinda brings like the OG back, except for the fact that she’s giving my best friend a little bit of a hard time on the show! Kristen’s a sweet girl but she can’t deal with Bethenny,” Brandi said.

Andy Cohen added, “Yeah… they don’t click.”

On the WWHL Aftershow, Glanville also commented on her friendship with Kim Richards. “I haven’t seen Kim [since the reunion],” Brandi revealed. “But we recently texted. She’s doing OK…”

Thank you to one of our favorite sites, RealityTea, for the transcript of the Aftershow.

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12 Replies to “Brandi Glanville On Bethenny’s Return To RHONY”

  1. Hmm- oh gee what a shock- Kim and Brandi BFF’s for life -“ride or die” friends, are on the outs and haven’t spoken since the reunion taping… Now that the filming so over. That’s the way BG rolls. Homies.

    1. Lisa V didn’t dpend an entire season claiming she was “BFF’s” with Kyle or any of the other Housewive’s. In fact she has a tenuous friendship with Kyle after last season and has been upfront about that.

        1. Brandi did say on a few occasions, however, that she and Kim have become ‘SO CLOSE’. Fairly similar in my opinion.

  2. And I thought Kim was Brandi’s BFF. Now it’s Kristen. Well Kristen is smarter than Kim so let’s see how long this friendship lasts.

  3. Brandi only rolls in where the action is…other than that…poof. She tries to keep herself relevant. Perhaps a break from you would be better. Less is more.

  4. what a shock… BrandiTwinkle and Kim haven’t talked since the reunion?! Let’s all keep our fingers crossed both will not be returning next season….

    1. Brandi doesnt have an ounce of class in her body. Kim has proven that she is a bottom feeder, just like Brandi. Kyle needs to just walk away from Kim. Kim is a horrible sister.

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