Brandi Glanville Loves Lisa Vanderpump, Says She “Brought It” At The RHOBH Reunion


Brandi Glanville appeared on Hello Ross with Ross Matthews for a quick interview to promote her 2nd book and dish on all the headlines she’s making this week. Thanks to RealityTea we have a recap of what Brandi said regarding Lisa Vanderpump, her ex-husband suing her for money and more.

When Ross asks what Eddie Cibrian is suing Brandi for, she replies, “Money.” Ross continues, “Child support?  So, you marry a big TV star and you give up your modeling career.” As Ross says “big TV star” Brandi makes a face and sort of shakes her head “no” at that part and he asks about it. She says “Then why does he want MY money?”

Next, Ross asked Brandi what happened with her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump and if she’s bringing her down, which is what Lisa claims Brandi is doing. “I love her,” Brandi says. “I can’t not love Pumpy. I call her Pumpy. But I’m hurt by some of the things she did. I felt like i was an employee at SUR and I’m not.”

“Why is there so much drama around you?” Ross asks Brandi. “You are the common denominator and let’s do the math. Are you f***ing nuts?” Brandi laughs, “Yes, I am. I have to be.”

Brandi also spoke about the RHOBH reunion taping. “It was like couch torture,” she said. “We were crying and laughing and Joyce was ice skating and it was crazy. The worst thing about the reunion that we just shot, was her (Joyce’s) freaking outfit. She had like an ice skating dress on. I’m like ‘bitch, Sochi’s calling’.”

Ross asks, “Did you bring it?”  Brandi confirms, “You know I did.”

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  • t haJoan

    Lies, but then again, what else can Brandi do? She is pretty well washed up otherwise.

  • Aunt Bee

    Throw out the trash bravo!

  • Cin

    I will be using the fast forward button while watching the reunion. Come on Brandi – we are done with you. We want someone authentic on the show. Maybe you and Ca…..ton can have your own show – just not on Bravo!