Brandi Glanville: Lisa Rinna Should Not Be Surprised By Kim’s Reaction


Brandi Glanville is taking to her blog this week to share her thoughts on Kim Richards’ reaction to Lisa Rinna speaking about her sobriety. Brandi says Rinna should not be surprised by Kim’s reaction on the plane and says that someone poked the wrong bear.

Brandi writes, “Tonight’s episode starts with a really fun event created by Yolanda: a scavenger hunt. Not just any scavenger hunt, but a Beverly Hills scavenger hunt on Rodeo Drive. Well, hey, it’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so why not? I personally thought it was a welcome change and a chance to have some fun and share it with the fans. Despite Yo’s health, she is a really positive, uplifting spirit, and I’m thankful she brings fun to our group.

Yo hired experts to make sure we all had a great time and made thoughtful shirts to make everyone feel special. A brilliant move by Yo was having the teams chosen by the company, so no high school clique nonsense. The theme was team building, being positive, working together, and putting aside petty differences. As Yo said, “It was a bonding activity.”

Firstly, I think Yo’s idea was great and a success for those who participated wholeheartedly. I give a pass to Kim, who was still a trooper but was still experiencing some knee and hernia pain. Protecting your knees is serious if you have joint issues, and she was smart to pace herself as tendon injuries can last for months. The others? Well, you saw what I saw. Sadly, I saw a lot of negativity, complaining, petty, unnecessary jabs, and criticizing their own teammates for physical issues they can’t control. Quotes from one of our ladies: “I hate clues, I hate the game, I hate the whole thing.” She followed this by shooting the bird at Yo. Nice.

On the other hand, I had fun; I love the sun, games, clues, and getting outside. I’d love to participate in other games or lighthearted competitions on RHOBH. Also, how fun was it to see a healthy Camille? She looked great, was sweet, cheerful, and a good sport. Shoutout to Camille for beating cancer with such grace.

The prize for participating in the fun or awful day, depending on which Housewife we’re talking about, was a paid luxury trip to Amsterdam! Some of us had also accepted an invitation to David Foster’s charity event in Calgary. Not sure about the rest of you, but a trip to see Yo’s homeland with Yo is and was an amazing gift. Some people say, “Planes and yachts are not important,” but they don’t own planes or yachts, so we kinda know, to them, they are very important. Me? I am thankful for the Fosters’ generosity but would be just as happy riding old bicycles down a dirt road with a healthy strong Yo.

Which brings us to David Foster. David is many things–Canadian, composer, songwriter, Grammy winner, and Yo’s love–but he is also a generous philanthropist. So, I’d like to give kudos where they are due. The David Foster Foundation’s Miracle Gala and Concert raised $8.2 million in one night to help Canadian families with children undergoing pediatric organ transplants. On the fun side, we were lucky enough to see Jennifer Hudson, Jackie Evancho, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, Brett Kissel, Sinbad, and legendary rocker Steven Tyler. Great charity, great trip, great night.

On the dramatic side, someone poked the wrong bear. We saw Kim slowly learning that someone has had one-on-one talks about her private life with everyone on RHOBH–everyone, that is, but Kim herself. To me, announcing you’re “a nice person” isn’t the same as actually being a nice person.

Yep, one new member of our little group is hell-bent on intruding, casting strong labels, making insanely irresponsible assumptions and stating them as facts, all over the place: on RHOBH, the Internet, to the media, and on Bravo’s WWHL. Calmly butting into a stranger’s life with such a strong agenda and absolutely zero knowledge of any details of that life after only a few scattered social functions is a whole new level of crossing boundaries. Then, tonight, acting all wide-eyed, innocent, and confused at the results after doing so? To quote the instigator, “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.” On another note, or maybe the same note (boundaries), it’s probably not a good idea to announce your spouse’s previous alcoholism before he does it himself. But maybe he was OK with that, and I’m wrong. Well, in any case, sincere congrats on three years of sobriety.

Kim Richards was a movie star when most of us were home watching her movies on TV after school and doing our homework. She’s been in this town a long time, knows everyone, worked since she was born, raised four children, survived Hollywood, sobriety, family, divorces, deaths, has more on her plate than all of us, and throughout it all, is caring for her terminally ill ex-husband with patience and grace. Sometimes you poke the wrong bear; that’s all I’m saying. Good luck with that.

So, on to Amsterdam. We’re taking RHOBH fans to the Netherlands. I can promise more drama and insanity but really hope you get to see some of Yolanda’s homeland, meet her wonderful family, and enjoy it as much as I did, when I could.

See you next week and enjoy the Netherlands. Maybe Google where we’re going and learn more about Yo’s hometown of Papendrecht, Netherlands. It’s right outside of Amsterdam and truly beautiful.”

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18 Replies to “Brandi Glanville: Lisa Rinna Should Not Be Surprised By Kim’s Reaction”

  1. In the completely UN Brandi sounding blog- Sackem is so right- it’s so weirdly UN Brandi like it’s too distracting to comment on! Plus there is no readon to comment on a blog that is pretty much what did Brandi call Andy’s questions at the last reunion (in her interview on another thread)? Oh yeah- Bullsh*t!

  2. Trick, please. If Lisa poked a bear, we saw in the actual footage that you handed her the stick. Take several seats, please.

  3. You have to love this nut. First she says Kim learned someone had one to ones about her. Duh….that was you Brandi… and Lisa R. Then she talks about how Lisa R shouldn’t get into talking about things that she doesn’t have all the facts about…kind of like Brandi with Kyle and not having all the facts about Kyle and Kim’s relationship since childhood. Lastly, I didn’t hear Lisa R say Harry was a recovering alcoholic. I heard her say he looked at his drinking, saw that generationally this was issue and stood over the second of two brothers that died telling himself he should stop drinking. Lots of people stop behaviors (just like they start them) based on what others do. His brothers were his wake up call apparently. Doesn’t mean he was or is an alcoholic. Now Brandi, that’s another story…..

  4. Brandi is such a accusing Lisa R of doing whats she did to Lisa V with the bankruptcy issues last year and this year about kyle and her husband/ kim issues. I am so fed up with brandi’s drama !

  5. Cant believe Brandi’s blog. Who does she think she is, acting all sweet one second & shoving daggers deep the very next. So, so clear how jealous she is. Lisa R never said her husband was an alcoholic–is there no end to her lying stories. She said in her book that her ex had erectile dysfunction from meds & continued her vulgar comments. Instead of stating what we all thought. Not the meds Brandi, it was clearly you. Stop fabricating wrong info about the women, get the facts straight slutty woman. And yes, hold on tight to your besties, Yolanda & Kim, they are what you have & you deserve each other.

  6. Brandi says kyle doesn’t have planes or yaughts, she never said she did that I heard so good jab Brandi……
    Where’s urs btw? U rent ur Landrover. U have less $ than any of the ladies (besides Kim) so why talk about what they have or don’t? Gosh somebody make her disappear from my TV!

  7. BAHAHAHAHAHA ! This broad is an idiot !!!! SHE PLAYED ANY PROBLEMS KIM WAS HAVING AS EXTREME! SHHHHEEEEE IS THE ONE WHO PROVOKED ALL THAT CRAP RUNNING TO KIM AND SAYING IT WAS ALL LISA R ! SHE ALL BUT SAID KIM WAS A DRUG ADDICT WITH HER WORDS LOOKS AND ACTIONS ! She wouldnt know a nice person if they were standing in front of her face or know what it is like to be concerned for someone even if you are just getting to know them and have the knowledge and history of addiction lisa r has. i think she handled as anyone would. she needed to find out from the others what type of person kim was so she would know how and if she could approach kim ! pllllleeeeaaaaaassssseeeeee lllooooooord let them get rid of this skank

  8. Brandi is correct in saying Lisa has no place taking shit, firstly Kim is an alcoholic, that is not exactly the same as an addict, she can take pain medication, Doctors prescribe pain meds for alcoholism, if she took something that was too powerful for her that is a mistake but it doesn’t automatically mean a relapse.

    Even so relapsing is part of the recovering process, very few people have a 100% perfect recovery. Lisa R seems like she’s the person discovering the problem, but we’ve already known about the problem. If her Husband decided to give up alcohol without having an actual problem, that is different than an addict giving up alcohol and she needs to stop talking like she is an expert on the issue.
    I don’t think her intention is malice, I think like Vanderpump has been saying in her interviews that Lisa R. is coming from a good place, but she doesn’t know the exact extent of the issue, or the full ramifications of what being an alcoholic actually means, if her husband just gave up alcohol without having an issue that is absolutely noy the same thing, and she should stop pretending her husband is an addict to give an opinion.

    This again, just like the gay mixer, was another episode that showed Kyle being petty and pathetic. Brandi got on with being on the same team as someone who cost their team the win, vs Kyle who looked grumpy and sour all throughout, just like at the party where she was first to throw her sour (drunk) face in the middle of an issue to create drama.

    1. I was just page surfing and found this. Doctor’s rarely prescribe pain meds for alcoholics if they know the patient is one, and alcoholics are certainly addicts. It is just what your drug of choice is. Liquor or pills or coke or all or any sum of the parts. Doctors counsel any addict when prescribing narcotic pain meds. If and when they would be necessary. Kim saying at reunion that she would have her own pocket full was spinning it. She might not have even gotten the “pill” from Monty. She lies about every other thing in the world, why not that? Or she distorts it, or doesn’t remember, just like her bff, BG, who is in some fashion always on something.
      Lisa R. never said that her husband quit W/O any problems. She just didn’t give details. Just like everybody is always saying, the editorshave many hours of tape to choose from, and put all of the talk from Rinna in the episodes. I am pretty sure she spoke of other things. It is not in question that Lisa tried to apologize to Kim several times, and that was why she got blasted. Kim was just waiting for one little thing to be said so she could jump up and act like the fool she is.

  9. Very well said, Brandi. I’m really “concerned” about all Lisa is hiding in her hornet nest. I already know her violent, “inner gangster” will come out, so it must be very serious, messed up stuff…is she seeing a psychiatrist?…has she been arrested for violence before?..hospitalized for an eating disorder..? Domestic violence on record..? Cheating and or gay husband..? Lets all be “concerned ” for Lisa, be proactive and get involved. -lets talk about the husband…

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