Brandi Glanville, “LeAnn Rimes Is Unstable & Needs Help!”

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville is still on a whirlwind press tour for her memoir ‘Drinking And Tweeting,’ which has officially made the New York Times Best Seller List! Brandi is now telling Life & Style Magazine that LeAnn Rimes, her children’s step-mother, needs to get help!  “LeAnn needs to get help. She may be unstable, and I am concerned. I want to protect (my children). I want to make sure she’s as healthy as she can be,” Brandi tells the mag.

“There are clearly some issues going on, and I need to know my kids are okay when they’re with (LeAnn)!” Brandi tells Life & style.

LeAnn’s rep came to her defense telling the magazine, “This is a ploy to sell more books. If anyone needs help, it’s Brandi. That should be obvious to anyone who’s read her tweets.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images