Brandi Glanville Launches Web Store Featuring T-Shirts And More


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has launched her own web store where fans of the show can pick up some fun casual wear.

Among the products featured on the site are her two books, as well as tank tops and sweatshirts. The tops feature the slogans “FU” and “STFU” and cost between $25 to $30.

Brandi opened up about her latest business venture.

“I have amazing little boys that I need to take care of and I want to save for their futures, which I know will be bright and very, very expensive,” she tells the Dish. “I’ve had a lot of people approaching me wanting to partner up with me on things and I decided, Why not just take the bull by the horns and launch this stuff on my own? I am trying to be busines-minded and think of our future.”

Brandi explains that the t-shirts are already a hit among fans and that more sizes will be added in the future.

“Size larges are on backorder will be on the site within a week or so,” she tweeted.

Photo Credit: Bravo


14 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Launches Web Store Featuring T-Shirts And More”

  1. REALLY?? this woman is probably the most disgusting human I have ever had the misfortune to have seen, she is ugly and when i say ugly I mean a woman that show’s humiliating behavior and bad parenting and then still get’s to have the children (part time) I would not leave my dog with this bitch, oh that’s right she lost the poor dog!! she will probably loose the kids next.

  2. Anyone spending a dime on her website is just stupid. This thing ( I cannot refer to her as a woman sorry) is a disgrace to womanhood and motherhood. Bravo we have had enough of her selfish, drunken, drug induced ways get rid if her. I stopped watching BH because the cast Kim Kyle and Brandi etc etc are boring predictable and down right sickening. I am disappointed I used to enjoy most of the franchises but now I only watch NY the others aren’t worth watching any more.

  3. Wow she is going to sell shirts to support her boys with Fu and STFU logos and of course her
    vile books. Also, isn’t her husband paying her child support. She like most of these housewives
    are trying to cash in.
    This isn’t for her kids. It’s for the almighty dollar. She sleeps with everyone she dates. No
    Morals. Hey Aviva here’s some white trash.

    1. Didn’t Kim already have one like that? I thought she did, along with one that said something like “I love turtles.” Well, this venture of Brandi’s is sure to fail, she already had some type of fashion line that never took off. What an idiot..

    1. I think she may look a little strange because she has a massive head, I have often thought this skinny body and then this massive fat head!!

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