Brandi Glanville Laughs At Offer To Appear On Eddie & LeAnn’s TV Show


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville claims she was just offered a role to play herself on Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes’ new scripted TV show. “I am laughing sooooooo hard at offer that just came into my agent,” Brandi tweeted.  “A certain soon to be new reality slash script series.” Brandi added, “NOT GONNA DO IT!!! OMG OMG.” But in a new report from RadarOnline, a source reveals Brandi’s people are the ones that reached out for her to get the gig.

“Brandi’s agent saw one of the producers of LeAnn and Eddie’s show at an event recently and approached him about Brandi being on the show. Of course, it’s not what LeAnn or Eddie want to do at all, so they never responded to her formal approach. Not content, the agent contacted VH1 a few days ago asking for $25,000 a show without ever being solicited for it,” the source reveals. The insider says when the producers didn’t respond to the offer, Brandi started claiming she turned down the offer to be on the show.

“She can’t stand that Eddie and LeAnn haven’t responded, let alone have no interest in her being on their show. I mean, why would they ever in a million years have her on their show? She thinks she’s some big draw. It’s crazy!” the source says.

Notorious for their Twitter feuds, LeAnn took to Twitter to touch on the subject. “I’m crying from laughing so hard,” she wrote. “Thank god for some nonsense on a sick day.

Update: After the report that Brandi’s people initiated the gig on Eddie and LeAnn’s show, the RHOBH star fumed on Twitter denying these reports. “I’m not lying about anything I’ve said on twitter,” Brandi tweeted. “All true but I have a book to finish and boys to bath etc.#f***haters.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    No comment. This crap is not worth it. These people live in their own fantasy land. UGH!!!!!!

  • Lil

    The only way anyone would watch that show beyond the first episode, would be if Brandi was on it! Whatever LeAnn says, she knows Brandi would be a big draw to the show…..and LeAnn could control the editing!

  • DebBrenn

    Brandi wouldn’t b A draw, she’d be THE draw. Who wants to watch the cheater couple and LeAnn, the pretend mother without having Brandi there to defend herself?

  • Trixie

    Gross, Brandi grosses my out. After watching her on tv, I need to take a shower. UCK!!!!

  • Meric

    Er…. I believe Leann’s camp on this one. She seems very jealous to me, and it wouldn’t make sense for her to want Brandi to appear on her show. I saw Leeann talking about this show and the scripted part is they will have a film crew at the events they want to share. Isn’t that how all reality TV works?