Brandi Glanville And Kyle Richards’ Fight Continues At Poker Night


On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we saw the aftermath of Kyle Richards’ altercation with Brandi Glanville. Glanville claimed she was protecting Kyle’s sister Kim Richards, by getting her out of Eileen Davidson’s house after poker night went awry. During poker night, Kim’s erratic behavior had the group questioning whether or not she was sober. When Kyle expressed concern, Kim admitted to her sister in the bathroom that she had taken pain medication that was prescribed to her by her doctor because she had been fighting a pneumonia.

Brandi announced that she is Kim’s best friend, and that she is the one who has been there for Kim, who is also dealing with her ex-husband’s cancer. Glanville claimed that when she has expressed concern to Kyle about everything that Kim is going through Kyle said, “It’s not my problem.” However, Kyle accused Brandi of purposely trying to turn Kim against her and the group questions Glanville’s motives.

Later in the episode it was revealed that Kim was in the hospital. Kyle revealed that Monty took Kim to the emergency room when she was in tremendous pain that could have been from an ulcer.

Watch the clips below.

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo



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  • As usual Brandi shades things her way and distorts reality to serve her own selfish means. The last thing she is interested in is Kim’s well being. She is treating Kim like a prize to be won, and a weapon to be used to hurt others, not a seriously ill person with a serious life threatening issue. She doesn’t care if she is ripping Kim’s family apart. She just wants to destroy Kyle. It’s sickening.

    • Tom

      I think Brandi believes what she says….scary huh?

  • RHOBHLover

    Brandi needs to go. Kim needs to go.

  • Tom

    They do make 800 mg Motrin and no narcotic pain meds…hello…Users should never use narcotics even for pain unless in a hospital setting where it can be controlled and weaned off when done. Who are these doctors?

    • Kim took Monty’s pain killers and he’s dying of cancer so it’s probably something pretty powerful. Not only that it’s illegal. To make it worse she is on mood altering meds – prescribed- but mixing them with narcotics is incredibly dangerous, and Kim knows that.

  • cin

    BrandiTwinkle has no business butting in on a family situation. She’s lucky Kyle has a bit of class cuz some ladies would have kicked her butt that night. Imagine a sloppy drunk trying to be a friend to someone who is trying her best to be sober… what a mess that is. Miss Twinkle need rehab and Miss Twinkle’s kids need to be removed from her home until she gets the help she needs.

  • Viktorya Blygnadnjova

    i think kim/brandi will be dropped after this season, they will most likely hire Camille G and a new wife for season 6.

  • I think some of that stuff is staged for drama. I did not like the way Lisa R. talked down to Kim in the car. Ask her if she is OK rather than attack her for something you don’t know to be true. Kyle likes to show she cares but she is another one that likes to dominate Kim and put her down to make herself seem like a much better person. I think Kyle is very insecure.

    • DeeDee

      I agree.
      And I’m also sad for kim that she slipped. I hope she’s honest with herself moving forward. She could probably use alanon as well as AA.

    • Lisa R is not “talk down” to Kim in the car. Kim was acting very aggressive and erratic TOWARDS Lisa and she was just trying to humor her to diffuse the situation as to not let it get even more CRA CRA. Remember she was stuck in the car just inches away from a snarling, unstable woman that she didn’t recognize. And now your going to put the blame on HER! Who are you Brandi’s hairdresser?

  • Anyone else notice how much vyle is projecting (my family, my sister), then tears—–vyle & kimbo act like they never left grade school—-these are 2 grown women and when vyle doesnt’ get her way (she cries), and kimbo is just so insane out there (kooky, and not in a good way) even when she’s not doped up.
    These 2 sisters need to go, the trainwreck is being minded by the other trainwreck trampon….
    And as far as vyle (conjuring up brandi is now getting physical), does she not see that she is the one who puts her hands on brandi first? I guess it’s ok for byle but not brandi?

  • Drunki Slamville called out Andy Cohen on a Twitter for “bullying” her on WWHL then she deleted it a little while later!!

  • Don’t you just love the way wicked vyle’s mind works—-funny that she is now “embracing gays” even hosting a gay night party—–she is sooooo jealous of Lisa Vanderpump and is now copying her (hoping to get good PR)—she is disgusting, always bad mouthing Lisa V., then copying her? Jealous much vyle? BTW, vyle is only promoting gays to be relevant and get on miss andy’s good side.. How many season’s have we watched BH’s and never a peep out of vyle, but now she supports gays??
    And it was vyle who put her hands on brandi first (she always blames brandi), I guess it’s ok for vyle (man hands) to grab others but they can’t touch her…
    vyle is a 2-faced twat—–useless like her sister kimbo (the drugged up loser)…

    • Travis

      Actually in season 2 she was shown wearing a NO H8 shirt, signifying her support of the LGBT community.

  • Guess the honeymoon is over for vyle & trampon, vyle only used trampon to go after Lisa Vanderpump (and that backfired), if I were Lisa V., I would never trust vyle or brandi–both jealous, 2-faced wannabe’s………
    Lisa Vanderpump is clearly the “star” of the show……
    Love how brandi even shut down “good little dutch oven”—who didn’t see that coming…… lemonhead deserves that too (for going after Lisa V.)–again, another faded, aging model wannabe– What, was yolemon’s a model like a 100 years ago?

  • VillageMutt

    OK so…Why is Kim taking care of her X husband anyway? He’s married and has a life and family outside of her or is this just fodder for TV drama? Or could it be that he has the real stuff, the good meds that she can’t get from anyone else?
    Whatever. The story line is tired.

    And the poker party from hell – How great is Vince. It what was apparently a forced sit down the producers pushed but when he and Eileen sat down to talk about the events of the evening, he shrugged his shoulders and walked away. He is so over this madness and Eileen is so above it – First telling Brandi to put some Neosporin on her life ending wound then calling them all Drama Queens.
    Now that’s some good TV