Brandi Glanville And Kristen Taekman Dish On The Housewives And More


We won’t officially meet new Real Housewife of New York Kristen Taekman until March, but since she is BFF with Brandi Glanville, Kristen was a guest on Brandi’s podcast this week and the two friends dished about old times and fun facts about Kristen. Thanks to Bravo’s The Dish, we have highlights from the podcast to share with you.

Kristen is not afraid of plastic surgery.
Kristen openly discussed her new implants with Brandi and implied they were an anniversary gift from her husband. “”First year is diamond, somewhere along there is paper and nine years is silicone,” Kristen joked.

Kristen and Brandi met at a Halloween party in New York.
The duo, who spent tons of time together when Brandi was living in New York, first met at a Halloween party in Manhattan’s West Village. Kristen was dressed as Raquel Welch and Brandi was a genie. “You had on no clothes,” recalled Brandi. Kristen retorted, “You didn’t have any clothes on either!”

Kristen’s daughter shares a name with a member of Kim Richards’s family.
Kristen is so obsessed with Elvis that her Manhattan home is full of memorabilia and she even named her daughter, Kingsley, in honor of “The King.” Kristen wants it to be noted that her daughter was born before Kim’s Pit Bull Terrier, also named Kingsley.

Brandi and Kristen’s friendship is not just for show.
Yes, Brandi helped Kristen land her spot on RHONYC by introducing her to Andy Cohen but, these two were friends long before either decided to do become TV stars. Still, Kristen has found herself defending their friendship. Kristen explained, “Someone on Twitter was saying you call everyone your BFF…I’d go off on a limb and say and I’m one of the top 5.” Brandi said Kristen fits into her own category of “OG BFF” adding, “you’re definitely top 3.”

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