Brandi Glanville: I Know How Mrs. Vanderpump Rolls

BrandiBrandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss her falling out with Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi reveals she knows how “Mrs. Vanderpump rolls” and that she was in Carlton’s ear as soon as she arrived home from Puerto Rico. Brandi explains that she felt betrayed and wondered if Lisa was using her to her spin-off Vanderpump Rules off the ground.

Brandi writes, “Watching this week’s episode was very hard for me as it took me back to a place of sadness and angst. Kyle knows the truth about the tabloids — case closed. I still don’t quite understand why Kyle doesn’t acknowledge the fact that I warned her in advance about the stories coming out in Star magazine because I had a friend that worked there. I myself have gone through a similar situation and I would have loved a warning or a heads up.

On the JR front, he told me he loved me, so I invited him to Puerto Rico. JR said he had to work and couldn’t afford a vacation at that time. Once I arrived in Puerto Rico, he let me know that he decided to take a last-minute, unplanned trip to Italy!!! Um, he doesn’t do anything last minute or unplanned. While JR was in Italy, he met and had an affair with a Spanish woman. The end. I began dating Drew Carter, and, although we are not together now, we remain very close friends and still see one another often.

I knew the moment Lisa was home she would run to Carlton because that’s her M.O., and she needed and ally. I really don’t think it was fair for her to involve Carlton in issues that had absolutely nothing to do with her. I am close friends with Carlton, and I have never once spoken to her about my issues with Lisa — because they don’t involve her and I know that she and Lisa are friends and I would never disrupt a friendship. When I saw Carlton at the Beverly Hills party, I instantly knew Lisa had been in her ear. I know how Mrs. Vanderpump rolls.

On to my issues with Lisa — I truly just want to have an honest conversation with her. As we all know I am not on Vanderpump Rules. I have repeatedly asked Lisa to not bring Scheana around me anymore. She promised she wouldn’t — but she did and without even a warning. It made me start to question our friendship and my role in her life. Was I simply part of her plan???

My issues with Lisa are completely separate then everyone else’s, so although you may think it looked like we were ganging up on her, we absolutely were not. I truly love Lisa and I always will, but she needs to realize it isn’t cool to keep putting Scheana around me.

Here are the facts: Scheana has been BFF with Pandy for five years. The drama of my divorce took place five years ago. Scheana never worked at SUR until the night of our final party. Scheena was a Villa Blanca employee. Why was she at SUR? Lisa is incredibly close to all of her employees, as you see on her show. How on earth did she not know about Scheana and Edddie? Why the f— was Scheana at SUR that night? Also if Lisa didn’t know why would she constantly ask me to interact with this woman that reminded me of the most horrific time in my life. Does Lisa care about me, or am I just part of Vanderpump Rules?”

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13 Replies to “Brandi Glanville: I Know How Mrs. Vanderpump Rolls”

  1. I wish Brandi hadn’t ruined her credibility by just running her mouth. I feel like she DOES know how Lisa operates and would have interesting insight. But if she said it now nobody would believe her because she has ruined her credibility.

  2. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Do you really think anyone wants to hear you now, Brandi? After all of your machinations and lies?

  3. geezzz…. there is nothing honest about you Brandi. How can anyone believe what comes out of your nasty mouth. You talk about Lisa using you…. well what do you think Yolanda is doing!!! Holy cow girl – get a life!

  4. Brandi complains Lisa ran to Carlton? Brandi ran to Kyle. As far as Lisa using Brandi is laughable. Brandie started a fight with Lisa because she needed a BIG STORY for her book release. As far as Kyle crying the whole season was about her husband cheating, she is the one who made it that way. Lisa made a joke and Kyle is so insecure about her marriage apparently and never could quit crying about it. No One else on the shows cares as much as she does about the tabloids. Get over it! If you know the truth what does it matter?
    I also think it is comical Brandi thinks Lisa needs HER for Vanderpump rule. I will say that Brandi has great self confidence.

    1. Kyle never brought up the rumor about her husband, Lisa and BG did. They did that to hurt her, and they succeeded. BG fans give her a pass for whining about her own husband cheating for 3 years FGS, so she knew just how much it would hurt Kyle to bring it up at that bitch Caston’s house. Everything she did she did to hurt someone. Now she just hurts her own kids by being such a low life on television and making sure everyone knows. Kyle keeps on giving Brandy chances but BG never gives Kyle a break because she knows deep down Lisa loves Kyle.

  5. Tampon string—-no-one believes anything that comes out of you’re piehole—you have lied, spewed you’re venom and slandered many—-you really need psychological help……………go away std and take that sourpuss lemonhead with you………..

    Team Lisa & Ken

    1. Tampon string? That’s an insult to tampon strings everywhere. But I totally agree. I am also for Lisa and Ken as they are the only classy ones on the show now. If Brandi told me it was light out at noon, I would have to go check because that tramp lies about EVERYTHING. Brandi is on wrong show. She needed to go to Jerry Springer show!

  6. I, for one, agree whole-heartedly with you. Sheanna’s “un-clever” remark to you was snarky and immature. She is clearly unintelligent…or maybe anti.
    Sorry you were hurt by peeps who think they are better than all. Stereotypical behavior by Ken,Lisa, Jr and schita!
    Do you know if Ken and Lisa ever became citizens of U.S.? I doubt it because they think they are better than all…and if they were citizens, they’d know… GB LOST the war and the tea party is over. Yolanda is a good friend to you…Lisa is not.

  7. Not to be confused with the other Judy, who commented above. If Lisa said anything to you about Kylie or anybody else, you should not go and tell them, behind Lisa’s back. Same goes for all friends. Nobody could stand your drunk, rude mouth, but we put up with you, because Lisa did. Only person worse than you is Kim. As far as Scheana, of course you feel uncomfortable around her. It’s time to let it go. She works for a spin off of HWOBH. You’ll probably never find out who all your X slept with. Scheana isn’t who broke up your marriage, he is and that HO he’s married to.

  8. Holy crap!!! “I would never break up a friendship,” says Brandi. To quote the only clean rebuttal Brandi knows, “Are you kidding me?” As soon as she thought Lisa and Kyle were mending their friendship she ran to Kyle repeatedly, until she finally hit pay dirt by saying Lisa wanted to torment Kyle with a magazine. It’s already been made known that the producers insisted on Scheana at the last party. And since Brandi has been through casting she must also know that it would be the show that cast Scheana and moved her from one of Lisa’s restaurants to the one they were filming. Lisa didn’t cast Vanderpump Rules!

    1. Certain Brandi is aware that production is in charge…however, from whom did they get their info and I don’t agree that Lisa had no choice for service at her party. C’mon!

  9. Yes Judy 1 obviously is not watching the same show. Brandi you just make it all up as you go along and the thing is your a sociopath you have no conscience nor do you accept the consequences of your actions. Brandi you lie to make friends and you lie to lose friends. YOur not in any way interesting as a matter of fact I have not understood why Eddie has not sought for full custody with the way you act on and off TV. YOur a bad role model for your children and I feel for them. Please Brandi even if they offer you a contract for the next season do yourself and us a favor and pretend you give a damn about your kids and get off TV and try to raise them with a little respect for yourself. Lisa and Ken would have done anything for you and now when your down and out your on your own.

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