Brandi Glanville And Kenya Moore Reveal What Really Started Their Feud


Real Housewives stars Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore are dishing about their infamous feud and their time spent with each other working on the Celebrity Apprentice. The reality stars both spoke to Extra earlier this week.

Brandi says that her feud with Kenya started when she made a comment about Kenya begging her ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson to marry her. Glanville says she tried to talk to Kenya about her comment later, but that Kenya wasn’t interested in hearing what she had to say.

Kenya tells Tracey Edmonds that Brandi spent several episodes of the how provoking her.

“I’d gone through five episodes of her trying to provoke me and irritate me, say the nastiest things about me without any proof or real justification, and the last straw was when she said ‘I’m going to beat your a**’ like someone from my show did to me. You are making a mockery of me being physically attacked,” Kenya said. “That was a low blow and those were fighting words, I don’t believe you fight cruelty with cruelty, I will say that, but in that case I think I was justified in doing so.”

Kenya claimed that she tried to be friendly with Brandi, “I don’t have an issue with her… seems like she wants an issue with me.”

Glanville claims that she refused to let Kenya’s remark about her ex-husband leaving her for a “prettier” woman bother her.

“She (Kenya) was saying little things the whole time… so it was just, like, okay, if I react now in the boardroom I’m going to look really bad, so I just let it go,” Brandi explains. “I think that ultimately she looks worse for saying it.”

Brandi adds, “She’s smart, really smart, but also really crazy, so the combo is deadly and you will see on ‘The Apprentice,’ I’m serious.”

Thank you to RealityTea for the transcript of the interview!

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14 Replies to “Brandi Glanville And Kenya Moore Reveal What Really Started Their Feud”

  1. Seriously, with these two nasty, negative women it really doesn’t matter one iota to me who started what. I think they deserve each other. Neither one of them have clean hands. Neither one of them are decent people. I just hope neither one of them win, because it would be a disgrace. I’m rooting for Leesa Gibbons.

  2. I think Kenya is very smart, but she has some huge issues with her mother and that reflects pretty much her whole spectrum of socializing and connecting with other people.

    The hurt is too deep, but seriously I don’t think she is mean… she’s just a loud mouth.

    1. That is my view too..Kenya has unresolved issues with her mom that is why i think it is affecting may be he way of approaching people..but i really like her she is very smart and intelligent

      1. My mom had a saying about certain people: “book smart but life stupid” and that is Kenya in a nutshell. This egotistically poor excuse for a human has absolutely no idea how to treat people. I don’t know the story about her relations with her mother but It is just another way of her being the victim and she was constantly using that ploy on Apprentice. Everybody was being mean to her. You’re 44 years old – time to grow up witch.

  3. Kenya is nasty, she had it out for brandi since episode 1. Everyone can see right through her, and monday’s episode will show that she’s a nasty thief. Add that to your resume miss america! And twirl back to where you came from: Hell!

  4. There is nothing nice I could say about either woman because there IS NOTHING nice about either woman. Two very lowlife human beings.

  5. Well at least they behave much better on The Apprentice than they do on RHW…thank goodness. Although it would be fun to see The Donald throw them both out at the same time for being obnoxious in front of him.

  6. I want to see both get fired but I want Kenya to go first because she keeps telling us how intelligent she is, how classy she is, how business wise she is. She has such a huge ego I really want to see it deflated.

  7. yuk…. I don’t watch Atlanta’s housewives or New Jersey due to the disgusting behavior… now due to BrandiTwinkle behavior… I’m turned off of Beverly Hill’s housewives… bummer.

  8. Krusty Kenya & Bi**h Brandi are both equally disgusting. I can’t stand to watch either one for even a second. They’re both bitter jealous ppl trying to be the center of negative attention.

  9. Kenya Moore is toxic and backstabbing thief!

    She stole Vivica A. Fox phone – –

    Team Brandi & Vivica all the way!

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