Brandi Glanville Is NOT Sleeping With Producer, Blames Adrienne Maloof For False Story!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville is angrily shooting down rumors that she is dating a producer of the show, Alex Baskin. A gossip blog reported that Brandi was “boasting” about sleeping with a producer of the show to her friends, and Brandi is exclusively telling RumorFix that it’s not true, and it’s Adrienne Maloof that is trying to discredit her!

RadarOnline originally posted the story, saying, “Brandi says she isn’t serious about the relationship, it’s just a bit of fun, but that Alex has very, very serious feelings for her. Brandi’s co-stars, Adrienne Maloof, Yolanda Hadid, and Kyle Richards are particularly worried that Brandy’s relationship with Alex will adversely have an impact on how they are portrayed on the show on the upcoming seasons. Brandi has made it known that she wants her own spin-off show and wants as much camera time as possible while she is on Housewives. It’s just not fair to the other ladies that Brandy has been carrying on with one of the show’s producers.”

Brandi tells RumorFix, “This is a 100 percent untrue. I have been dating a business man (casually) for six months and not my boss Alex Baskin. This is a sad attempt by Adrienne Maloof to discredit me and the show. Alex Baskin is a great guy and I would be so lucky, but the story is just false. All of the women on the show absolutely adore him. He is our boss and we have close but professional relationships with all of our producers. They are the best!”

Brandi is still adamant that Adrienne came up with this story, saying,  “Adrienne is once again showing her true colors as she has stooped to a new low. She has made up lies about half the cast and her husband and tried to ruin lives with the false stories she puts in the press.”

Adrienne Maloof’s rep tells RumorFix that this is, “absolutely false that Adrienne or anyone of her reps leaked this.”

Tell Us- Who do you believe?

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2 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Is NOT Sleeping With Producer, Blames Adrienne Maloof For False Story!”

  1. brandi is all about why i watch the show
    a wonderful addition to the show and is why i am watching
    she deserved the best in life
    she is confident women and other women are threatened by her
    keep having fun Brandi and keep that beautiful chin up!!!
    you rock
    greenwich ct here steve and greg HI all

  2. If Brandi is sleeping with the producer he’s a smart man and has FANTASTIC taste. i just don’t know how he can choose between Brandi and Camille, they both are sooooooo darn beautiful.

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