Brandi Glanville Interviews Private Detective That Served Adrienne Maloof Divorce Papers


Private Detective John Nazarian stopped by Brandi Glanville’s podcast this week. Nazarian is the man who served Adrienne Maloof with her divorce papers from ex-husband, Paul Nassif. John dished on serving Adrienne. “Is it true you that served Adrienne Maloof with divorce papers?” Glanville asked. “Yes. I remember the first time I saw her. It was at her mansion, and she came down the staircase like Loretta Young and just looked great,” he said of Adrienne accepting the papers.

“She looked great? Are we being one-hundred percent honest?” Brandi jabbed. “The lighting was good,” John, who worked for Paul, mused. “She accepted the papers and she turned very militarily and walked away from me.”

He also revealed there is no bad blood between him and Adrienne now. “Now whenever I see her in court, she hugs me,” he said. But Brandi said, “I’ll tell you why that is. It’s because you’re famous now, and she follows fame. She was an a**hole to you when she didn’t know who you were. Would you happen to agree with me on that?”

Next, Brandi asked why Paul would have hired a PI to serve Adrienne. “People want it done right and don’t want mistakes. And that’s what we get paid the big bucks to do,” he explained. “A normal process server gets $100 to serve papers. Our minimum fee to serve papers is $3,000.”

“I wish I would have known you a few years back. I was in a marriage, and my husband was cheating. I thought about having him followed,” Brandi admitted, referring to Eddie Cibrian’s affair with LeAnn Rimes.

“Every man will cheat if given the opportunity,” Nazarian warned.

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3 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Interviews Private Detective That Served Adrienne Maloof Divorce Papers”

  1. Brandi you are a first class c___t and the worst pot calling a kettle black. Do you even have a conscience? You have no morals no integrity. You are a sociopath of the worst kind. Yes I am a hater of people like you who joyously put others down and revel in their suffering.

  2. Wow. From way back a whole year and a half ago. “Every man will cheat if given the chance” Really I beg to differ. Shows what kind of company the private dick keeps. And how BG can’t help but get the dirt if she can, because it gives the appearance others live in the gutter with her. She hasn’t changed.

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