Brandi Glanville Insists Kyle Richards Backstabbed Lisa Vanderpump


Brandi Glanville is taking to her blog to discuss part one of the RHOBH reunion. Glanville shares her thoughts on Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump’s friendship. Brandi insists that Kyle backstabbed Lisa and that Kyle told her Lisa had an affair on Ken and that they filed bankruptcy. Brandi says Kyle slow and not smart.

Brandi writes, “It would be nice if the RHOBH reunion were a time to look back, reminisce, and laugh at the past year, like most reunions, but Housewives’ reunions are more like Seinfeld’s Festivus with the “The Airing of Grievances” taking center stage.

We see the ladies looking beautiful, Yolanda especially. Considering what Yo is going through, it’s amazing how calm, cool, and collected she appeared. Loved the Victoria Beckham dress.

As you can tell, I was stressed just being there. No, I didn’t want to be there. I knew certain people would be in attack mode, and they were. I saw it during the entire season, so why would it be different at the reunion?

There is still a misunderstanding I’d like to try to clear up again, gently. When I spoke of a Housewife’s daughter, I was trying to make an analogy. I had seen a few unfair and untrue HW blogs take false potshots at the young lady in question, the same type of untrue potshots that are thrown at me. I was trying to say, “When a stranger tries to label someone something ugly, even if the allegation isn’t true, it can still sting, annoy, and cause a defensive reaction.” It’s hard to hear unfair lies about yourself or someone you love. My example was misunderstood, because I wasn’t clear and chose the wrong words. Yolanda speaks several languages and my Cali girl speak isn’t always one of them. Anyway, it’s my fault I didn’t explain myself better. I hope I finally did now.

As for Lisa V., I believe she knew exactly what I had tried to say, twisted my words, and brought it up to manufacture an ax to grind. Kyle? Kyle can’t follow most conversations, so it’s a case of her simply piggybacking Lisa V. or anyone attacking others.

What other points require addressing? Kyle DID backstab Lisa V. and Ken Todd last year. She ABSOLUTELY told me Lisa V. had an affair and had filed a bankruptcy. I was simply used to deliver the message…on TV. My fault. I was manipulated and let myself be used. I have to take complete responsibility for that. I lived and learned.

What’s odd is that Lisa V. and Kyle obviously don’t like each other and have nothing in common. Lisa V. is quick and smart. Kyle is slow and not smart. They use each other, backstab each other, and mock each other every chance they get. However, they do like to get together and pretend to be “classy” ladies, boast about money, and plot together.

So actually, Lisa V. and Kyle may be perfect for each other. Enough said there.

The rest of the reunion, I don’t have much to say. Kim was great, strong, on point, and funny. And, yes, we are still friends. Thanks to Andy for trying to take up for me. I didn’t understand his analogy about horseplay, or maybe “puppyplay” at the time. But, the intent is more important than the delivery, right? I’ve been trying to get that point across for years. But SOME people like to focus on a misunderstood or misstated word or phrase, rather than the intent. I won’t be one of them.

As anyone could see, I was anxious, and it was only a matter of time before I was reactionary. I tried very, very hard not to be. You have no idea how difficult it is to have people screaming at you from two sides and to remain calm. In similar situations, you can walk away. I don’t have that option very often on RHOBH. If you know me, you know I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety, so it is what it is. Stress me out past my comfort zone, F- bombs fly.”

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71 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Insists Kyle Richards Backstabbed Lisa Vanderpump”

    1. Actually she has HPV…but crabs isn’t that far off, especially going around sleeping with 23 year old boys because I highly doubt she is the type of person who uses protection on a regular basis.

    2. Did she really say that some people like to concentrate on misunderstandings and misspoke words? That is so funny since she seems to try to remember every thing every person said so she can twist it. why is it everybody else’s stuff except Kyle’s ends up on camera and she keeps insisting it was said. But if she said it then it was because of a really good reason that doesn’t matter as she is the only important one.

  1. I ask myself this every time I run across someone like her – passive aggressive, and sometimes overtly aggressive. Does she think I’m so stupid I can’t see what she’s doing, or is she so stupid she doesn’t think it’s obvious to all? Of course she was taking a jab at Yolanda. And since when is it okay to out private gossip for the world to hear? True or not. Who would ever want to be her friend but a wounded bird with no other friends and a woman who sees her as a mess that needs cleaning up.

    1. I agree…as she was telling Lisa what Kyle said to her – it was so obvious that she was lying and trying to get Lisa mad at Kyle. So glad Lisa could see right through her…Brandi is just a mess and I’m still amazed how much I liked her first season…what the hell happened????

      1. She can’t get to Kyle through Lisa anymore, so she will go through Kim. She has wanted to make herself look better than Kyle since the first day. So envious it hurt. Lisa’s friend, great husband, great kids, beautiful and classy. Aside from great kids – her kids are great I am sure, they just don’t have a mom that cares more about them than herself – she has none of what Kyle has and never will. Water seeks it’s own level and sediment always sinks to the bottom and sticks together. She can’t rise up no matter how hard she swims.

      2. I liked her too until the end of season 3. and never really liked Yoyo, kinda stuck up, but I hope she can get well. I wonder if Brand goes and sees her, being that Yoyo is the only one who can still take her.

  2. Okay. Lisa V. is brilliant and Kyle is stupid. That’s my “take away” from this blog. So if Kyle is so stupid, how does she manage to “manipulate ” or “victimize” Brandi at every turn? If I permitted someone so intellectually challenged get the best of me – I sure wouldn’t broadcast how the “slow” one got away with it. Wouldn’t that indicate that I was somewhat of a savant? Think I’ll go feel sorry for myself, or twiddle my thumbs, or twig my hair, or scratch my face, or Fill my face, or or or…

  3. Oh Horrors, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT BRANDI? She is a deceitful slush & DEFINITELY did not pop enough zanax at the reunion. Who’s she trying to fool with her stupid blog, every line was fake, building herself up as if we are deaf, dumb & blind, while taking down Kyle & Lisa V. Compliments to Kim from her of course & a cover up about Yolanda’s daughter. That woman is sick, ugly, nasty minded, loose as they come & absolute 100% gutter. Please shut up, Brandi. Even her voice grates on one’s nerves.

  4. Brandi obviously thinks ppl believes her crap. Wow it’s insulting that she thinks everyone is that dumb. Her blog made zero sense whatsoever. Did u notice the only thing she took responsibility for in that dreadful blog was being manipulated into saying something Kyle told her……even though she said that Kyle was so slow, she can’t have a conversation. Well if that’s the case, then why did u repeat what she allegedly said lol. Wow what a contradiction this bloated cheekbones slut Barbie is. I swear if her and Kim are on next season, I will not be watching. I seriously cannot stomach either of them anymore.

  5. Originally Brandi said that she learned of Ken’s bancruptcy and Lisa & Ken living deep in the valley by doing a paid internet search, while doing a $9.99 background check on a blind date. So which is the truth? What you wrote then or what you say now? So much for her days as the ” Truth Cannon.” Secondly I find it the height of irony that BG (or rather her inept blog writer) fails to see the humor in the fact that BG totally missed the simple analogy Andy put forth about your pet biting you but she tries to shade Kyle as slow. This too, from a woman, who in the first season thought Winston Churchill was a black athlete. Third, she lied again, because no other Housewive EVERY referred to Bella as an alcholic in their blogs, ever, nor on Twitter, or anywhere else- she was, as usual trying to deflect away from her own egregious behavior, and as usual not take responsibility for that behavior as well. Lastly, when faced with her misdeeds, she just lies, screams over the other ladies and shouts crude things and obscenities (from her oddly distorted face) as if that some how makes her the “winner.”

    1. If you watch reunion 4, Brandi says the EXACT SAME THING! SHE SAYS THAT KYLE TOLD HER THE INFORMATION AND SHE GOT IT ONLINE, PAYING $9.99 for it. Kyle is smirking, laughing and makes NO ATTEMPT TO DENY ANY OF WHAT BRANDI SAYS! So, a year later, Kyle is denying it?

    2. I am LOL remembering the Winston Churchill thing. Hilarious. And yeah Kyle manipulated her into saying things, but Kyle is the slow one. ummmmmm ok. I liked Brandi SO much on her first season and now she has just sunk in the mud. I still don’t dislike her—I just wish she would wake up and stop with all the trashy and victim behavior. People would like her soooo much better. It can be done.

  6. i like everyone else cannot believe the rubbish that comes out of her mouth!!! The scary thing is I think She believes it!! I am hoping She is gone next season but just read an article in US magazine that says Kyle and Kim are for the chop but nothing about Brandi. If this is true, and I hope Kim goes and I would like to give Kyle another chance without her sister, then RHOBH is over for me. I don’t have much respect for Andy Cohen but that would finish it off for me completely. I do realise that there are many of these articles between Seasons to keep us interested!!

  7. I can’t believe people think Kyle didn’t do the things she says she did. If anyone else were saying it people would totally believe it.

    Kyle and Lisa have had a terrible relationship over the years. She is spot on about their fake friendship, you can tell they hate each other.

    1. I don’t think Kyle is innocent but then none of them are, there are just degrees of it. Brandi tops the list with Kim following then Kyle. I think between her and Lisa it’s more an understanding of each other rather than friendship. After last season I’m surprised but then to hate someone so much is not productive and maybe they are smart enough to realise this whereas Brandi isn’t!!

      1. I agree- I don’t think Lisa V considers Kyle much of a friend anymore either but more of a friendly accqauitance. But at least she and Kyle came to an understanding, which BG could not comprehend- as her never ending derisive remarks about Lisa all season long attested to. Far from showing she wanted to build a healthy and mature relationship, BG only signaled that she is still only capable of toxic and destructive ones. Lisa V rightly turned that town.

        1. They actually didn’t say truly hateful things to each other Kyle and Lisa V. They were both hurt by things and Brandy backed up a lot of the things Kyle was hurt by. Like that Lisa V.( and I love her ) steps away when the fans do. It’s not fun to have things like that pointed out. And Kyle ( love her ), doesn’t speak up when she should sometimes. God, nobody is perfect. Calling them names that are horrid is just not nice. Why? It’s one thing to point out something specifically that they did and comment. It’s another, IMO, to make up things and hope it sticks.

    2. I think Kyle should own up a bit more about the Calabassas comment, but if you watch the season 4 reunion you can see that she had nothing to DL with the bankruptcy rumour.

      Last reunion, Brandi brought the Calabassas and bankruptcy up then looked to Kyle when Lisa denied it, Brandi looked to Kyle who said, “Bankruptcy? I didn’t say that. I heard Ken say you used to live in Calabassas.”

      1. Previously BG said she got the info from. $9.99 report she got on the Internet that she bought on the Vanderpumos when she was looking up dirt on them to smear them last season.

    3. WHAT A TOTAL LOAD OF SHIT. They had an argument. Kyle didn’t say anything during reunion 2 when Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids. That started it, and I was actually surprised Kyle didn’t say something, but Lisa V. didn’t get in there during Kyle’s problem with Camille either. Then Brandy got in there and, as is her way, did every single thing she could think of to destroy any relationship left between them. That is what she believes is necessary to cement a friendship to say as many crappy things about everyone else, especially someone you are so jealous of it hurts. Every time she got the chance she said something during which time Kyle was being supportive of Brandy’s role on HW by inviting her to every event she had. Kyle tried and tried and Brandy stabbed her in the back and was cruel and hateful every time she downed a bottle of wine. She is in a zanaz with wine chaser fog so much of the time that she only remembers snippets of things that are said since she is losing consciousness and snapping back into reality often during the evening. Kyle said that Cedric told her that one of the 26 restaurants Ken and Lisa had in London went under. Then there was a running joke that Cedric was Lisa’s trainer during the time he lived there and that is where the joke about having the affair with the trainer came from. See how different that is. And Kyle said she thought Ken had said they lived in Callabasses. Lisa knows all of this. They were friends long before HW and if you watch 1st. season you will see that. All the shit Brandy says and does is right there so of coarse we believe that. The reputation they get, they deserve. I really would like someone to show me where in the 5 seasons Kyle has done anything outside of normal human behavior. She isn’t hateful or hurtful all the time like Bg and Kimmy. Every fault is under a magnifying glass and no one is perfect.

  8. Brandi is really a sad person. I think she thinks if she says it enough people will believe her. She is such a toxic person in desperate need of help. She brings the show down because she is such a misfit. Her insecurities and jealousness shows on every show and it has nothing to do with editing. If Bravo thinks we enjoy the drama, I for one do not and will stop watching if she is on.

    1. You aren’t the only one. Trouble is Andy Cohen seems to like Her for some reason. I’m not sure that they will get rid of her but like you I have had enough and things need to go back to how they used to be as long as they don’t bring Faye Resnick back!! They need to rethink the shows or they won’t survive.

  9. Just looked at us magazine report that Lisa R, Kim and Kyle won’t be back, hadn’t noticed originally that Lisa R was also mentioned, I hope She comes back I don’t care about Kim but would be interested to see what the difference is with Kyle without Kim around. Surprise surprise no mention of Brandi.

    1. Kyle had in her contract that as long as she was a housewife, Kim would be too. Clearly cause Bravo would have gotten rid of Kim past like, season 2 or 3… If Kyle leaves I guess Kim would be leavng too. but I doubt they will. it’s probably just a rumor. No way Kyle is giving up on this opportunity to be on TV since she’s an attention seeking *** & a bad actress, so it’s her only way. Rinna on the other hand might get fired because of her fake drama & uninteresting personnality. I sure hope Kyle & Rinna get lost. Just vile.

      1. Their contracts are a one year contract at a time. Unless you saw the actual document, you can’t possibly know that. But if it was true, that shows how much truly she is there for her sister. She puts her money where her mouth is, so to speak. Lisa V. was hurt that Kyle didn’t say something in second season reunion when Adrienne made those insulting accusations. I can see why. But, let’s be honest, Lisa didn’t back Kyle every single time she needed it either. Sometimes friends fail to say anything, or the right thing, or say the wrong thing. Neither of them has done or said unforgivable things like Adrienne, Brandy, Yolanda and Kim have. Lisa also made an extra effort with Brandy because of the rift with Kyle which was also caused from Kyle and Taylor’s closeness and what Kyle said to Taylor. She wanted to prove she could have a close friend on the show without Kyle. And of coarse both of them have friends that are lifelong and/or longtime friends. It got a little out of control in season 4 and nobody, including Kim, especially Kim backed Kyle. Brandy got in there as soon as she saw a twinkling of their former love for each other and did her absolute best to ruin it. And she almost did. It was Kim, Brandy and Yolanda that threw around accusations and insults directed at Ken. Kyle never stoops that low. I believe that they are genuine friends and the one thing I hope is that Lisa quits advocating for Kyle to try to stay in Kim’s life. And Yo, remember what you thought of Taylor drinking too much at your dinner party? Brandy has been inappropriately drunk and sloppy at EVERY SINGLE DINNER YOU HAVE ON FILM. Like really sloppy drunk.

  10. regardin US Mag mentioned above….. omg I would hate to see Lisa leave,, she’s a great addition. As for Kim – she should stay off reality tv and take care of business at home.. except she probably needs the money badly. Please Bravo… don’t bring Brandi back – she has taken the fun out of the housewives…

    1. Me too I love Lisa She has been a bit over the top but has a wicked sense of humour. All I will say about Kim is Kim who???

  11. lol Kyle is speak behind everyone’s backs from season 1. So Brandi is completely right. Kyle dished all the things about LVP. LVP is an idiot for being friends with Vile Kyle!

    1. I agree, though I dont think Lisa actually thinks of Kyle as a friend, she’s smarter than that. Lisa just wants people on her side after last season.
      But their friendship is so fake it makes for terrible TV. They don’t have good chemistry together, they don’t have that friendship rhythm that makes it fun to watch like others across all the franchises have had.
      Hell even in the few scarce moments Brandi and Lisa got on in this season they were more fun to watch than anything Lisa and Kyle did together.

      If Kyle hadn’t have fallen out with Brandi, her and Lisa wouldn’t be as “good” a friends as they are pretending to be, it’s just an ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ kinda deal.

      1. Exactly. LVP is fake with Kyle just the way she was with Yolanda all season long (except for the reunion of course Yolanda was sick so she had to pretend she cared). Her friendship with Kyle definitively fake.The thing I don’t understand is why doesn’t LVP believe that Kyle said those things. Because it’s clearly true that Kyle is the one who told Brandi about the bankrupcy, calabasas, and now the affair! LVP is playing dumb cause she wants to have Kyle on her side, for sure! & now Kyle is backpeddling about her whole gossiping! LVP & Kyle deserve each other, they’re pathetic, they want to be on this show so bad. I feel for Brandi for putting up with these fake hollywood wannabes.

      1. Marion I have been reading your posts on every single subject on these sites and needless to say you really have a shitty attitude. You have the idea that ONLY YOUR OPINION matters. You throw crap at everyone for their comments and when people comment back you just get nasty. . You want to comment on the subject go ahead we don’t read your comments anymore because your just a ignorant, unhappy, evil soul who grovels after TV reality stars and thinks that all of this is Somehow important. go ahead and spew your garbage no body cares. If they gave you a ticket to go to Danbury prison to be with Felon Teresa-liar-narcissist you would be on the next plane with your autograph book in hand.?

        1. If I thought only mine mattered I would write a book, not read everyone’s opinion. But that’s OK. I can see you advocate for people to tell their own truth and to be kind. You have shown that with your reply to me. I actually had a back&forth with someone else who was genuinely asking why I was so assertive and I answered. So, if anything you and I have more in common if you think my posts are mean.

  12. Ummm do you have any idea how many people are diagnosed with anxiety. It is the #1 diagnosed mental health disorder. Yet, you don’t see those million of people acting like a trashing, evil bitch. Do not taint such a disorder with your lewd and disgusting behavior.

    1. Exactly. And BTW- I also believe it is over diagnosed as are the drugs that people are becoming overly dependent on for these “disorders” for. Breathing techniques, yoga, bio-feedback can be much healthier ways to deal wuth these issues.

    2. Yeah but how many of those people have to sit on a sofa opposite the people they are fighting with and talk about their issue, and not even talk like with a therapist, but purposely argue over their issues.

      Translating the TV show to real life doesn’t really work, their in constructed situations that normal people don’t deal with.

  13. I think I finally get it about Brandi. She and Kristin from VPR are the same person. Their delusions know no bounds. They both think that if they can somehow show everyone that someone else has done something worse than they have done, or that person has said something worse than they have said, then they will be accepted by the others. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN dummies. They both fail to see how vile the things they have done/said really are, and they naively think that IF they just say I am sorry, that SHOULD be enough. It is an outrageous self-delusion. If I were either one of them, and saw my behaviors on tv, the very LAST thing I would be doing would be deflecting to other’s words or deeds. That they do not turn to deep self-reflection about their defects tells you everything you need to know about their characters (Lack of that is).

  14. Brandi is the queen of backstabbing. She is so jealous of the other women. Maybe because they are classy & can get their point across without calling them names & cussing. I feel sorry for her 2 boys. I don’t believe she doesn’t act this way around them. She is incapable on controlling her mouth. Wonder where this comes from (her family)?

  15. Is she for real? As in “Cali speak?” Doesn’t Yolanda have *3* TEENAGERS, who ALL grew up in “Cali?” Wouldn’t THEY also converse in this “Cali speak,” Brandi refers to, as well? Aaaahhhhh!!!!!!

  16. just watched the reunion now, hilarious that Brandi has a reputation of being a liar amoung fans of the show, yet she hasn’t been shown to be a liar before.

    Eta be honest, people are just such massive Vanderpump fans that they instnatly agree with anything she says.

    Season 2 – Brandi outs Kim’s drug problem.
    Season 2 – Brandi outs Adrienne for selling stories.
    Season 3 – Brandi reveals Adrienne didn’t carry her children.

    Each of those situations not her secret to reveal – absoluly.
    Any of those a lie – no, all revealed to be the truth.

    Suddey she’s a liar when the stuff she’s saying is about Vanderpump? Ugh, whatever.
    And to think Kylr had nothing to do with it? Only an idiot would believe that.
    Lisa deserved her second tier seat at the reunion, playing up to Kyle all seadon just to get her on her side was beyond pathetic.

    Desperey hope for Vanderpumps sake Kyle isn’t back next season, as Kyle makes her look desperately stupid!

    1. Lies by Brandy:
      Season 2 – friend of Cedric
      Season 3 – Adrienne is suing her
      Season 3 – she had to spend $2K on a lawyer – no, wait $10K
      Season 4 – magazine gate
      Season 4 – Kyle told the tabloids Brandy is a bitch
      Season 5 – told Kim Lisa R was asking who her sponsor is, etc. and talking to everyone
      Season 5 – never mentioned an intervention
      She’s just a foul mouthed liar – if she’s back and Kyle and Lisa R are gone, so are a lot of the viewers. If I want to see a woman past middle aged, dressing like a 20 year old, drunk as a skunk, acting like a whore – I would check out a dive bar on the waterfront, I don’t want to do that and I don’t want to watch it on my tv

      1. What are you talking about.

        She said she knew Cedric.
        Adrienne sent her a cease and desist letter, threatening a lawsuit.
        Lisa R was asking questions about Kim and talking to anyone with ears.
        Kyle told Kim Brandi said they should do an intervention. She didn’t, how can anyone questions we lottery saw that footage. Lisa R says she doesn’t feel like she could do an intervention Brandi agreed no you couldn’t and then jokingly suggests doing an intervention for them all – nothing to do with Kim’s drinking problem.

        1. Holy Smokes, are we watching the same show, you must be watching through Brandi coloured glasses. Adrienne sent Brandy’s friend a cease and desist letter, not Brandy, this has already been proven. She said she and Cedric were friends and they modelled together. She most certainly did suggest an intervention. Read the transcript of the conversation. Lisa never asked who Kim’s sponsor was or her sober friend – that was Brandy’s friend Jennifer when Brandi was talking to her about Kim. You can find that transcript on the same link. She then made it sound to Kim as if Lisa R was running around and came to her to discuss Kim, which is not what happened. Lisa went to Brandy to discuss Brandy’s behaviour, not Kims’. She also told Lisa R. that “No one else has the fucking balls to do it (talk to Kim about her sobriety or lack of it) and Kim would murder me and probably kill herself.”
          Part of convo re: intervention:
          “LR: Kim and her health. I mean it’s not like we can do an intervention on her.

          BG: No, she’s not.

          LR: It’s not our place. But we are privy to someone who is in pain. . . who is suffering.

          BG: Maybe you have an intervention with all of us. Seriously.

          LR: Huh? Well we do all need an intervention.

          BG: No. Seriously. I know that’s a way of not putting it on any one person and making the therapist be the bad guy.”

          1. So you read “Maybe you should have an intervention with all of us” – as we need to do an intervention with Kim?
            And I’m looking at the show through rose colored glasses??

            They aren’t talking about doing an intervention for Kim, they joke about doing one for the whole group as they’re all nuts. No point discussing it it further since you quoted a transcript that backs me up and think it proves your point, lol.

            1. OMD. Did you not read the next line? Brandy says SERIOUSLY IT’S A WAY OF NOT PUTTIN IT ON ANY ONE PERSON AND MAKING THE THERAPIST BE THE BAD GUY.
              How do you misinterpret that (unintentionally) as proving your point. I give up Brandistans are as delusional as she is.

  17. Brandi didn’t mention an intervention, Lisa Lips R did, is LR anorexic? Kyle R has warts..ugly witch warts, check out her photos, just saying…

    1. Actually the word “intervention” came out of Brandi’s mouth at the lunch with Rinna. The context of which it was said is debatable, but she did in fact use the word.

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