Brandi Glanville: “I’m A Bitch Not A Bully”


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain where the friction started between her and Joyce Giraud. Brandi tells her side of the story when she called Joyce after lunch at Carlton’s and calls herself a “bitch not a bully.” Brandi reveals why she acted rude to Joyce in Palm Springs and says she can’t believe how many interviews Joyce is still giving about her.

Brandi writes, “We start this episode with Kim and Kyle getting pedicures and bikini waxes while hanging out with their adorable daughters. When the wax lady pulled out giant dildos, all I could think was “Ew don’t touch them! Lord know’s where they have been.” It was fun to see Kyle and Kim laughing and getting along like sisters should.

Carlton asked me and some of her other girlfriends to meet up for a pole dancing lesson before we went over to Kimberly’s graduation party. Although Kim and I were not super close at this point, I honestly couldn’t remember a time since I’ve known her that she had hosted anything, so I was definitely not going to miss it.

Carlton had a few drinks before our class. I was not on the same level, but almost instantly I starting feeling dizzy and nauseous. I assumed it was motion sickness from the poles spinning. But later I spiked a fever and was throwing up for the next day-and-a-half, so I think its safe to assume I caught some sort of bug and it wasn’t just motion sickness.

We head over to Kim’s and I thought it might be a good idea to grab a burger before we went in to hopefully help Carlton sober up a bit and help me to stop feeling so crappy. I feel bad I was ill at Kim’s house, but it really couldn’t have been helped. It was better that we didn’t stay anyhow because Joyce was there in some ridiculous get up and I didn’t want to have a confrontation with Miss Attention Seeker a high school graduation party.

Lisa called and asked if I had any dresses I could donate to foster girls for their prom and I was more then happy to help when I can. I actually donated my Reem Acra wedding gown to an army wife, and donating the other gown I wore at my wedding felt like a healthy cleansing move to make. Putting the past completely behind me and starting fresh with some new dresses and new memories. . .

I also thought this could be a good time to hash it out with Joyce and move forward. It is really hard to explain my issues with Joyce to all of you — but I’m going to try now. Ages ago at Carlton’s luncheon Lisa snapped at Joyce, but only because I had just told Lisa that I felt bad for talking about her faint on Dancing With the Stars on the car ride over. Lisa was upset with me and I understood why, but unfortunately she took it out on Joyce when Joyce went to fix Lisa’s hair. Lisa was snappy, and Joyce gave me a look as though she were appalled.

Joyce is quite the exaggerator. I thought I was being nice to Joyce by giving her a call and a head’s up about the situation. I told her I saw Lisa snap at her but explained it wasn’t about her at all but that it was about what I had just told Lisa. I said Lisa is very sensitive, and it’s better if you don’t make a big deal out of this but maybe just have a quick one-on-one conversation so that it doesn’t get blown out of proportion. Then Joyce decided to make a huge deal out of it anyway on the rooftop of the Thompson, exaggerates the entire thing, and then tries to throw me under the bus with Lisa when all I was trying to do is help Joyce understand that Lisa was mad at me and not her. So now your up to date on why I have an issue with Joyce. I think they should change Joyce’s title to drama queen not beauty queen. . .

OK now back to Lisa’s house. I decide to have a conversation with Joyce. I did apologize for offending her, but I wasn’t ready to completely apologize about everything — not when this woman is calling me the names she is calling me (racist, bully, alcoholic, and bipolar). Those are really exaggerated and extreme labels when the fact is I wasn’t bullying her — just being a bitch because of what she pulled at the Thompson. The definition of bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Did I harm her with my powerful ways? Does she really think she is weaker then me?

She claims I play the victim but it’s the other way around. The rest is all bulls— so I’m not going to write to much about it. I was made fun of for being flat-chested, skinny, and having a funny name when I was younger — but that’s just juvenile name-calling. Stick and stones you know? I wasn’t bullied, and I have not bullied Joyce. Our conversation goes on and on. We both finally apologize. She hugs me, which I didn’t like because you can’t label me those horrible things and then expect me to hug you.

It’s over and at this point I am happy to be cordial. Clearly Joyce was just putting a band-aid on the situation, though. Even though it was over that day, months and months later she is giving interview after interview about it. Maybe she should have put that band-aid over her mouth

While watching Kim tell Lisa that she knew she was in town Saturday night, I didn’t understand why Lisa’s first instinct was to lie about where she was. Not only did she lie initially,  but the she kept insisting she was out of town — which makes no sense to me.

I don’t think it would have been a big deal if they didn’t want to go to a high school graduation party, but to lie to someones face for no reason seems odd. Lisa and Ken throw a ton of events and they expect us all to show up for them and we do. So I think it would have been nice for them to show up for Kim’s event. I mean I can’t even remember the last time Kim hosted something. I also thought Ken’s comment about Kim missing things was a low blow. This isn’t the Ken and Lisa I know.”

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  • DebAnn

    Brandi, Brandi… Please dont involve yourself in Lisa’s or anyone elses’s squabbles………you have so much sh*t all by yourself. Arent you exhausted yet by your life, and the continuing, repeated negative consequenses of “just being yourself,” and letting anything come unfiltered out of that disgusting mouth of yours? Get a grip- this is NOT making for good TV anymore, and the ratings will continue to slip because of you. We, the viewers, and the people who count are SO sick of you! Dont you read our comments? You are so exhausting and such a downer to watch and listen to. All you can do is create drama, and tangle it up, never apologize, offend one person to the nth degree after another, drink excessively, and make pitful, ridiculous excuses for yourself. You are SO unattractive at this point, your body is NOT hot!! Those bumpy bruised, shapeless skinny legs look like an ugly scarecrow. That hair is one hot mess- dirty, greasy, too long, unkempt with a bad weave job that is always falling out. You always look dirty and hung over. And then you open your mouth. Always ugh, ugh ugh! You are so jealous of Joyce, its disgusting. Yeah she is prettier, nicer, shaplier and younger than you, and while she’s only a few years younger- she looks a good 10 years younger!!!!! She’s pleasant, and you have been spewing the cruelest crap at her for no reason. You look so so bad inside and out. You just want to argue more- not to make up and get things right. Even when she hugged you, you shuddered like she was just too gross to touch YOU. YOU are the gross one. Dirty outside and inside. I see in an upcoming episode you are sobbing and crying about how bad your life is going. No sympathy girl, none at all. You do it to yourself over and over and over again, and YOU NEVER LEARN!!! Even your so-called friends are trying to distance themselves from your outrageous, unacceptable behavior. You are such a downer. Im glad your dog is gone!!! You cant take care of yourself for sh*t, so how was that poor little dog going to survive in your house? Wherever she is and whatever happened to her, she is better off. You are out of excuses woman. Clean up yourself physically, verbally and psychologically. You need more help than every housewife on Bravo combined. Remember Taylor? You are worse, and you WILL get canned. and no one will buy that damn book of yours. You aren’t an authority on anything at all, nor are you entertaining in the least. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. Oh and your legs too. We dont want to see you on the pole or romping with Carlton. EWWWW- now neither of you would be hugging me, for sure.

    • Natasha

      ICAM DebAnn! Very well said…every word!

  • DebBrenn

    I am so sick of these Housewives defining the word “bully” as if it’s the most powerful word in the world. The bottom line for me is that a bully, no matter their age, is someone that is willfully and continually trying to hurt someone. Whatever the word you use, doesn’t that sum up what’s wrong with it?

    • Alex

      you took that much time to write about this, get a life. i guess making judgmental and rude comments over the internet make you feel better about yourself..it’s a show get over it. they are paid to be over the top or we wouldn’t be watching it

      • Alex

        and no she doesn’t read your comments because SHE has a life and has said time and time again, she doesn’t give a fuck what you think 🙂

        • DebAnn

          Hmmmm- you took time to write too, right? I guess you dont have that much of a life, or much to say either.

      • DebBrenn

        Hey, Alex! It took me about one minute to post that, and this will take even less time. Apparently you have all the time in the word to be reading what I write and answering it with about the same amount of text, no less. You need to check your blood pressure if what I said made you that riled.

  • LB40

    Ugh, I am so sick of Brandi and her antics. We watch the show and now know your true colors. Lisa didn;t lie she has explained it on her blog and ROL has the proof. And Brandi is calling her a liar. I think her book publisher must be having a fit. The backlash from her drunken rude mean behavior was pretty sevear. Joyce wouldn’t have a story line if not for Brandi attacking her. I am beginning to believe that Yolanda and Brandi conspired to take Lisa down.

  • DebAnn

    Correction air head: You are a bitch AND a bully.

  • Barb

    Wow DebAnn aren’t you angry though….your words make you sound as unattractive as “all of the housewives combined”. Good lord.

    Joyce and her silly husband made themselves look worse to simultaneously counterattack Brandi; talk about pathetic. And selfish; Brandi was wrong to say what she did but it should have been handled differently. Joyce is a fake and makes my skin crawl. I am sure there’s a lot more to her story and we will find out. At least Brandi is real.

    Ken and Lisa bought a gift and set a response about the party at Kim’s. Kim was wrong and rude and Ken had every right to be honest with her, since she literally attacked him. I am afraid she may be still dealing with her issues. Like Ken said, “I won’t look for a thank you note for the gift.” I am sure it was generous.

    “Squirrels! Ooooo!” Something’s wrong there….And Kim constantly picking fights for things that are nothing. Kind of like Joyce’s big problem with the non issue of Lisa not taking her hair suggestions to heart. Get real problems and lay off Lisa!

    • DebAnn

      No- Just used to enjoy the show, and its just horrible to me to watch Brandi do all this stuff and then boo hoo. I am a very soft hearted person- GENERALLY……….but I can no longer watch this show because of the way Brandi and Carlton act. And that DOES make me mad

  • yaya

    Blah blah blah Brandi. I can’t stomach any blogs that pertain to poor little me. I’m done!

    BTW Brandi, You are a bitch and a bully. We ain’t buying your excuses anymore..

    Chocs was probably eaten by a coyote. Let that pitiful storyline die!

    Lisa didn’t lie, You Did. Liar!

    Do the viewers a huge favor, please, for the love of God, Don’t Come Back Next Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m willing to bet your book will Not sell in record numbers. Flatline…… …. ….. …. Lifeless.

  • yaya


  • getreal

    Brandi owns being a “bitch” an “asshole” and a “dick”, but not “bully”? LOL. I got another word to add to that list — “disgraced”. Her image now resides in the toilet, congratulations.

  • Cin

    Brandi had a lot of potential…. but she blew it…. Hope she has a nest egg……