Brandi Glanville: I Was Hurt, It Was Wrong


Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain to viewers that she was hurt by Lisa’s actions and she shouldn’t have told Kyle about the tabloid drama on the beach. Brandi says this episode makes her sad, but she’s also learned a lot about Lisa’s relationship with Scheana by watching Vanderpump Rules.

Brandi writes, “I think it is very clear that the issues I have with Lisa come from a place of hurt because I cared so much about her. I wasn’t having a great year this year because of some health issues and my father and I not talking, so I really needed my friends. During this time Lisa distanced herself from me and started cozying back up to Kyle because I wasn’t coming off so well.

I wasn’t 100 percent ready to have the conversation with Lisa. I was really hoping to do it one-on-one and not with the guys around. I was hurt because I went from being best friends with Lisa to her not returning my calls and getting close with Kyle again — someone she has always talked trash about.

I had also been hearing about Lisa closeness with one of my ex-husband’s mistresses. She was even going as far as asking me to talk to this woman about her up coming marriage.

Clearly it was a little bitchy of me to tell Kyle about the tabloids while sitting down the beach from Lisa, but I was hurt. It was wrong, but I was retaliating. I didn’t even get to talk to Lisa about the real issues that were truly the root of my frustration and sadness.

Now watching Vanderpump Rules, it’s all clear how close Scheana and Lisa truly are. Obviously this all comes from a place of caring or I wouldn’t even think twice about any of it.

I understand Ken defending his wife when no one else at the table, but I don’t agree with the way he talked to Yolanda (who looked amazing in her bathing suit btw).

That is it. This episode really makes me sad.”

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  • Andrea

    Brandi can be a total asshole but Lisa has had a a lot of people fooled for a very long time. She has had falling outs with every woman on the show and takes no accountability.

    • O miller

      Lisa is the only true friend in the show you have, I hope you don’t have to say you sorry .

  • Honestly, if your best friends with someone you don’t try to destroy them by talking bad about them no matter what your personal issues you have. Lisa to be friends with Kyle again shouldn’t bother you in the least. In fact anyone can be friends with whom ever they please. If that makes you angry then you were never a good friend to begin with. I know none of the housewives personally and I’m sure we don’t always see the true colors of their ways, but why be jealous or bash someone because your miserable?

  • Prettypinkie

    Brandi you say you were hurt by Lisa so that’s why you lied about the tabloids , It’s pretty funny that you did tell Kyle that you bought the tabloids so everyone could see them for anyone that went to Your house an it’s more funny to me that you knew Lisa was going over your house that day ,”an this whole thing is because you got jealous that Lisa and Kyle were friends again an that’s why you felt the need to start up BS between Lisa an Kyle. Brandi you are delusional an need need professional help ,you love causing problems for everyone

    • vallygirl

      Prettypinkie Hi!
      Brandie Prettypinkie is right! You started this whole mess with Lisa and Kyle to drive a wedge between Lisa and Kyle because you were mad and jealous of them for starting to build their friendship again.
      Brandie you are one sick,possessive, and scary chick!
      Brandie you have no right make choices for Lisa as to who she can be friends with. Brandie you don’t own Lisa!
      Brandie your frame of mind thinking it’s ok to be so possessive, thinking it’s ok to make up all these lies about the tabloids, lying about Lisa and that bankruptcy stuff just because you are mad that Lisa and Kyle started to become to get close again makes you one very scary chick.! All this crap that you have caused reminds me of the movie fatal attraction!
      I hope Lisa and Kyle recover their friendship!! After all that you have put them through with your psychotic anger Lisa and Kyle deserve to be in safe friendship with eachother, without you interfering in their lives!!

  • Anna

    And we are supposed to really CARE how hurt YOU are considering the fact that you have caused so much devastation to so many people with your constant lies, nasty mouth, continuous backstabbing and cruelty to anyone and everyone in your path on any given day? Once upon a time, you had a FEW fans…..which I never understood, but You’ve even disgusted them now. How do you sleep at night MISSY with all the havoc you wreak on the lives of others? Anybody with even a bit of a conscience just couldn’t behave this way.
    Your ex did the BEST thing for himself and his boys by running from you. Nobody cares or faults him after getting to know you and observe your unbelievably selfish, self-centered and self-serving behavior. You are such an opportunist, but not even smart enough to be very good at it! Nobody wants to hear you defending that big white- haired silly Dutch woman who hasn’t got a lick of sense either! In typical Brandi fashion, you’re just her lackey now. I suppose the next thing you’ll tell us is that she too terrorized you and put you up to doing all this. You are so predictable. I will never forgive you for what you did to Adrienne Maloof!! What a snake you are! You talk about being a “mother, ” but you don’t even CARE about hurting children! Take your nasty books and just GO! Enough of you already. Enough of your whining and complaining and destroying everything and everyone around you! We don’t want to see it anymore & NO ONE wants you on this show! You have ruined it for the viewers. Shame on you jealous, petty little girl for even bringing up the Mauricio thing again just because you’re feelings are hurt because Lisa has been talking to Kyle! I can’t stand to watch what you do to others on a weekly basis! What must you be like to live with for those boys of yours? And good grief, woman, who cares if Scheana was at DWTS? Who CARES if she and Lisa are the BEST of friends? That is totally irrelevant to us! I’m not even one of the die hard Lisa fans, but what you did to Kyle, Mauricio & Lisa is just gross. Go away now. Don’t even want to hear your name again. Train wreck.

    • joleeface

      Wow! You said it all Anna! I hope Brandi reads it.

    • t haJoan

      Couldn’t said it any better. I have quit watching the show because of Brandi.

  • Aunt Bee

    Brandi this is nothing but B _ _ _ S_ ___. You were just jealous of Kyle and Lisa getting close again and you wanted to stop it. You are not the victim – you are the perpetrator. You and Carlton and Yolanda are nothing but lying sacks of S__t.

    • vallygirl

      Exactly Aunt Bee!
      Lisa and Kyle getting close again sent Brandie’s jealousy meter through the roof so she did everything in her power to put a wedge between them! And seriously what business is it Brandie’s who Lisa is friends with!
      Brandie act like she has ownership of Lisa which by the way is so far beyond sick that there aren’t words to describe how many boundaries Brandie crossed!!

      And this whole thing with Sheana is so out there ( watched the preview for next week ) I can’t remember word for word but Brandie as always calls Sheana every ugly name in the book because she slept with her ex husband, Lisa responds with ” I don’t see Sheana that way” that’s when Brandie tells Lisa ” well then I guess we can’t be friends anymore”.

      So let me get this straight not only does Brandie not want Lisa to be friends with Kyle to the point that drove Brandie into the jealousy rage enough to make up lies to put a wedge between Lisa and Kyle, but Brandie also refuses to be friends with Lisa if she’s going to continue to be friends with Sheana! Wow! Brandie has taken a page right out of fatal attraction!
      Here’s what I say to Lisa hun if this is the way this physco thinks run won’t walk away from her! Lisa you and Kyle have far too much class to bow down and obey this crazy bat to let her be in your lives!!
      And Sheana didn’t do this whole Eddie thing by herself Eddie was involved too! I personally think Sheana is a sweet girl and so beautiful!

      We’ve all seen Brandie’s scary, dominating personality on this show. ( Brandie is trying to call the shots on who can be friendls with who) , imagine what life must have been like for poor Eddie when he was married to Brandie!! Must have been hell! Now I understand why Eddie is married to someone else now!

  • Van

    Brandi has no gag or filter a back stabber want Lisa defriend one of her employees because her past history w brandi’s ex. Ummm Brandi sorry but.. Why anyone would do that for you? See how you retaliated to Lisa that by the way defended you along with Ken to Adrian one to many times! Ungrateful!!!!

  • Christine

    How can you be so contradicting? U wanted to have it out with Lisa one to one! So instead you go public and humiliate and belittle your friend? IM astounded by all of this, you’ve brought it all on yourself. This could’ve been resolved had you of spoken to Lisa personally and aired your feelings with her, this woman has shown u compassion, support, loyalty, friendship…she treated u like one of her own! U have a short memory it wasn’t that long ago when no one liked u everyone apart from Lisa called u fit to burn, made fun of u, bitched about u, yet i find it remarkable that the only person who has stood by u you have stabbed her not only in the back but thru her heart. No apology can compensate the pain uve put Lisa thru. IM a huge fan of the show and everyone is unique in their own way however im disappointed and feel saddened that it has come to this. ..no one deserves that kind of treatment…you should know that.

  • DebBrenn

    It should make her ashamed, but she seems to be missing that gene. Her beef is that Lisa wasn’t just kind to her, but to others as well. Lisa didn’t push her away, Brandi did the pushing by rejecting Lisa’s caring comments. Brandi’s screwed up. For that I would feel sorry for her, except that she uses that to hurt everybody in her wake.

  • Aunt Bee

    I wish Brandi could read all these but of course she won’t and if she did she would just feel sorry for herself for being picked on. What is this tramps IQ?
    And why is Bravo picking these evil witches?

  • Cin

    All we have heard is what a bad year, day, decade you have had and you need your friends!!!! what the heck…. are you trying to tell us these ladies are the only friends you have…. what on earth did you do before the show… were you friendless? Get a grip.

  • Oh good God woman—grow up already. Everyday something vile and vulgar comes out of you’re mouth because “you are hurt”, or eddie cheated, or sheanna cheated with your husband or Leann took you hubby, or you’re dad is mad at you for outing him as a drug user in you’re book, or Lisa didn’t call me, etc.. You even start rumors about people you do not even know (joanna krupta), (kenya moore)—you are one sick woman (and I use that term loosely)–you go around trying to destroy people because you’re life if so messed up and you are a bitter aging no-body—-time to shut up and go away—-some things should just stay private—-EVEN YOU’RE DOG CHICA KNEW ENOUGH TO RUN AWAY FROM YOU………
    Note to brandi (tampon string)—you are not relevant–15 minutes is almost up–bye (no-one will miss you)…

  • good



  • lb

    Brandi- I feel for you, I really do; but, you need to back away and take stock of your own life…do not focus on who is your friend or who is not your friend. Look inside, deal with your issues with some help from someone who can really work with you-like a life coach. Build your integrity and your relationships and stop being dependent on others for strength. All of this has happened for a reason, and you can make something good come out of it. Lisa nor any other person can save you…you must save yourself. You can do it!

    • joleeface

      That was such a kind and thoughtful comment.

  • did anyone else notice that weird skin look on brandi’s face in PR at the beach, kinda like she just did a severe laser peel?? It looked creepy- guess she must need tolook her best to continue being the resident shit stirrer and try to stay relevant to sell more books—this aging ugly brandi needs to go away already, she is disgusting and despicable…………..

  • brandi is a “single white female” creepy kind of a person, overly friendly one moment then turns psychotic the next, then tries to destroy you—we’ve seen it with adrienne, Lisa, kyle, etc…..