Brandi Glanville Honored With Women Of Achievement Award


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was honored at the Associates For Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies Mother’s Day Luncheon, she was introduced by a familiar face, former RHOBH star Carlton Gebbia. Glanville honored with the Women of Achievement Award, along with Grey’s Anatomy star Chandra Wilson.

The event was a luncheon but also a fashion show and boutique. Various vendors donated portions of their proceeds to benefit breast and prostate cancer research at John Wayne Cancer Institute at Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

Brandi wore a nude dress, along with new colored contacts to the event. She took to Twitter to address her look amongst the chatter among fans.

As Faux Reality Entertainment reported, Carlton Gebbia’s family members were on the board of the directors for the charity.

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29 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Honored With Women Of Achievement Award”

  1. Brandi looks odd with contacts, looks like she’s gained weight and carl looks scary, as usual.

  2. Good for her. Was this for the walking for wishes thing?

    Contacts are super weird though, they looks like the Novelty ones you get for Halloween rather than a natural colour.

  3. This is such a joke but since Carlton’s husband is on the board of directors – it makes sense. Brandi has been on RHOBH and for how many seasons & nothing about charity has ever left her mouth. She only got involved with Make a Wish because Celebrity Apprentice requires you to participate in one. Before that – nada. She’s said nothing about breast or prostrate cancer yet winning awards for achievement about it?

    1. Well she has publicly supported Make a Wish for years going back as far as when her and Eddie were together.
      And she raised over $10k by auctioning off a day out on her first season as a full time cast member.

      So maybe it’s more you’re not aware of it, rather than her never having done anything for charity before?

      Probably right about the Carlton connection though, but thats usually how these award things go, there’s always a weird connection or the recipient has to pay 10K to be eligible to get a star, that kinda thing.

      1. Can you go ONE ARTICLE without bringing up Lisa Vanderpump?

        I actually came here to say that she deserved recognition for her work for Make A Wish, and once again Sidewinder can’t resist but make a snide remark about Lisa Vanderpump.

        1. I agree it’s pathetic how some people can’t talk about one housewives without bashing another ‘grow up’ @sidewinder!!! Good for Brandi but that’s it not a story about any of the others!!!!!!

          1. OMG I do this about Tamra! I seriously can’t stand her THAT much. I’ll see an article about the coral reef and be all “The Coral reef is way better than TAMRA!” It’s sad but I won’t apologize. It’s just what I do. See? I just did it here!

    2. The foundation that created this event and awards ceremony indeed headed up by Carlton’s in-laws. I just assumed Brandi got it for making out with Carlton in the pool and keeping quiet about whatever else goes on in the Gebbia sex dungeon.


  4. I hope everyone who drinks that swill buys the hell out of her wine so she can leave the public eye. Maybe then her sons will have a tiny chance to grow up with normal expectations about the women they choose and don’t have to fight to stick up for their Mom every day. MOM’S SHOULD DO THE STICKING UP FOR THEIR KIDS. This whole “I misbehave for my kids” is such a load of crap. Great. So not only does she truly whore around on the show but now she says she is doing it because of THEM. Does anyone else see how damaging that will be to the boys. People say “oh, she’s a great Mom at home” Most of us could say that what we do at home is primary in how well we take care of our kids. But when there is a public persona it follows you around forever, Fine if you don’t have kids. But you represent your CHILDREN NOW. HAVING KIDS IS A BLESSING. Making light of something as important as how their Mom is seen around the whole world is just proving that she cares more about her immediate satisfaction than her children. How could having BBQ’s and swimming with them ever make up for that. Give me a break, they are just little addicts in the making.

  5. Anyone that has even offered to volunteer at a charity gets a little certificate presented to them for just showing up, its not like its the academy award. I worked for a charity for several years and if anyone did anything ( i.e. set up tables,serve food, usher etc.) they got a little award/certificate.No big deal.Carlton is so perverted, I wonder if she wore some of her strange clothing!!!! I would love for Brandi to hook up with her and her husband, maybe they could have the threesome Brandi has always talked about, they look like the type.

    1. Unfortunately the rest of the un-retouched HD photos from this event tell an entirely different story. Brandi is destroying her face, quickly inching herself into that LA realm of pre-body dysmorphia where you’re one procedure shy of becoming Madame from the Muppets. It’s horrendous to see how butchering your body beyond recognition is so normalized in today’s pop culture. I understand wanting to tweak a bit of this or a bit of that, but once you start entering territory with work reminiscent of The Joker, TheMuppets, or Jocelyn Wildenstein, it’s time to lay off the doctor’s visits. Either that or submit an application for corrective surgery on “Botched”.

  6. I hate when she puts her mouth like this (which is all the time). It always looks like she’s smelling sh*t!

  7. In the ‘real’ world – Brandi would be the last female to qualify for any award that honors ‘real’ women and/or their achievements! Unless it’s an award for raunchiness or undesirable behavior! And the only achievement Brandi has successfully accomplished as a woman would be the ability to milk a serious personal family situation for all its worth and then some! She’s used the infidelity in her marriage as a tool to get rich quick – without actually getting a real job or really putting forth any real work – it’s been five years now and still she uses and abuses anything and anyone for gain! Just like her career – this award is based on connections from her reality TV world – if not for Carlton and Carlton’s family being board members of this event – Brandi would have never been invited to an event such as this – and she diffinately would not have been on the list of recipients that’s for sure!!!!!! She should feel so very proud! And she should enjoy these things while they last because her fifteen minutes are almost up!!!!

    1. I do wish the people, for example that work at St. Judes would be acknowledged. Maybe they are and it just isn’t public, but they are the ones who, day after day do something worth acknowledging. Not those who have their make-up done and sit in the hair chair to walk a mile for charity. Do you know only how long a mile is? And I’m not referring to the actual walk and however long it was, but once a year to do something for others is nothing to shout about. The marina where I walk is 2 miles exactly and it’s just a stroll. I guess she tries to do something her boys can be proud of since her public behavior is so beyond repair.

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