Brandi Glanville Has Hit a “Breaking Point” With Leann Rimes

Former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville has apparently had enough of Leann Rimes and is now sharing details about why.

In a statement released to ET, Brandi reveals some details about her problems with Leann.

“Over the past few recent years I have really made an effort to take the higher road with Eddie and Leann for the sake of my boys in an attempt to have a more positive co-parenting situation. I honestly do prefer peace. During these years I’ve dealt with her obsession with me in the form of her copying my life from going to my dentist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon to even attempting to see my trainer of 14 years. I let all of this go in hopes that it would soon come to an end.”

“However, just recently I was invited to attend a party for a magazine and just three hours prior to the event was called and told that Leann & Eddie asked that I be uninvited or they would not attend,” she continued. “Honestly, who does that? We are all adults here. I’ve had to deal with harassment online by her employees for years and these are people she pays- her music producer, hairstylist, and former road manager to be specific. I did not react to these recent things I tried to turn a blind eye.”

“My last straw was a couple of weeks ago when her and her assistant watched my boyfriend’s Snapchats several times over the course of a few hours and just happened to show up where we said we would be to celebrate step-Mother’s Day (a day early),” Glanville explained. “They sat across the room from us just to hurt and torment me by using my own children as pawns. I’ve done my best to keep quiet over all of her antics but bringing my boys into this was my breaking point. I just want the truth out there and for all of her nonsense to stop.”

“As with any mother, all I wish is for my boys to have the peaceful family life they deserve. I am in a great place with both love and work and I’d like to be left to live it out without this nonsense,” the reality star concluded.

Just when everything seemed to be getting better between them, apparently that isn’t going to happen.

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19 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Has Hit a “Breaking Point” With Leann Rimes”

    1. right? Leann stalking brandi’s boyfriend’s snapchat story, then figuring out where they are, then showing up to the place with brandi’s kid… it’s just plain creepy.

  1. Brandi has her own squad of bullies she sends to harass Leann online and at public appearances, including an obsessed online personality who loves to slander and curse at public figures on the Net, then when she gets harsh words in return, she cries victim and sends open letters to investigative news shows that feature “women in peril” stories in case she suddenly “disappears”. All these people are broken and continue to choose to live in emotional squalor – they should seek counseling, and learn to resolve their issues either in the offices of a psychologist, spiritual mentor, and/or attorney and stop playing out every delicate moment of their innermost lives on social media.

    1. That’s BS, Brandi has never told people on twitter to go after leann or anyone else. Leann on the other hand has hired people to come after her. And there’s legal documents proving it. So there’s that. Do people defend brandi? Of course, I’m one of them. It’s clearly good vs evil here, leann has been at it for years and it’s great that she’s speaking out and showing receipts. If you don’t understand that then sorry you have zero empathy lol

      1. I’m not talking about Twitter and you are correct in that I have zero empathy for the entire lot of them for choosing to carry on this foolishness in the public spectrum.

  2. Well Lordy me,, it just popped on my Yahoo Entertainment feed that Eddy is striking back and refusing to let Brandi’s stalking allegations slide: apparently they made that Nobu reservation five days prior to hers and he’s got receipts, too.

    1. anyone with an iphone can create fake text messages, it doesn’t prove anything. Why was leann stalking her boyfriend on snapchat then?

  3. No sympathy for either of them , not when the kids are paying the price. But I expected more from trash mouth Brandi , because those are actually HER kids and their welfare should be paramount to her . Brandi would rather ‘win’ and use her kids as a ploy and an excuse to whine , than ‘lose’ and just look the other way and put her kids out of the spotlight . She’s doing more damage to her kids than Leann
    I read she’s happy now with a new man . So MOVE ON!!!

    1. This. all the way. But I do also wonder just how long a man will be willing to put up with a person who has to put every aspect of their private lives on public display. Her new guy comes from a billionaire family that tends to be a little more quiet. Call me jaded, but I see Brandi self-sabotaging her own chance at moving on and bluer skies because she feeds off of negative drama, as after all, negative attention is better than no attention at all with the line of work she’s in, and inherently, that’s just who she is anyway.

      1. ITA Bon ❤️, she will self sabotage because at this point, that’s just who she is . This guy apparently really cares for her but she can’t seem to help herself with that big mouth . I wonder if she’s still trying to get back on the show LOL .
        Hope you’re well xoxo

    2. I so agree! Brandi should be acting in a way that helps her kids, not hinders them. They are either going to be so screwed up with their own behavior eventually or humiliated by hers. But she always takes the low road.

  4. Of course things are not going to get better between them. A healthy relationship wouldn’t get Trashbox Barbie any attention, and this feud with her ex is pretty much all she has left for that.

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