Brandi Glanville Hires Attorney Regarding Eddie & LeAnn’s Reality Show


LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s new reality show will premiere July 17th on E!, but Brandi Glanville is already preparing for her ex-husband to bash her on television, because Life & Style is reporting that Glanville has sought legal counsel regarding the show.

An insider tells the mag that Glanville feels she has the right to hire an attorney because in the couple’s divorce settlement there was a clause that states the exes can’t publicly trash talk each other.

“Eddie was worried that if Brandi bad-mouthed him, it would hurt his career,” an insider explains. “But the clause works both ways and she thinks he and LeAnn have completely violated it.”

The insider, who is close to Brandi, says, “She [Brandi] doesn’t give a crap what they think about her behind closed doors, but to attack her on TV, where it can affect her children, it’s disgusting.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    What are you afraid of Brandi?

    • Monica

      RIGHT Aunt Bee! Shaaaaady Brandi. I really, really wish she wasn’t coming back! I won’t be a fool and say that I won’t be watching, because we all know I will, but I just wish maybe they’d edit her in a different light? Shes’ got to have a FEW redeeming qualities we could see, right? Maybe? LOL!

  • One Rotten Egg

    Affect her children? Brandi must have split personalities or a selective memory–doesn’t she talk about her kids’ bed wetting, or call them horrific names publically?

  • ceebee

    Wait. Haven’t I heard her trash talk Eddie and Leann?

  • Miss Molly

    I think we have heard Brandi talk about things that were already public about his affair with Leanne but never trash talking him. It is not trash talking if it already went public during the divorce and was publically announced. So she might have legal standing. I am not a big fan of her’s but when it comes to the better of two evils I am picking Brandi’s side.

    • ceebee

      I don’t think that whether something is considered trash-talking is predicated on whether it’s “public knowledge”. If she’s running her mouth in a less than positive way about them, it’s trash-talking. And she’s done that.

      I’ll never be on Brandi’s side in this. Ever.

  • Diane

    I am glad Brandi is suing Leann and Eddie.. Brandi is the one that got done wrong – while the crazy Leann tries to look like her, take her children, her husband, drives the same car, dresses the same and now paid to have a tv show to trash Brandi.. I hope Brandi wipes the floor with her. Leann is trash and always will be. Just looking forward to the day – when she does something about that ugly nose, and when Eddie finally dumps her for another women. It is going to happen – Eddie would never have been with her if his wife wanted to save that marriage or if Leann did not have money. Leann knows it. – She is a sickoooooooooooooooo!