Brandi Glanville Hires Attorney Regarding Eddie & LeAnn’s Reality Show


LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s new reality show will premiere July 17th on E!, but Brandi Glanville is already preparing for her ex-husband to bash her on television, because Life & Style is reporting that Glanville has sought legal counsel regarding the show.

An insider tells the mag that Glanville feels she has the right to hire an attorney because in the couple’s divorce settlement there was a clause that states the exes can’t publicly trash talk each other.

“Eddie was worried that if Brandi bad-mouthed him, it would hurt his career,” an insider explains. “But the clause works both ways and she thinks he and LeAnn have completely violated it.”

The insider, who is close to Brandi, says, “She [Brandi] doesn’t give a crap what they think about her behind closed doors, but to attack her on TV, where it can affect her children, it’s disgusting.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images