Brandi Glanville Confirms Lawsuit! Adrienne Maloof Suing Her!

After what could be called a confusing episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville wrote in her Bravo Blog that she regrets what she said about Adrienne, and that once again her mouth got her in to trouble… expensive trouble. She’s goes on to say that she pissed off the wrong rich person. You can read what has been reported about what Brandi allegedly said on the episode here. When a fan on Twitter asked Brandi what she said, she replied, “The truth,” but she couldn’t say what, “because she doesn’t want any more lawyer bills.” Bravo was not allowed to air what was said because of legal reasons. Read what Brandi had to say below, and tell us your opinions!

Brandi writes, “I said something I shouldn’t have said and I am sorry and I now regret it.

I know, it’s shocking right? My mouth gets me in a lot of trouble, but this time I’ve pissed off the wrong rich person. It is so frustrating when Adrienne or her people say something about me that isn’t true or discuss me as a parent, I think she has met my kids one time.

Normally I would laugh it off. I mean I’ve had my fair share of negative stories written about me through my divorce. But when the lies involve my children, like any good mother, ALL BETS ARE OFF! No one is perfect. We all make mistakes, and if I could take this back I would. Trust me! I can’t, so now I just have to deal. Boy is it going to be expensive!

My frustrations with Adrienne since last season’s reunion have been boiling for some time, and I finally reached my breaking point. I understand why Paul was upset with me and he was just defending his wife’s honor. But I don’t think even Paul was aware (at the time) of how underhanded she could be.

Last week in Kyle’s blog she mentioned that she had a book and I didn’t support her.

When Kyle’s book came out we were not on friendly terms, but having said that I have never made a negative comment about her book. Now we are on friendlier terms, and she has opened a store and I have gone to almost every party she has asked me to come to — and there have been a lot! I’ve tweeted about the store, I shop at the store, and I bring friends who also shop. I think it’s safe to say I’m in full support of her business ventures now that she is nicer to me.”

Brandi and Paul were also communicating on Twitter during this episode. They wanted to make it clear they have gotten past their issue. Check out the screenshots of their Tweets below.


UPDATE: New report, December 13th, 2012. What Brandi REALLY said about Adrienne. Click here.

UPDATE: Click here to read an update on the lawsuit between Brandi and Adrienne.

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16 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Confirms Lawsuit! Adrienne Maloof Suing Her!”

  1. Foolishness, people have more serious life issues than to see a alcoholic ruin a pleasant adult evening. Kim is jealous and wounded. She needs recovery. Brandi needs to shut up!! And take lady classes or cources of when to speak. These ladies live a awesome lifestyle and if being mean,catty,hurtful, and disrespectful maybe they should reevaluate the real purpose in life.

  2. Well clearly it’s been made common knowledge that Adrienne n aloud lies! Repeats her cooks gossip as though its fact and is one nasty piece of rubbish! Paul probably isn’t any better and Brandi is too honest . She needs to learn a thing called “tact” because she causes herself some unnecessary problems by being too honesty I people who live lives of coverup and phoniness! I like her honesty but a filter will make her happier in the long run!

  3. Who posed the question to Brandi during the tasting at Sur. was it Kyle or Taylor? We never got to see the face behind the voice at the table when the question was asked. I’ll just bet it was trouble maker number one, Kyle.

  4. Why did Adrienne lie about giving birth? If I’m correct she (AM) claimed to have a C section when they where in Ojai. Why would Adrienne volunteer a total mistruth only to sue the person later? I think Ms Maloof is a bit out of line on this one. I think Brandy getting a bad rap.

  5. Don’t you get pretty fat with twins? did anyone NOT know that Adrienne wasn’t pregnant? this is pretty ridiculous! what idiots adrienne and paul are if there was a surrogate involved and they pretend to ignore it – Who cares?

  6. Besides reports of paul beating adrienne when he drinks too much, there is also a report of a restraining order against paul for choking one of their 6-year old children in september 2012, where adrienne got temporary, and now full custody of the boys.

    There is also a more recent story where christian injured his hand in which 3 fingers were broken at an amusement park on visiting his father. It should also be noted that christian’s twin brother collin, told adrienne that their father (paul nassif) had “choked him with one hand.”

    There was some suspicion that paul was behind christian’s finger breaking in november, and for whatever reason may have it in for his twin 6-year old sons.

    May I say that if these alligations are true, brandi did good by telling on him.

  7. Kyle was the one who asked Brandi about her relationship with Adrienne. Kyle constntly creates situaions and then ruhes in and acts as the peacemaker. I think the reason that Adrienne was so angry is because she lied about having a C- section. However, Kim because she is no longer drinking is causing drama in other ways.

  8. Kyle was the one who asked Brandi about her relationship with Adrienne. Kyle constntly creates situaions and then ruhes in and acts as the peacemaker. I think the reason that Adrienne was so angry is because she lied about having a C- section. However, Kim because she is no longer drinking is causing drama in other ways.

  9. If the whole thing is about whether or not Adrienne used a surrogate, why would the conversation not come up in Ojai when she supposedly lied? As far as we can see, nothing happened between the trip and the Sur tasting (Brandi said it happened between the reunion and this season’s taping). We know Brandi is ok with calling someone out, so why would she keep her lips sealed only to drop a bomb later?

  10. So what if she had a surrogate, carried the children or got them from the cabbage patch. Who cares??? She has those beautiful kids and it just doesn’t matter at all how they were conceived and why lie about it? STUPID! Adrienne, one clue: THIS PROGRAM WILL BE SEEN BY MILLIONS OF PEOPLE! Your children should know where they come from. Can’t remember all of that sequence but she was all laughs and giggles at some of the things she was told and then she erupted when she heard what Brandi had said. Look closely at the woman’s face when that who cares bit of info was dropped. She looked like she was staring into a slot machine and hit jackpot! Litigious much Adrienne??? Yet another stupid lawsuit to not only bog down an already over loaded legal process but make the filthy rich even richer. Lady (Adrienne), you have enough money. If you are so darned angry over pretty much nothing, then don’t buy Brandi’s book!! Shame shame Brandi for telling the truth! Better time and definitley wrong place Kim for telling it during your own brother-in-law’s very important event. You may have problems with him and your sister at times, but could you NOT keep it to yourself your your sister’s children?? If he lost clients because you created a massive disruption that is food and future funds right out of your nieces. That event was ruined by Kim. Kim I have always loved you since you were a tiny little actress. Kyle, you weren’t exactly my favorite, (not that you should care because you shouldn’t) you need to find the missing 13th step that should go along with the 12 step program. It’s called Shut the heck up and mind you own business at least until you are in a more private setting!! Paul, obviously you lost your cool at the event and maybe rightfully so. Kudos for you for getting out of the marriage. Makes me wonder a TON about the allegations of child abuse by you. If you did, you should be locked up with Bubba and the key incinerated. Adrienne with all of her Vegas ties and money can afford to claim anything she wants and maybe even pay for people to say they are true. Who will ever know?? I doubt anyone of you in the cast will ever see this, but your true friends and family are jewels to treasure. Quit this bickering already! I lost my brother 2 days before Thanksgiving and the most wonderful mother-in-law and friend 5 years ago this Christmas Eve. None of what I have seen in this season or past seasons compares to that. Ms. Vanderpump.. keep those children in line and make them watch your home videos. They must be a living breathing tale of the right way to treat your husband and love your children. They also need to walk a mile in your Vanderpumps and see that you don’t demand respect and loyalty. You earn and deserve it. I wish you were my “mum” but I am 53. I would love to meet you one day so I could take some notes on being a better person myself.

  11. How can she sue you when it is true and Bravo never aired what you said. Brandi should start a legal defense fund I would donate to it. If this was truly a private thing why did she tell Brandi in the first place by Adrienne’s own admission they were never really good friends. Maybe Ms Maloof should concentrate on cleaning up her damaged reputation from all the lies she and her cook put out there about her marriage and husband and worry less about something being leaked that is in fact true. For god sakes she is 52 did anyone really think those boys were born naturally knowing her age and level of vanity???

  12. What a sore looser Adrienne is. They bleeped it out for God’s sake. Every week she does something else to Paul, accusing him of this and that. It just goes to show what Middle Eastern money can buy, Paul’s friend Dr Sophy works for DCFS in Los Angeles and she even got him involved. You know what they do when someone tries to sue someone else on these shows? Just ask Danielle Staub.

  13. Brandy is a SKANK who is clearly jealous, and I am so glad Adrienne who is the only one who stuck up for her last season by the way, is suing her. CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS and BRANDY doesn’t have a dime to her name other then what she makes on the show (which isn’t a lot) and she will be buried, and her big foul mouth can pay the piper!!! the witch should fly away on her broom!!

  14. Let her sue, then when she loses and it’s public record what she did, sell an interview to the highest bidder to recoup your legal expenses.

    I’d bet you could get a few lawyers who’d want the publicity and handle the case if not for free then on a delayed payment schedule.

  15. @Lee Lee, if you have secrets about your kids, then don’t lie to people about it and then EXPECT them to lie for you or keep your secret. Duh!

    And stay off reality tv!

  16. Does Adrienne know how ridiculous she comes across? What’s the big deal about using a surrogate? It would have been wiser for Adrienne to admit using a surrogate from the beginning. She could have gained public empathy by sharing the reasons for using a surrogate and facing the difficult task of telling her children.

    But Adrienne chose to hide the truth and threatened Bravo and Brandi with lawsuits – Which is why Bravo did not air the surrogate accusation on the show – which was really weird – my reaction was why is Adrienne going bonkers over this? Not airing the accusation only served to shine a spot light on the situation. Did she think viewers would be unable to find out from other sources? Adrienne should have just dealt with the accusation honestly and truthfully – after all this is a reality tv show. But apparently to Adrienne, the purpose of RHBH is to show what a perfect life she has.

    Now that Adrienne has been criticized for intimidating Brandi with her legal and financial power, Adrienne pulls perhaps the most curious of moves – she denies ever sending letters threatening legal action. But we’ve all seen Adrienne say on camera she would sue Brandi. And Brandi has the letter as proof. Adrienne looks ridiculous. For someone with so much money, where are her advisers? Adrienne isn’t very savvy – her name and reputation is being sullied and it’s all self-inflicted.

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