Brandi Glanville: It’s Not Me, I Haven’t Talked To Anyone


The feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump has been reignited. Sunday, Vanderpump opened up to E!’s Giuliana Rancic about her life and being on the show. When asked about her infamous feud with Glanville, Lisa said Brandi had been “horrible” to her, but added that she doesn’t retaliate against her former friend.

But Brandi took to Twitter Tuesday to defend herself. Brandi tweeted that she has been “downtown for two months,” after being forced to move out of her Beverly Hills home. “I haven’t talk [sic] to anyone,” Brandi insisted. “So, somebody can’t stop talking about it, but it’s not me!”

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14 Replies to “Brandi Glanville: It’s Not Me, I Haven’t Talked To Anyone”

  1. Perhaps Lisa was referring to all the tweets and rants prior to Brandi getting kicked out of her home. Guess Brandy must be shaking in her boots knowing she may get the Bravo Ax and desperately needs the cash.

    1. IKR? Why does she keep getting”kicked out” of her rental homes? I feel sorry for her kids and parents–what a crazy, irresponsible, and immature middle-aged woman she is.

    2. According to Brandi. she came home from filming on Celebrity Apprentice, and found out her lease was expired and the landlord was asking for double the amount of rent for a new years lease.

      1. Thanx Mike. Another example of her irresponsibility–how could she not know when her lease was up so that she could prepare?

          1. Well your earlier post says: “she came home from CA and found out her lease had expired”. She should have known the terms/length of her lease regardless of CA, or anything else for that matter, imo.

            It sounds as though the landlord had enough of her and perhaps used the raised rate to get rid of her. This isnot the first time this has happened to her.

  2. brandi really f’d up when It comes to Lisa and her friendship Brandy wouldn’t know a good friend if they slapped in the face. i’m sure Brandy regrets ever doing what she did to Lisa because she’s now in the gutter where she belongs by girl bye bitch

  3. Lisa’s ‘I’m A Victim’ tour began before the season started, she toured all during the season and she continues to sing her one hot wonder. I can see how Bradi feels justified in saying she feeds that b!tch, she just didn’t realize how hungry that b!tch is.

  4. I’m sure Lisa was referring to prior incidents… not just the past month…. WHAT – you were kicked out of your house!!!! not surprised…. i

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