Brandi Glanville Forced To Move Due To Fans Showing Up At Her House!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville was forced to move into a gated community in Los Angeles when a fan showed up unannounced at her home, where she lives with her sons Mason and Jake. “I need a little more privacy,” Brandi said in a new interview.

“I had some people that are fans of the show and they were just coming up knocking on the door at all hours of the night. I need more security and maybe a gate for the safety of the children and myself,” Glanville revealed.

Due to privacy issues, Brandi isn’t sharing where her new crib is, but her boys will be close to their father, Eddie Cibrian. “The kids will be at the same school,” said Brandi. “I would never pull them away from their friends.”

“Being a single woman, I’m by myself half the time and the other half I have two little boys and I have to protect them. I can’t have no privacy and people coming to the door at all hours,” Brandi explained.

Brandi said she’s “very stressed out,” adding: “We have 20 days left to find a house, but of course, all the ones I like, I can’t afford.”

Photo Credit: Rayner


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