Brandi Glanville Fires Back At NeNe Leakes! “She Doesn’t Know Me!”


Sunday night Real Housewives of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes’ one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen aired on Bravo and NeNe had quite a bit to say about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville. NeNe said Brandi Glanville thinks she is a “gangsta” whens he drinks alcohol and also called Glanville a “train wreck.”

Now, Brandi is responding to what NeNe said about her. “It doesn’t affect me. She doesn’t even know me. If she wants to sit down and hang out with me and my boys and come have dinner, come on over. Get to know me first. Then she can say what she wants about me,” Brandi told RadarOnline of NeNe.

“At the end of the day, at least she’s talking about me. It doesn’t matter if she’s saying good or bad, she’s talking about me.  And I am gangsta! Why can’t I be gangsta? Because I’m white, skinny and tall?!” Brandi asks.

Brandi admits when she saw NeNe at the Bravo Upfronts it was after she’d had a few drinks. “I was totally tipsy…we were all just having fun,” Brandi said of when she was invited over to Andy Cohen’s table to say hello. “So I said I was gangsta. It’s NeNe…I could care less. I don’t know her. I enjoy her on the show and I think she’s really good TV, but as I was watching the show last night I felt like she was drinking her own kool-aid a little too much.”

Brandi continues to say that she believes NeNe takes too much credit for the success of The Real Housewives. “I do think she was trying to take responsibility for everyone’s success a bit,” Brandi admits. “It takes a village and we’re all in this together. Everyone on the show brings something different and they’re all important roles.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images