Brandi Glanville NOT Being Fired From RHOBH


Reports surfaced this week that Brandi Glanville is worried Bravo is going to fire her from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for her uncensored comments, RumorFix reports that these rumors are NOT true. “Brandi is fully aware of what a big mouth she has and doesn’t really censor anything she says, and doesn’t want to,” a source told RadarOnline. “But she’s also aware that it might be too much for Bravo and it looks like her fan base might be falling, which has her worried.”

RumorFix’s source say Brandi is definitely not getting fired and blame LeAnn Rimes’ fan club for the rumors. “Brandi is not worried about getting fired from RHOBH,” their source says. “It’s LeAnn’s Twitter people tweeting to Andy Cohen that they want her fired. It’s all coming from LeAnn’s people and there is no truth to it.”

With LeAnn and Eddie’s new reality show coming, RF’s source says it’s the perfect timing to stir the pot. “LeAnn is trying so hard to bait Brandi so that they can talk sh*t while they shoot their show,” the source says.

The site also reports that “Glanville has been shooting scenes for next season during hiatus.”

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  • Tara

    I am so over Brandi Granville’s nonsensical, sadist/ victim routine. I am bored with her constant whining, combative nature and the fact that she never takes responsibility for her own actions. She hrs lowered the standards of what used to be a real life dynasty. We want to wat h interesting, accomplished women living lifestyles we can only dream about. We want to watch lavish parties, charity events and watch how they work, live and love.
    Brandi should be on Vh1. She is not a Beverly Hills Housewife. She is a swearing, drunken disaster. Ed expect more polished Women in Beverly Hills. Brandi is more like a cast member of SUR than Beverly Hills. She is no Camille Grammer.. Please make her go far, far away. Like into rehab..

    • Soni Ray

      I like your comment Tara, “We want to watch interesting, accomplished women living lifestyles we can only dream about”. I would add to that going for and achieving things that can inspire other women, women of all ages.

    • Scarlett Wylie

      Amen. So sick of brandi if she stays on the show wont be watching

  • Jenna

    Really Brandi! I’m defiantly not a LeAnn and Eddie fan that’s for sure. Couldn’t tell you what LeAnn signs besides her first hit and Eddie well I don’t even know who he is. Haven’t noticed him. He’s not Bradd Pitt for God sakes.
    Brandi, it’s the real fans of the housewives that want you out. Your not the type of entertainment were looking for. You belong on “the bag girls club.” The fans want lavish, rich, and glamorous not vulger, trashy, rude, and drunk.

  • RHO Norm’s

    See told ya guys!!! Btw, her bravo”celebrity” haters aren’t exactly the most exciting people Joanna Krupa, Karent, Joyce, Adriene, LeAnne, Shaena. I mean come on guys we’ve given those ladies a chance and there all very boring. I rather eat cardboard.

  • Aunt Bee

    I am not a Rimes fan but I do want Brandi off this show. Brandi and the witch are toxic.

    • Cin


  • deonn

    replace brandi with leann LOLOLOLOL

  • yaya

    Bravo can keep Brandi and carlton, I’m just not viewing anymore, this new news is a slap to the BH viewers. Bravo, I’m about to pull a Brandi on you- F you!

  • yeek

    What a silly article. Firstly they don’t get fired. Their contract is simply not renewed. Secondly, the source claiming she isn’t being fired is no more credible than the source saying she will be fired. Thirdly, LeAnn’s camp aren’t the only people who want Brandi off this show. To ssuggest otherwise is a slap in the face to all the people and groups she’s offended with her big mouth.

  • Cin

    Darn….. was hoping we were not going to be subjected to her anymore….

  • RHO Norm’s

    That’d be hilarious
    Lisa, Kyle, Joyce, Brandi, Leanne, Joanna, heather from OC

  • Tibi

    I can go down to the worst bar in my hometown and find one hundred Brandi’s laying on the floor drunk so why would I want to watch this tramp, she isn’t unique, she isn’t funny, she isn’t interesting, she is the scum left on the bottom of the gutter if Bravo wants to promote this type of trash, it’s their show But, I sure can change the channel.

    • Scarlett Wylie

      Amen again

  • Mel

    LMAO…..Brandi’s Glanville’s sure bullet proof way to take negative attention off of herself….BLAME LEANN RHIMES.

    Brandi has a hangnail…Leann rhimes did…Leann’s fanclub did it.

    Brandi makes stupid comments…..ooooh Leann Rhimes made me say that.

    Brandi behaves like an azzhole…..oooh Leann possessed my body….its leann’s fault.

    Brandi….over you blames shifting…..excuses,…….victim act….and disgusting behavior. Stop using Leann, Eddie, Lisa, Joyce, Adrienne…..etc. for YOUR azzhole behavior and comments. Take ownership for your actions and stop playing a victim…..OVER IT.

    • Jenna

      AMEN sister! Just a side note to add to your list of ppl Brandi blames; is her missing dog chicka. It is a sad event when your dog passes away or is lost but doesn’t make ppl act like a vulger, obnoxious, rude, or a drunken witch.

  • Aunt Bee

    I love that new spelling “azzhole” can I use that?

  • Vanessa_H

    I don’t buy it she is and will be let go just wait…..watch what happens…….Contract Void! F-U BG!