Brandi Glanville Fights with Lisa Vanderpump via Text Message


Recently Lisa Vanderpump’s dog Daddio, who is the father to Giggy, passed away. According to TMZ she turned a new leaf and rescued two dogs at the Yulin festival last week who were actually close to being killed.

To celebrate the arrival of her new dogs Lisa was hosting a get together at her restaurant Pump in West Hollywood with guests such as Lance Bass when she received a text from Brandi Glanville at about 9:00 pm.

The text read: “Merry Christmas vanderC*** and yes i am having my moment 🙂 AND it’s amazing!!! How is yours???? hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha.”

Lisa passed her phone around to show the text as she was in shock. She told the site, “It’s sad to have that much hatred in your heart especially at this time of year. Our little Daddio meant the world to us. Anyway, happy Christmas.”

The following day, TMZ spoke with Brandi about her text message to Lisa. Brandi didn’t know that Daddio just died but she stands by what she texted.

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85 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Fights with Lisa Vanderpump via Text Message”

  1. Brandi really is a vey sad person. Why would anyone send texts like that and even more so a woman in he 40’s. There is something very wrong with her!

    1. I agree dear Sally. Grow up already…Also that top looks like crap on her. She’s a beautiful woman. Wear something that fits next time.

              1. It just made me laugh when I first read it! It’s true I do from time to time! But I’m not up to Brandi’s level yet and don’t intend to! Lovely lovely Lisaxoxo

  2. Yes, she has always spoken like that, calling other women the most foul names. Even her children came under her line of fire with the insulting name-calling. It seems to be the only language she understands. The difference between the housewives being called names on blogs or in the paps, those people doing the speaking are strangers with their opinion formed by the show, and the people she constantly says vicious things about are her friends, children, parents and acquaintances. Lisa V. took BG under her wing, whether it was a little to get Kyle back or not I believe she loved Brandy. It is human nature to do spiteful things occasionally and I am sure her many reasons for the tweet will fill the press or her twitter feed over the next days explaining why Brandy felt it necessary to use the c. u. next Tuesday word for Lisa. Wow, all because Lisa treated Sheana with kindness. What always got me confused was that Brandy thought she could say things like that every time she had a tantrum and the next day she thought it should be forgotten.

  3. Poor Brandi her life choices have made her the way she is and being that vicious is only going to affect those in Brandi’s life. Her poor children I feel for them so much. I’ve never been a Eddie Cibrian fan but I feel those kids need to be with their father, or just be as far away from Brandi they can get.
    Brandi thinks it’s just a text how can it hurt anyone, but that is her little tiny mind and unfortunately she is a continuous train wreck.
    Can anyone see a nice guy bringing Brandi home to meet his kids or mother? Not a chance. She will continue to “Fu8k” as she calls it and make an ass out of herself she is a cheap WhO$e.
    Lisa hold your head high she has no class. Sorry about Giggy’s dad.

    1. I agree in part but to say her boys are better off with Eddie is pretty tough, has he ever worked since the affair with Leanne started? I don’t think he or Leanne are much better. I feel sometimes Brandi is her own worst enemy but she loves her boys.

      1. I think they’d be better off with Eddie & Leann, too. They don’t move every year and seem to have a pretty stable home life. Even if he doesn’t work, they have the means to support those boys and they love them. I’m not saying they’d be perfect, just the lesser of the two evils.

  4. Oh Brandi. She’s getting a little SWF with Lisa. She’s either in love with lisa and missing their friendship or full blown hates her. If my dog had passed away and then I’m out celebrating and I get a text like that…you bet your ass I’m showing it to everyone. Wanna see what kind of crazy I have to deal with from this chick! Then brandi had the gall to blame it on lisa for not blocking her phone number. Who in the heck? Brandi might wanna escalate that slap to a little mini pony boiling.

  5. How anyone can support or defend this foul mouthed woman is beyond me. I don’t believe she didn’t know about Daddio – it was all over the news. She so disgusts me in every way.

      1. You’d have a point if she started it. Lisa made the comments first, so Lisa needs to move on.

        But Lisa doesn’t move on from anything, which is why she’s holding so many grudges.

  6. She knew it would be seen by others. She is in a desperate grasp for relevance, something that has long since passed Trashbox Barbie by.

  7. Lisa is disgusting and totally deserved the text message. Showing the text message around is gross and then running to TMZ on christmas eve to release it is pathetic.

    If Lisa doesn’t want to hear comments from Brandi don’t talk shit about her on the show. She’s clearly not happy with the press she’s getting so decided to sell this story to put herself back in the victim role she loves so much.

    I don’t see how this has anything to do with her dog, how is that karma? Since Lisa is getting SO much bad press this year, people have really turned on her on twitter and are seeing through her act a little more it’s quite clear that is what Brandi is talking about since that is what happened to Brandi.

      1. Lisa was a bitch about her on the show. Whats absurd is thinking Lisa can just talk shit about anyone she wants and not expect people to get annoyed at her.
        Brandis not on the show, there is no reason to talk shit about some that can’t defend themselves. Brandi could have ran to the press and said that to them, the press would have gladly printed that for her, this had nothing to do with attention and was about calling out lvp directly to her

        1. Lisa had made maybe two comments about her and you know that someone was off camera asking the question…you are well aware of how these shows work. Perhaps Brandi could have made a comment in the press. But instead she chose to send a typical low-class vulgarity via text like an angry teenager. Probably while on a combination of bad Chardonnay and a handful of tranquilizers.

          1. Lisa made the comment mid conversation not in a talking head so didn’t need to be spurred on by producers to make a bitchy comment.

            I think sending a text message is much much classier than leaking it to the press. Texting it keeps it private, it actually has some meaning to it. Leaking it to the press is attention seeking.

            I don’t see why Brandis use of the word cunt is such a big deal, so what she used a swear word. Lisa was complaining about Kim calling her phony in the press (which most of the housewives all agree is true) and is lying pretending she has always been supportive of Kim, and while doing that to Kyle who doesn’t even want to talk about Kim. Lisa was being a asshole.

          2. Lisa made the comment mid conversation not in a talking head so didn’t need to be spurred on by producers to make a bitchy comment.

            I think sending a text message is much much classier than leaking it to the press. Texting it keeps it private, it actually has some meaning to it. Leaking it to the press is attention seeking.

            I don’t see why Brandis use of the word c u next tuesday is such a big deal, so what she used a swear word. Lisa was complaining about Kim calling her phony in the press (which most of the housewives all agree is true) and is lying pretending she has always been supportive of Kim, and while doing that to Kyle who doesn’t even want to talk about Kim. Lisa was being a asshole.

            1. Frankly if someone lied to defame my business, I wouldn’t need to be spurred on either, but she did make a comment in an interview segment that was likely prompted. And of course you don’t see it as a big deal. Brandi could stumble drunk into Sur and take a dump on someone’s table…you would find a way to make that vile behavior Lisa’s fault too b

              1. If someone had me constantly around an ex-husbands mistress and kept trying to get me to talk to her and congratulate her on her engagement for the sake of her TV show, I’d probably defame someones business too.

                And I just don’t see the big deal over bad language, It’s such a silly thing to make a big deal over. If Brandi took a dump in one of her restaurants I could at least see the reason for making a big deal.

                I can’t remember what the talk head bit was, something in the first episode, but Brandi specifically called out the last comment LVP made in the last episode. All roads lead back to LVP.

                1. Really? Now Lisa has to fire employees because Trashi’s ex-husband slept with her? Please. If she had to fire every trashbag cocktail waitress Eddie Cibrian banged during their marriage, she wouldn’t be able to have a restaurant. You are really reaching. As for all roads leading to LVP, fans apparently think so…she’s still there and Brandi is gone. And all of us but you are grateful for that.

                  1. The only one reaching is you, did you see me say anywhere that she should be fired?

                    I never said that, and Brandi never even said that. But Lisa threw a party in season 4 and had Scheana there, even though she had a load of staff she could have chosen from.
                    If I was in Lisas position I never would have had her work a personal party, that’s disgusting.
                    Then on top of that she asks Brandi to go over and talk to Scheana and congratulate her on getting engaged. Sorry that’s beyond disgusting, no one said she should have been fired, but she certainly didn’t need to prioritize dramatic moments for her spin off show over a friendship. Brandi had every right to turn on Lisa.

                    It’s the same reason all of Lisas friends turn on her.

                    1. I am not certain where you are getting that all of these people are turning on her, unless you are counting yourself and two drunken ex-housewives. The rest of us are quite happy with her.

                    2. Eh every housewife has turned on Lisa. She’s fought with Camille, Adrienne, Taylor, Kyle, Kim, Yolanda, Brandi, Joyce.
                      She’s made comments about all of them and they’ve all said she was phony at one point. Lisa and Kyle clearly have a “friendship” for the sake of the show, they’ve both said they don’t trust each other and would forgive but wouldn’t forget, but even Lisa had to get a dig in at Kyle in the first episode about turning on her.
                      We just have to see who sees through her this year and “turns” on her

                    3. I always wondered why Sheana had to be there too. Lisa did know what happened with Sheana and Eddie while still married to Brandi while Brandi was pregnant with her youngest. Brandi had every right to be upset back then when Lisa did not have to have Sheana there with Brandi. Lisa is a shrewd businesswoman. I don’t think she does anything by accident. She planned to push her spinoff and she has done well with it too. Lisa has profited the most from RHOBH. Brandi, I feel sorry for. She never really fit in for more than ine reason and never had a real chance. She belongs elsewhere, though I know she has fans. She is different and can be refreshing…or was at times. The others in BH will eat her alive IMO. They feel Brandi cannot even shine their shoes, really.

                    4. I remember Lisa saying at the time that production insisted on Scheana’s presence. As for Brandi, she did fit in. She was all but adopted by Lisa and Ken. She was in! She ruined that with her classless behavior. I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. She brought it on herself.

                    5. Brandi was pushing herself onto Ken and Lisa and Lisa and Ken were nice to her too. Brandi never did fit in, however. She was like a charity case for Lisa, like one of her adopted dogs…not quite. Brandi did bring a lot of it on herself. I am not denying that. Brandi never fit in with this ultra wealthy set. Her mouth…well, it does not fit in with this crowd. It never really did IMO. The dogs do have better treatment too…just saying.

                    6. Well Lisa could have disagreed with production. But that aside, she told Brandi to go over an congratulate Scheana on her engagement, that’s so unnecessary

                      I mean that’s fine that Scheana had to be there they have to be in those staged scenarios, but that swings both ways. A lot of the stuff Brandi has done was also set up by production, Brandi was told by producers to be outrageous.
                      So if we are excusing behavior cuz producers are behind it we take off a lot of the complaints people have about Brandi.
                      Can’t have one rule for Lisa and another for other housewives

                    7. Brandi’s horrendous behavior outside of production points to the fact that producers never needed to prod her to act a damn donkey.

                    8. And Lisa V running to drop a story on Christmas eve prove she is as manipulative as the rest of the housewives say and she also doesn’t need any help from production.

                  2. Sheana was a friend of Pandora’s for years before the show also. And even tho it was Pandy’s Dad’s BD, I think Lisa was less sensitive about Sheana and Brandy than she could have been, but Sheana could have dropped out too. Sheana has some of the responsibility here too, IMO.

                    1. Yes Scheana was a friend of Pandy’s but Lisa did not know in the beginning. If you go back to the BH episode when Lisa had the opening of SUR (remember Lisa’s housemate made a surprise entrance after trashing ken and lisa.) Also when Kim was drunk as hell pulling garbage out of the limo’s ashtrays, disgusting! Scheana came clean with Lisa about the affair because Brandi had shown up. Scheana offered to leave the party to make sure Brandi did not feel uncomfortable. Lisa agreed and that was the end of it. Yes it was a lead in to VPR so what. I am sure lisa puts her two cents in with production but I don’t think production is going to roll over and let Lisa have her own way. Lastly Im no Scheana fan I watch VPR and I think she has got a LOT of growing up to do. She makes decisions trying to make everyone happy and that does not work all the time. As far as Brandi concerned…. she has made her bed she has just carved a way for herself where no one trusts her, no one wants to be around her and people are afraid of filming with her because she throws out lies and innuendo’s about people just to take the focus off of her trashy self. (ie, throwing Kyle under the bus on National TV about pot when she was just trying to shield her children. I would want the same respect. I had my days when I was younger but my kids don’t need to know about it. Brandi is the queen of DEFLECT!!!! Lisa brings up her behavior and Brandi immediately throws a shot back to deflect the negative comment by telling utter lies.
                      She is a hateful woman and she has no morals or values. I feel bad for her kids.

          3. What perfect recall you have ChristopherM. Lisa V. can be snarky but she never calls anyone a cunt. Or any of the foul names. I didn’t used to find the word “whore” offensive maybe because I live in Nevada and there is Mustang Ranch and all and the whorehouses are just businesses and someone’s job. I actually used to go to Mustang Ranch and give facials to the girls when I was in the Nu Skin business. So, it was just a descriptive word. But now I see what is offensive about it. Brandy KNOWS when she says cunt she is using the foulest possible language. She KNOWS she is being foul. She does it on purpose because her reputation is such that she can never come back from it so might as well use it to what she thinks is her advantage. And it has absolutely nothing to do with Theresa Guidice’s way of being in the world. I try not to compare them, just look at them as individuals with their own opportunities and lives. Happy New Year, CM.

            1. Happy New Year to you too! I put that word in a whole other category. To me, it is basically the misogynist version of faggot, and lord knows I will cut someone who throws that one at me. But more than the language used, what middle aged woman sends text messages to someone who isn’t even in their life and cusses them out? You know she was drunk and/or high when she sent that. Just a pathetic messy grab for attention.

              1. She is usually in a state of tranquility washed down with some drunkenness. It honestly does remind me of a teen ager, minus the foul language. The tantrum part, where she blames Lisa for the downfall of their friendship. And like someone said above, she goes from a state of, well, xanaxed with the wine chaser to a moment of clarity, as she travels from hatred to love.

              2. Pathetic and messy before and after BH. Sad really. I was so hoping she would learn what a social grace is. It does require being a little snarky at times from having to tolerate those one can not stand, but smart, classy ladies learn how to act like a lady in a social situation, rather than cause a scene while trying to focus their eyes after a hand full of little blue pills with a wine chaser. There, my snark for today.

  8. Has nothing to do with the dog!! Yes , Brandi is foul, but Lisa is over reaching here! Lisa has been a total ‘female dog’ this season and I’m sure she’s going to blame it on the editing! Stop making snarky comments ALL the time, Lisa !

    1. Yep. The reunion is going to be so bad this year, she’s just gonna blame editing and will just add a load more stuff she won’t take accountability for. She is holding way too many grudges this season, every little thing someone does is held against them for life. Her comments aren’t the fun snarky they were before she’s making really bitchy comments now, as is Ken.

      1. I may not totally agree with you, sidewinderVX, (glad to see you) but I have seen a change in Lisa and Ken a bit more this season as well. Perhaps they just do not care as much about this show or anyone on it this season, since they have achieved so so much success with all of their business ventures and VPR. They do not need RHOBH as much as before to push their wares. I do not excuse their sarcasm that has surely been is more of a dig at others than ever before, either. I agree with you about the type of snarky there. Extreme wealth may help to bring out the worst in some people, perhaps. They are used to being on top, giving orders and having everyone wait on them. They can lose the tolerance they may have had in the past. I always liked Lisa and Ken, but I never saw some of what we are seeing this season, either. As long as they keep it real, I am still a fan.
        Hey Rain (Rainbow for sure) too! 😉

        1. Good to see you too! I personally think it’s cuz she thinks people will always been on her side, that she can get away with anything. It would be interesting to know if production are just including more of her bitchy comments, or if she is actually making more.
          I think she’s always had cover before. Season 1 had Camille, season 2+ had Kim and Brandi – those housewives always grabbed attention for anything they did, if you have someone being a bitch next to someone who’d being a bitch and swearing the one just being a bitch gets overlooked.

          Lisa has no one distracting from her bitchy comments so I think they are just getting noticed more by people, cuz Lisa has never been called out like she has been this year.

          1. We will never know if it is production and the ediiting to make it look as if if some are bitchier or snarkier either. Even though I do not condone the C U Next T. comment, I do not know what is going on that we do not see either. I am sure there is more than what we hear via “sources” in most of these women’s lives.
            Lisa is the queen bee of this show and always has been in my opinion. Maybe we here in the states are also more tolerant because she is a Brit and different in that way, standing out from the crowd as well. She is like BH royalty here after her years on BH, and she is doing amazingly well. Ken has come off nasty of late, especially with his (implying she was fat) comments about Kyle he made in Lisa’s “closet”….more like a beautiful boutique to me! I think he has reached the end of his rope as the saying goes. If I was him, I would retire and enjoy the rest of life without all of this, myself. Life is too short for all the stress when there is no need for it, especially.
            Brandi has a potty mouth and always did. She was never boring however uncouth she may have been either. She always gave us something to talk about, putting it mildly. I think she needs her own show with a younger group of divorcees, like herself. She never fit in well with this group. I also think Yolanda is really not a friend of any of these women, or at least that is what I have seen now that Brandi is gone. She seems very out of place, though I love the house tours when she was not so sick…whenever that was….hard to remember now. Oh, but Yo is friends with our newest housewife, Jessica Rabbit…meant Erika Jayne? We shall see if Yo gets well on this season or just after her divorce…but that is another whole topic….

              1. Ken should just retire…with someone like you maybe? 😮 Lisa is not ready for retirement.

                All is well. Thanks for asking. Hope you are the same. 🙂

                1. Sandy, Ken can retire with me any day as long as I have 24 hrs warning to kick out a certain person! Yup all chaos here as Christmas number two started yesterday!! I will need a long holiday after the coming weekend!

      2. Sidewinder, don’t forget that after the reunion LVP is going to drag out whether she accepts a new season. As if she’s not a full on fame whore. I laugh at her every year. She could never walk away. It’s no fun being able to see through her. If I was enamored by her accent maybe she would be enjoyable but to me she’s really just Heather dubrow with an accent. I actually like Heather better. That’s saying a lot. It’s the manipulation. How she gets her followers to fight her battles. It’s a little creepy.

        1. Yeah the same thing every year “It’s been such a hard year for me” etc etc
          The followers fighting her battles thing is really awful, her followers on twitter and stuff are vicious.

          I’d love for her to take a year off. I don’t mind she’s manipulative, she should just own up to it more, but it’s the holding grudges that really annoys me. Someone crosses her and she holds onto it forever, it doesn’t make for good tv. She’s coming across so angry and bitter. If she took a year off, let go of some stuff and then came back it would be great.

  9. I hate to say this but this text had absolutely nothing to do with the dog, I’m not a Brandi fan I’ve never stuck up for her before, it was about Lisa throwing shade at Brandi.

  10. Brandi doesn’t have to wonder why none of these women want to be around her. She’s a sad person. I can see why Eddie didn’t want to be with her. Feel sorry for her poor sons.

  11. What a rotten piece of scum Brandi is. She’s pure evil through & through. I feel so sad that daddio passed away, but so happy that Lisa & Ken’s good heart rescued two dogs doomed to die.

    1. One episode of VPR Lisa had this “Lucky Puppy” event! It was so neat, all kinds of dogs, big, tiny, funny looking. Anyway she said she knows the name of every dog on her street, but never knows the neighbors names. That was so telling and cool I thought.

  12. Brandi told everyone at the reunion last year that she brings controversy to the show. That’s what the HW’s are supposed to do. The problem is that the other women have kept themselves in check (Im still questioning Lisa R)
    You can be popular without looking and sounding like a train wreck. What got Brandi fired was her disgusting mouth and her continuous bullying of the other women. If you don’t do it Brandi’s way she is going to make your life miserable. Example…. eating the space cake in Amsterdam Kyle did not want to eat it. Her choice, her option to say yes or no. Brandi had a tantrum just like a two year old and called Kyle a hypocrite and just kept it going and going and going, then at the reunion she again threw the space cake issue at Kyle and basically told the world that she smokes pot. It’s not nice and all kyle was trying to do was protect her children. Unfortunately Brandi opens her mouth and an overflow of shit comes out. Brandi could care less if her boys are embarrassed by her behavior. Inside Im sure those kids are mortified. She crossed the line so many times involving herself in situations she had no business being a part of. She told herself that this would keep her relevant in the producers eyes and all it did was piss the directors and producers off. The other ladies are FAR from perfect they all have issues but Brandi has damage on her soul. Her antics eventually got her fired so maybe she needs to try it another way.

    1. You know what I thought was hypocritical about the space cake too? Brandy didn’t want to eat any because she was in a custody battle with her husband, that was supposed to be accepted by all, but Kyle’s reason, also her kids, was unacceptable. The real reason was because Lisa and Kyle were laughing. She just couldn’t stand that they are friends.

    2. Who says she’s pissed off producers?
      She seems to still be quite friendly with them, and is back in the current season. If producers didn’t like her she wouldn’t be going to dinner with them, and wouldn’t be back on the show at all.

      She’s not friends with any of the current cast except Yolanda. Lisa V, Lisa R. Eilen and Kyle wouldn’t be inviting her to events so it makes sense for her not to be on the show.

      That said, s what she kept calling Kyle out. Kyle is on a reality show, she is supposed to be real. Instead she was being fake, so Brandi called her out on it. A lot of people were glad to see more of Kyle being fake exposed.

  13. I think the reason LVP went to the press with the text because this season is a total snooze fest! BG scenes are probably coming up, it’s all about drawing attention! Think about it she mentions BG in the show and then shows the text?!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was set up by production as the press is so bad this season.
      The only one making press is Yolanda and people are already sick of hearing about her sickness.

      The reviews of the current season are all bad, it’s being called the most boring season and the the ratings are down. What better way to generate some press for the show then to get some feuding out there.

      1. The cast, except Eileen are afraid of making others upset. If Kyle doesn’t want them talking about Kim say so, she’s afraid of LVP! I don’t think Ken was thrilled with his birthday present at all. The horses were more for her than him. I don’t mind LVP but I think we are seeing true colors this season? Snarky, controlling and mean.

        1. Yes I agree, true colors are becoming more apparent without other people to blame.

          Lisa and Kyle have an agreement in place that they won’t go after each other, they’ve said that. Which makes for terrible tv, cuz they are coming across as fake and not calling each other out.

  14. Everyone is so quick to vilify Brandi. Even on TMZ there was quite a debate and they realized that if Brandi was trying to get her name in the news she would have put her message on Twitter, not in a personal note to Lisa. It is Lisa who is flashing that message all over the place. Brandi is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t with those phony bitches. As far as Brandi having a filthy mouth – have you listened to the rest of them. They are mean girls personified and say way more hurtful things than simple swearing. I hope they get bitten in the ass with the way they have treated Brandi. They wouldn’t be doing that if she, like them, was married to someone who was a multi millionaire and on and on. Lisa is one phony witch and poor little Ken simpering 4 steps behind her is disgraceful.

  15. I am so happy with the season so far. I love seeing the friendship between Lisa and Kyle blossoming. They both have things they can’t forget about, but any friendship would. Especially with the added pressure of the show. There isn’t one housewives franchise who hasn’t had a slip in the ratings at 5 years or 6 years. BH is still my favorite and Atlanta is a total bore. Bunch of cackling cougars trying to look and act 20. I so wish they would represent the crowd they are actually a part of instead of trying to cozy up to someone young enough to be their son. Well, in Keenya’s case, not her son as she will never find a father for any child she wants to have but generally speaking they all act in a way I just don’t enjoy watching.

  16. Branding never has anything nice to say about anyone. Since she hasn’t been on the show so far. I think she needs attention and this is the way for brandi to go about it

  17. Love LVP! She is my favorite housewife of all time. Brandi is just disgusting & jealous. She sent the text for attention. I think LVP should block her.

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