Brandi Glanville Explains Why She Watched Ex-Husband’s Reality Show


Brandi Glanville is taking to her blog this week to explain why she decided to watch her ex-husband’s reality show and to talk about tossing the wine on Eileen Davidson during last week’s episode.

Brandi writes, “First off, I have to apologize. I’m sorry I missed my blog last week. It was a wild week of last-minute travel to New York, and some of you may have noticed a few new projects launched.

A quick overview of last week, first. The lunch with Lisa V. finally happened. Whether the relationship can be repaired, well, you’ll have to tune in and watch, but I’m hopeful. There was a lot of preparing for college children to leave the nest, which we saw more of last night. I won’t make excuses for the wine toss. I shouldn’t have done it, but it was a misunderstood moment that has passed. Eileen was sweet to accept my apology, and no, I really wasn’t buzzed, so I can’t really “blame it on alcohol” like Jamie Foxx says. Yolanda’s party was great fun. It was so nice to see her really being herself, letting loose and dancing along the fire pit. Yep, I was a bit naughty and should have eaten more. Nikki and Babyface are a super amazing and cool couple, and I’m glad you got to meet them, too. I just adore them, and I’ve seen and hung out with them since, and I recently emailed with Nikki–she is awesome. Yo and David are such a fun and sweet couple. It was a magical night. Watching Lisa R. in Yolanda’s fridge was only part of it. Do you think she was trying to convince us that she actually eats? Haha. It was a great party as only Yo can throw.

Moving on to this week’s episode, which is all about family. I feel like we are constantly seeing the ladies send their sons and daughters off into the world and to college to become amazing young adults. We saw Ken and Lisa V.’s son Max, whom I’ve met and like, negotiating his next educational move and bumping up against his parents a bit. Lisa V. says we should “blame the parents,” but the truth is it’s a natural progression.Then Alexia and Bella were the latest being prepared to go out into the world. We met Eileen’s stepsons and see Eileen doing what all moms do: cooking dinner for family. She really seems to understand exactly how to be a great stepmom. We also see Yolanda creating a cozy space for her daughter’s next step in life. Who didn’t tear up over Bella’s deeply sweet card to her mommy or Mauricio hugging his baby girl Alexia before sending her off? It made me really proud and sad for them last night, but as long as my kids don’t grow up too fast, then I hope I’ll be just fine. Right? Really, I wish I could do 2nd and 6th grade homework for the rest of my life! But time flies. I wish you could see my boys, too. They are the biggest most important part of my life. I treasure the time I get to spend with them: the homework, cooking, caring, playing, scolding, school runs, just all of what goes into being a mom. They grow up so fast.

A comedy break was provided by Lisa R.’s voice exercises and her reaction from being chased by that killer bee. It was fun to watch her “acting” with her husband, Harry Hamlin. Very cute couple. Kudos to her for raising money for women’s breast cancer.

Then we returned to more pressing matters, a meeting with my lawyer Ron Rale explaining that my ex-husband demanded a huge payment of the money he claims to have overpaid me since our divorce. I was surprised, disgusted, but ultimately angry. I work very hard at several jobs to support and provide for my children, something that my child support didn’t at all cover. At the time you see us discussing litigation and that instead of bowing under again and giving him my retirement fund, I’m ready to litigate and let a judge decide.

My ex was, again, necessarily a part of the show last night. Backstory: As some of you know, my ex-husband and his wife created a VH1 reality show (since canceled) based around their very serious issues with me living happily and their having to cope with their immense fame. My lawyer suggested I view the show to monitor if my children, as rumored, were filmed. This is related to several legal edicts from my ex, forbidding my children be used in any of my own TV work. I decided to make it fun and invite some of my friends. I watched their initial show and, like most critics, realized it was just a forum to talk about me, reference me, and bash me. I was disgusted that my children’s images were used in the opening titles of a show that was about disrespecting their mother. I wanted to fight it but chose to pick my battles. Money not spent on lawyers is money for my boys’ future.

So, until another week, my thoughts prayers and love go to my friend Yolanda suffering and battling Lyme disease, my brother-in-law Bryon in the hospital, and my big sister Tricia for hanging in there through all tough times.”

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11 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Explains Why She Watched Ex-Husband’s Reality Show”

  1. Oh wow… a blog about two episodes and not a single mention of Kyle… lol… probably the next week episode with shed some light as that’s when the girls relationship fall apart…

  2. Understandable. But please Brandi – lets find something else to talk about other than your ex who you have been broken up from for how long? Do you date? Do you work? Charity events? Modeling? Lets see a little of that because we want more than the Eddie show from you please. No disrespect, I like you and I know you have more to give than that.

  3. She said the show her ex had was an open forum to talk about her. She has talked about this man and his wife for yrs. I feel the only opinion I have of him is a cheating scum bag and that’s from the housewives show. So Brandi can’t be upset over something she does just as bad as he does. But the kids being on his show….I get. If he denies Brandi to film with them on housewives, she should shut down any filming with the dad. Bottom line is, I would’ve probably watched my ex’s show, but privately. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me being filmed watching it.

  4. Brandi is the only HW who speaks the truth !

    Yolanda & Kim are good friends.

    The others are PC & fake smiles.

    Team Brandi all the way! ! !

    1. One can speak the truth with kindness & not with the intent of always inflicting pain. Brandi is a very sick woman.
      I beg to differ on the other cast members, minus the 2 newcomers, they are all back stabbing shrews with the exception of classy lady, Lisa Vanderpump.

  5. BrandiTwinkle… get over yourself. If every man/woman whose spouse left then behaved like you….. this would be one nasty world!!! We are tired of this story Bravo!!!

  6. OH DEAR, Poor, sweet, innocent, decent, kind, caring Brandi–was not happy with ex & wife saying the truth about her. Bleeding heart right now. Time you got a tiny taste of your own vomitus meds. One day your boys will be grown & they will be appalled at how low, jealous & stink you have behaved–no mother of the year here.

  7. In watching Brandi on Real Housewives and The Apprentice, I feel that she is a very little person (not in a literal sense). She’s always creating drama, she must be an incredibly unhappy person.

  8. Boo Hoo Brandi you make me vomit. You so incredibly disgusting and you are a sad excuse for a lady and a mother. If you want to continue to make your life all about what your ex and his wife say then you will continue to sabotage yours and your children’s life. Shut the F up and like you have been saying over and over and over but you never actually do it. MOVE ON. If you were truly over Eddie and have moved on you would not be sitting in your bed with friends watching his show. Why would you do that? Who cares what they say, their show was cancelled. For you kids sake yo need to shut up and NOT talk badly or anyway about him in your home. Your kids will appreciate you for NOT bashing their father. If you continue to do that those boys and going to run away from you. ALso you said your boys sleep with you every night. That is NOT OK. YOur a woman and your boys are going to be heading into adolescence very soon. They need their own space something to call their own and they need to be sleeping in their own beds. If their friends find out about this they are going to tease your kids horribly. Wake up Brandi take a few parenting courses or find a new therapist, cause the one you got isn’t working. Wait until they grow up and want to be with their dad, it happens with boys so be prepared and unlike YO and man hands DON”T CRY and make it all about you.

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