Brandi Glanville Explains Her Text Message To Lisa Vanderpump


Last week, Brandi Glanville sent a text message to Lisa Vanderpump that got leaked that read, ”Merry Christmas vanderC*nt and yes i am having my moment  AND it’s amazing!!! How is yours???? hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha.”

Now, Glanville is telling her side of the story to RumorFix.

“There have only been three episodes of RHOBH thus far and in each of them either Lisa or Ken has taken a dig at me. I am not on the show to defend myself and I didn’t feel a need to put it on Twitter and make it a public thing but I did feel the need to let her know how I felt about it. Last year when we shot RHOBH together I did not know her to have a dog named Daddio at all,” Brandi said, adding that there is no way she would have known about the dog since she “doesn’t check in on her [Lisa’s] life” anymore.

Glanville explains, “I was wrapping presents and heard yet another dig she decided to take on me on the show so I decided to text her.”

“Karma’s a b*tch” comment? Brandi explains, “I happen to still be very close with everyone that works at RHOBH and I know that Lisa has been complaining up a storm about the backlash she is receiving for not believing and questioning Yolanda Foster’s illness. When I texted her I was referring to her having her moment and people finally getting to see her for who she is. I said Karma is a bitch or is it a Vanderc*nt,” she says, further explaining, “Lisa is distraught over her backlash and needs public sympathy so she is making up this story claiming that I wrote the text [to be hateful about the death of her dog Daddio] — a dog that I didn’t even know existed.”

“As far as calling her Vanderc*nt, I always have, even when we were friends. She didn’t like it and said if it stuck she was going to kill me. She made sure the show did not air me calling her that in the playful way that I did.” Glanville said. “She is pretending that she has never heard me say Vanderc*nt before which I have been saying for three years now so this really comes as zero shock to her.”

“I texted this to her so that not to start a public war but she lives for press and apparently, although distraught over her pets death, she was out at a party and showing everyone the text I sent her and did what any mature person would do and called TMZ immediately so that she could play the victim and vilify me.”

“Anyone that knows me knows that I rescue dogs and help find homes for them and would never make fun of an animal passing,” Brandi states, adding, “Lisa is simply trying to gain sympathy and make me look like the bad guy when she is the one constantly taking digs at me on national television.”

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75 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Explains Her Text Message To Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. Brandi is such a Scorpio ! I do think the show needs a younger cast mate but Brandi is relentless. Using obscene words like this will never help her case although I think she might be right about Lisa this time. Still if it’s true that Kyle has left the show, it is quite likely that Brandi will be back next season and what a bitch fest it will be !

    1. Did you not hear the Vulgar way LVP spoke to Erika – asking about her and her husbands sex life, Sorry LVP and Brandi are a lot alike and That’s why they WERE friends, I think Brandi is calling her out on the fake she is and so many have seen FINALLY- LVP cant stand Erika -shes younger-prettier-employed-richer- and overall not such a FAKE and LVP is NONE of that- shes an aging old hag trying to stay young thru her SUR staff- they are her puppets they need the jobs and Hag knows it- I say
      RIGHT ON BRANDI – EXPOSE VANDERC*** cause some of us have seen it along time ago and some are probably the same as her Aging Hags —

      1. The difference is, a witty, intelligent woman can get away with the occasional provocative comment. Poor Brandi is just a vulgar clod and ever it thus shall be.

  2. My thing is that it seemed more like Lisa R questioning Yolanda than anyone? Which I don’t blame her because it’s all kind of confusing to begin with. Saying lisa lives for the press is definitely the pot calling the kettle black. I’m not saying lisa doesn’t, but brandis issue is that lisa handles the press better than her. Brandi is a pr managers worst nightmare. Maybe if she would have listened and learned more she’d be better off financially and business wise. If Snooki from friggen jersey shore can pull it together, what’s brandis excuse?

    1. Geminigirl, totally agree! Lisa V and Lisa R know what they are doing. They do both know exactly how to handle the press. Unfortunately Brandi never has. I felt sorry for her for a one time but not for a while. This thread today is going to be very interesting. I like Lisa V but I’m not blind to her faults but without her the show would be nothing. There is no one with enough to take the lead role.

    2. I think normally you are correct, Brandi is a PR nightmare and Lisa R. is in control.

      But this time it was the opposite way around. Brandi sent the text in private, and LVP ran to the press on christmas eve.
      Her plan kinda backfired, most blogs out there called bullshit on what LVP said. There was one in particular that hates Brandi and wrote the story saying they weren’t buying what Lisa was putting out, Lisa over grasped with trying to make this look connected to the dog and it backfired on her. This is a longer interview with rumourfix from Brandi, but most places that printed the story also said they didn’t believe it, and then very soon after printed Brandis tweets about not being about the dog.

      1. The dog thing… in my opinion was bad timing in Brandi’s, but that doesn’t take away from her child like justification for sending ANYONE a text like that. You don’t speak to people that way! Over what? Lisa saying a few things on TV? Please!! Brandi went on a completely smear campaign against lisa, her husband, and their businesses. She slapped lisa and then tried to down play it and half ass apologize. Once you put your hands on me we can never be cool again and if anyone asks me anything about you…my response won’t be positive. So why is brandi surprised or concerned about what Lisa has to say about her when she she did nothing but treat her like crap these last 2 years! What did she expect lisa to say about her? And if the roles were reversed we’d never hear the end of it from brandi!

        1. I agree about the slap was out of line and Lisa has no reason to speak nice of her. But I don’t think she has any reason to speak about her at all, she doesn’t like her, so why give her any attention at all?

          But I don’t agree that if the roles were reversed Brandi would keep going on about it, firstly cuz the roles are reversed, Lisa was constantly trying to mix Brandi and her ex-husbands mistress for the sake of TV even after she asked her to stop. But Brandi doesn’t keep going on and on about that unless having to explain it. The problem started from that.
          Secondly Lisa is the only housewife in RHOBH that holds a grudge like that and constantly reminds people of all the terrible things they’ve done to her, Camille and Kyle moved on, Kyle and Brandi moved on (then fell out again), Kim and Brandi moved on. But Lisa and Taylor were never close, Taylor said Lisa was manipulative and Lisa is still badmouthing her in the current season, Lisa still has a problem with Yolanda, with Brandi and she was still makings digs at Kyle about turning on her in the first episode.

    1. I’ve never been a Brandi fan, but to be fair, I am noticing that Lisa V. also uses a LOT of bad language. Not an episode goes by where she’s not using sexually graphic language, but I imagine it slips by the ear shrouded in the musicality of her English accent. When I listen to the things LVP says sometimes, I can see how well those two must have gotten on originally.

      1. Hi Bon V, yes she does and always was quite raunchy! Some words she uses aren’t really acceptable in US but in UK fine. There was a word she used Pu…y. It was common for mothers,of her mothers generation, to use the word when talking to their Daughters. My mother did and she was the biggest prude ever! I’m not excusing her language as I said She is raunchy but I quite like that about her as long as she doesn’t go over the top which she is a bit now! I still like her for now! 😀

        1. She resides in the US she needs to behave or go back to the UK and her Nasty Mouth wont be a problem- She and Brandi are BOTH nasty mouthed- Brandi owns it and LVP thinks she can laugh it off as being cute and Funny- NOT shes an aging Old Hag -PERIOD

          1. This is ridiculously ignorant. Thankfully the US is a melting pot and everyone is able to grace each other with bits and pieces of their culture. Unlike you, I like English humor. It’s witty, sassy, and extremely dry. Lisa cracks me up.

            1. If there was any Way to Agree more with Your comment, I can’t see it. Ignorance shows regardless of how Anonymous you try to be JMO. Have a VVery wonderful day!

  3. Of course Brandy has said that before. She calls everyone the most foul, base names she can think of, her friends, her Dad, her children and anyone else she can think of. More of the same. By now I would think she knows how to conduct herself but unfortunately she is so juvenile she stomps her foot while saying she shouldn’t have to follow the same rules everyone else does. Then to top it off she mentions that the rules are different for her. How would she know, she refuses to follow any rule of the social graces which is how she squandered her platform and ruined any chance of ever being in the same elevated social and financial position Lisa V. is. Oh, and naturally she had to take her little dig about the Yolanda thing, just to point out the mistakes Lisa has made this season. Poor poor baby, there have been 3 times Lisa has mentioned you. What you should worry about is when there is no mention of you at all, because that will be when we can finally forget about you.

    1. So it is ok for LVP and Ken to say mean things about her, who isn’t even around, but not ok for her to jab back. At least she went straight to LVP and didn’t go about it on TV when Brandi isn’t on air to say anything back. It’s cowardly to say the things the vanderpumps say. LVP’s language isn’t any better than Brandis. Neither is Lisa R. Maybe we should hold everyone to the same offense level when using the same language.

      1. What in the world?! Brandi slapped lisa, defamed her business, and her marriage! If brandi doesn’t want anyone saying anything about her QUIT GIVING PEOPLE THE AMMO! Lisa is allowed to talk about it and her annoyance with brandi. What’s brandis real problem with Lisa? Lisa even asked her last season why she would want to be friends with her since she’s the same person she hated from before. I’m sorry, but Brandi is constantly looking for a fight. I commend lisa for no getting into a text battle and showing people that SWF here is still psycho and drinking while texting.

        1. If Lisa didn’t want Brandi as an enemy she should have backed off shoving the ex-mistress in her face, If Brandi is giving her ammo then Lisa loaded the gun, she originated the problem and kept going with it.
          Lisa can say whatever she wants about Brandi, but that also applies to Brandi. She get to say whatever she wants about Lisa.

        2. She just can not learn how an adult lady behaves in public. She even seemed to try, she had the best teacher this side of Arizona. Lisa and Kyle invited her into their lives, not just their homes and parties. Naturally Lisa V. has times where she is a little over the top. I have not, however, ever heard her call anyone a C.U. Next Tuesday, or a pig, well a pig without lipstick, ok, she did say that. But not a slut pig, and actually Kyle apologized to Brandy for what she did and said in BG’s first season, and they seemed to get long fine. Lisa loved her even if a little of it was to show Kyle up, stuff like that is human nature when someone is hurt. BG however, when she is hurt she goes in for the kill and she is the biggest hypocrite of them all.

      2. I agree, especially about the language thing, if you have a problem with language you have a problem with bad language that shouldn’t change just cuz the person saying something disgusting has an English accent.

    2. I understand LVP can have some raunchy dry English humor, but I don’t see them consistently throwing around c**t or telling people she’ll knock their teeth down their throat. Brandi can be fun, but she takes it way too far every.single.time. She’s like a child and doesn’t know when to stop. There’s no way I could be friends with someone like that.

      1. So crud things are ok to say depending on who says them? It’s ok for some to say things but not others. Is this the same logic that it’s better to be rich and guilty than poor and innocent.

        1. Kelley, Hi, I know we have had differences of opinion in the past but I’m hoping 2016 will be a better year for all here. If I have upset or annoyed you in the past I am sorry. This is such a nice blog and this is why I am apologising. I have always been a Lisa supporter but agree this year she seems to be going too far! There I have never admitted that before!! The C word to me, and I know we all think differently but is the worst word to call anyone. On saying that I’m not excusing Lisa’s behaviour but I would love for Brandy to tone down her language and now yes Lisa as well.
          It’s down to you now to accept my apology or not but I hope you will.

      2. Yes, you would never know when she would decide you needed to be humiliated. Yelled at about stuff whenever anyone is having fun that isn’t centered around herself, have a glass of wine thrown in your face, be slapped, be insulted in your home after inviting her to a nice evening, well, there is never a nice time for anyone when she is invited. I can only recall 2 times where she didn’t completely take over an event with her off color attitude in the entire time she was on the show. I don’t know where she does belong, but it isn’t in Beverly Hills Society.

  4. You are completely right about Lisa! I have always thought of her to be so terribly phony. And – people complain about your mouth, she is every bit as bad so big deal. She is as phony as they come and if she was so wonderful why is her daughter an obviously rich and up and coming mini-Lisa and yet her son, who she loudly states is adopted, is washing dishes or something at her restaurant. She rarely mentions him but carries around swans, bald dogs and Ken but tends to put her son way on the back burner. Those women think they are better, smarter etc. than you because they are rich, or I should say their husbands are rich. Would love to see how any of them would handle what you have had to handle – they would have folded a long time ago.

    1. That’s so well said LVP is maybe finally getting her Exposure of WHO her and Ken really are- I would say Villa Rosa is full of some NASTY behavior by many

  5. I said it from the beginning Lisa v. Is a phony and for the Brandi haters she not on the show and the haters have to keep talking about her because their a bunch of 2face phonies with no storyline heck they were even talking about Poor Yolanda not really being sick wow if that’s all Bravos has to offer to offer is these upperty over botoxed know it alls you’ll can have them I’ll watch anything else

  6. Lisa V. is by far my favorite of all the Housewives on all of the shows. I got a kick out of Brandi most of the time too but I did think she took it too far and it was time for her to go part time.

    It is reality TV after all and they all have to dramatize every little thing for the viewers’ entertainment. I think they probably both knew what they were doing. Lisa V. knew it would be a bit of gossip and Brandi knew Lisa V. would mention it.

  7. Brandi tripped over herself. She said she called Lisa Vanderc*nt when they were friends so why would she call Lisa that “playful name” when she was angry at the digs Lisa was making

    1. Yes Lisa does and always has, some words to Americans are swearing but not to Brits. She is raunchy and I guess that’s why

      1. I wonder what she thinks is out of bounds. What word, what insult, what action? I guess there is nothing she considers low. Naturally, though, anyone who is almost always popping pills and drinking whenever she is out without the boys, has no good compass of what is acceptable.

  8. Brandi always has the need to “explain herself”. Maybe she should take note of that But then she always seems to have an excuse. And then to say Lisa something about behaving like a mature woman – again maybe Brandi should take note of that. Though there are many teenagers that behave like that. Thank goodness I don’t know of 40 something women speaking or texting like that.

  9. This whole language thing is such a joke, how anyone can get annoyed at Brandi for her language but like LVP is stupid. In the last episode LVP joked about fingering kens butt, and asked a stranger what her husband was like in bed – she may as well have gotten Brandi to write her lines for her. At the Vanderpump Rules Reunion last year she was making jokes about Jax ejaculating on mens chests.
    Her sense of humor is just as “disgusting” as Brandis, and it has nothing to do with an English/American sense of humor, if people don’t mind LVP why should they mind what Brandi says?

    LVP totally overplayed her hand with this story, it made her look very desperate for the good press. I was surprised to see most blogs actually calling it out too, it’s been a very interesting year for LVP press, they are being harsher on her and saw through this calculated move very easily. It’s good to see more and more people actually see this side of Lisa, though I think it’s to the detriment of the show, she is going to completely shut down at the reunion and add Bravo and Andy (even more) to her grudge list.

    1. I find myself agreeing with you more these days Sidewinder 🙂 Lisa can diss it but can’t take it ! It’s preposterous to assume that you can go after Brandi , of all people, and not have her snap back at you ! Personally, the language doesn’t bother me , but I can see how others may be offended and I respect that . I would have a little more respect for Lisa is she didn’t play the victim card so much

      1. Everyone will agree with me soon! 🙂

        I’ve always enjoyed Lisa not taking responsibility, it’s always added to her character, that kinda big personality she has. I think now the list of things is just so long it’s a little more frustrating. And she just seems harsher this year.

        I can understand about the language too, what annoys me is that people only care about language from Brandi, like if some people were really turned off by the language and not the person they’d call out everyone that does it.

        I wish she wouldn’t play the victim too, she’s too strong a character to play the victim. I agree she put herself in a position to get called out by Brandi by talking about her. Almost all housewives would reply, it’s no different than Kim talking about LVP on Entertainment tonight, and Lisa sending her the public tweet like she talked about.
        If they wanted to never hear from Brandi again, they just have to never talk about her, the fact they are shows she’s still relevant.

  10. That POS is so desperate for attention she will do anything to stay relevant. She’s another one who needs to take care of her kids, act like an adult, GET A NORMAL JOB and stop thinking that using disgusting language makes her look intelligent. She’s so jealous of anyone who is married and works for a living. She is still pissed that Lisa V doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore. Now, she is what a lot of women in LA remind me of. (Bad sentence ending, I know.) Desperate, no-talent, foul-mouthed aging has-beens pissed off that they have no other redeemable traits, all the men with money want younger ones without baggage (kids) and the thought (HORRORS!) that they just have to live a normal life, like most all of us, is enough to send them on a bender. And Brandi is ALWAYS either hungover, recovering from a hangover, drunk or getting drunk. She’s disgusting.

    1. Love LVP! She is my favorite housewife of all time! Brandi is just jealous. She sent the text for attention. Also, LVP never said Yolanda didn’t have lyme disease, she was questioning (like all of us) all the illnesses. It makes sense David told Yolanda no more treatments until she gets a full body scan. He must have been thinking what most of us did: with all the different medical procedures from different doctors, no wonder she wasn’t getting any better. It probably saved her life. I would imagine breast implants leaking into your body could cause all kinds medical problems on top of lyme disease. At no time did LVP question whether she was really sick.

      1. Doesn’t make sense, if she wanted attention why would she send it to one person? Why wouldn’t she just call TMZ herself?
        The fact Lisa released it shows she is the one desperate for attention.

      2. patricia, she is one of my faves too. The difference for me is that Lisa uses certain language at times, not ALL of the time. Not every sentence she writes or speaks. I guess some folks see everything Lisa does as suspect, and I just think she is tired this year. She has a lot of responsibility and Ken is getting older. At the age they are, or he is, aging comes on faster. Aging quickens after 60 and illnesses take on a different meaning. I have a lot of respect for her as she has plenty of money and could easily sit and eat bon bons. But people who have always had businesses have them because they like business. They like being busy. It is no longer about the money. She employs many people and shares her fortune without endangering the many people’s jobs who her and Ken are responsible for. Love me some Lisa and Ken.

    1. I agree I think LVP and Brandi are 2 of a kind- Brandi owns hers LVP is in denial and thinks shes cute and British- the accent is getting old especially when she really PUTS it on- Disgusting

  11. Please Brandi wanted that text to go viral. This is the most attention she’s gotten in a long time. Where’s the national syndication of her vile podcast? Where’s the national distribution of her nasty wine? And the only reality show she managed to get on was some relationship dating show for has-been reality stars. Lisa V may be manipulative and cunning but it seems to me that she’s clearly winning with her two hit shows and her packed restaurants and successful ventures.

  12. Sorry Brandy, you’re disgusting. You say you’re a good mom but this is not behavior of a respectable woman. You are embarrassing all women. Grow up!

  13. Maybe it is time for these sites to STOP giving Brandi what she wants….publicity. She is truly gutter-trash. Let her stay in that gutter where she chooses to wallow.

  14. She’s so low rent, it doesn’t matter how much money is in her bank account, she’s classless. She lashes out like a 5 year old when something doesn’t go her way or it’s something she doesn’t like.

  15. Now I understand why everytime I watch the show my living room starts smelling like my gynecologist´s office…

  16. One thing I was noticing about Lisa and Sheana’s relationship is that Sheana was friends with Pandora before the show. Since it was Mauricio’s and Ken’s BD party and since Ken is Pandora’s Dad there was more than just one reason for her to be there. Her engagement. Although Lisa shouldn’t really have asked Brandy to speak to Sheana about it all, that was insensitive. I always thought Brandy might have gotten a little kick out of having Sheana serve her, but I guess not. Comparing the language BG uses to the language Lisa uses is just silly. Brandy can’t say anything, good, bad, angry, sad, joking, serious, to ANYONE, about anyone, her friends, her Mom, her Dad, her children, without swearing. Brandy doesn’t have the vocabulary or the ability IMO, to get her point across without using the word F**k. It quits having any strength to it when it is used for every sentence a person speaks.

  17. Let’s say for a moment that Brandi for once is not lying and she did not know about Lisa’s dog dying. A decent person upon finding that out might feel a bit bad about sending a text message like that. Maybe they would even say that they are sorry for the person’s loss. Brandi doubles down and defends her actions because she is not a decent person and has all the class of a fart in church. That is who she is.

  18. Butt cheeks tampon string is trying to stay relevant screaming (look at me), maybe she should try those sick selfies that her friend lemonbrain is famous for – for attention weekly…
    Eww, I need a shower just looking at that horrid tramp…..

  19. Butt cheeks is getting really worried since her court date is soon approaching and she’ll have to pay up for her vulgar slamming of the beautiful Joanna Krupta….. It’s called consequences tampon string….Karma knows your address and will pay you a visit… See ya next tuesday….

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