Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes War! E-Mails Released! Plus- LeAnn Has Mental Health Issues & Eating Disorder, Brandi’s Son Ate Her Laxatives By Mistake!

After her Twitter feud with LeAnn Rimes, Brandi Glanville’s ex-husband is stepping in and releasing an e-mail he sent to Brandi, exclusively to RadarOnline. Brandi told US Weekly that LeAnn has a “mentally unstable presence,” and she doesn’t want her around her sons, Mason and Jake.

“I see this ending badly — I see someone getting hurt,” Brandi said, adding of LeAnn: “She’s not healthy. And until she’s healthy, I don’t want her around my children by herself … these are my children and I don’t want this unstable person around them when she’s alone.”

“I know that my kids love her, and I know that she’s upset. I, unfortunately, don’t find her to be stable, and I don’t want her around my kids when Eddie’s not there — or at least the nanny, his parents, someone … God forbid anything ever happened between her and Eddie. She uses my children as a tool to get to me, and I don’t know if she cares about them the way that Eddie thinks she does.”

Brandi also said that the only way she can get a response from her ex, was to rant on Twitter. “I emailed, emailed, called, called — no answers,” Brandi told US Weekly. “I don’t have communication with [Cibrian and Rimes] because I don’t get responses when I reach out. I only get responses when I put it on Twitter.”

Eddie claims otherwise, he is sharing an e-mail he sent to Brandi on December 2nd. He writes, “I know your life exists solely for the purpose of living and creating drama. It’s a sad way to live. It’s so obvious that you have to constantly mention my wife so people will care what comes out of your mouth. One day when wine and narcissism are not consuming you, you will realize how fortunate the kids are to have LeAnn in their life. She is amazing with them, as the kids will 100 percent attest to. You should be so lucky to one day find someone who will love and respect Mason and Jake as she does. Although, I really don’t know how anyone can put up with your constant bullsh*t. No wonder you have lost so many ‘close’ friends. Grow up already and for once, PUT THE KIDS FIRST!”

Brandi has released the FULL email between her and Eddie. Check out the screenshot below!

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11 Replies to “Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes War! E-Mails Released! Plus- LeAnn Has Mental Health Issues & Eating Disorder, Brandi’s Son Ate Her Laxatives By Mistake!”

  1. I think Eddie is A BIG FAT LIAR! It’s only a matter of time before he cheats on Leanne too. ONCE A CHEATER, ALWAYS A CHEATER! A man is a man is a man, wired for sex and if they aren’t faithful from day one, they will never be. He doesn’t care about anyone else besides himself and if the perfect opportunity arises, he WILL cheat again. He knows it too. Leanne was his rescue from financial ruin. He had the opportunity to cheat, he did and his payday came. Desperation fuels Eddie. If he had any respect he would have responded to Brandi from the beginning. Of course the kids love her, they get everything a child could want. The bubble they are living in will burst as soon as Eddie is tired of the same old, same. When the newest sexy slut comes along he will cheat.
    Brandi keep your head held high. He’s not worth you. Look what he did. Send him a hooker as a present. Then Leanne will get to the truth about Eddie. You don’t need a husband Brandi. Stand on your own two feet. He’s retaliating now because of his fear of the book. His shame is motivating him. He’s is petrified of the truth. You don’t have to do anything Brandi. Don’t ask, don’t nag, don’t complain. Make your lawyer do the dirty work. Keep your hands clean. Eddies life will unfold all by itself.

  2. The reason the children like Leann is because Brandi doesn’t say anything bad about Leann to them. Brandi has just recently started fighting back. Leann has constantly taunted/stalked Brandi for the last 3 years. Leann is crazy. Google Kimberly Smiley and Leann Rimes lawsuit. She is suing mom of 4 special needs kids.

  3. I am starting to think Brandi is the big fat liar. It is sad the kid got onto laxatives, if it is true. But B should be lucky the boys haven’t found her stash of xanax and weed yet.
    This mother is not putting her kids first. The book trashing their father (which is why she is bringing so much attention to this mess, she needs to sell that book!), threatening to cut Leanne and admitting to slashing her ex’s motorcycle tires…sounds like an unstable mind to me. Brandi has been saying bad things about L and Ed on twitter for a long time. How is that caring how her kids feel? At this point, she might need to home school them because of this ugly vendetta she keeps alive that will no doubt cause them rebuke and taunting in school. Brandi is stupid. And is is becoming common sense as to why Ed cheated on her with that other girl, then fell in love with Leanne.

  4. I don’t know which side is telling the truth but I personally am Team Glanville just because …. But no matter who is right or wrong ALL parties involved need to grow up. STOP this bullshit and move on with their lives. The hurtful names, accusations, and mud slinging is ridiculous and childish! B needs to grow up and know that nothing she says or does is going to change EC’s opinion of LR. EC needs to grow up and stop slinging mud about B who is the Mother of his children and he loved until (like all men in Hollywood) the next “best thing” came along! And LR should try to get the mess that she calls her life together before she points fingers at BG or ANYONE else’s weaknesses or downfalls! The 3 of them just need to GROW the F*%K UP and realize there are much, MUCH more important things going on in the world than this petty bullshit! Maybe if one of them has to struggle with cancer or something life threatening they will realize just HOW petty all this really is! That’s my 1-1/2 cents!

  5. Okay …who did wrong her Eddie ? – you are a cheater and your children will know sooner og later … left Brandi the mother of your children behind ….for a person with fame and fortune 0f course not the waitress in the restaurant …..shame on you Eddie – okay Brandi is moving on but she cannot take when her children is taken away too in a way – how much damage can that man and LeAnn do to a person there is already wounded ? think about it – it will end so wrong …man up man for once and for all ……

  6. @Lisa…Ditto. Must say, your comment that Eddie felt financial ruin heading his way, with his career spiraling downwards, then “latched on” like a baby to his money making mama, LeAnne, spoke volumes. Clearly the girl he cheated on, (who works for Lisa…new series coming out in Jan. FYI) while Brandi was pregnant, didn’t work out in terms of ‘money’. She’s far more attractive but didn’t fill his pocketbook enough to leave the mother of his children. He then stars in a tv made movie (sorry LeAnne) and hit the lotto. If LR was working for Lisa at the restaurant, seriously, would he have given her the time of day….NO! Don’t want to be mean, but woman are so niave when they meet the hot guy and thinks he’s all about them and not their fame and money. It’s happening everywhere AND on some of these shows. .

  7. Eddie and Leanne will get what they deserve in the end….as Eddie will cheat again. It’s just a matter of time. Karma is always working in the background. Both Brandi’s and Eddie’s top concern should be their children. Brandi – you can do so much better than Eddie. Take your time. It’s OK to be single while you await the right man for you and your sons.

  8. Brandi, you need to zip the comments about Le Ann and allow her to dig her own grave. When the courts are involved and the children are on the line, you have a better chance of getting your kids free from her, if you can show that she’s not a good role model or safe for their well being (laxative taken by child). If she is posting video of her unsafe behavior, (no helmet) and making comments that are damaging to the kids, tolerate by breathing (socking pillows) and logging every damn bit of it. Then take her to court, well take Eddie to court and request full custody. Been there and done it. I highly recommend, racquetball. That ball becomes, whoever you need it to be… Smash the shit out of it.

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