Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian Feud Heats Up, Both Parties Release New Statements


The battle between Brandi Glanville and her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian is still raging on as Glanville shared her Christmas was “hell” because LeAnn Rimes posted photos of her with her children on social media after asking her not to. But Brandi’s former husband Eddie Cibrian claimed this conversation never took place. Now, both parties are speaking to RumorFix to set the record straight.

“Brandi sends me hundreds of crazy emails every month, the lie here is that Brandi never once talked to LeAnn regarding posting pictures of our kids during the holidays,” Eddie told the site. “LeAnn has never spoke to Brandi. She is just using LeAnn’s name to get press for herself. What I said in People is true. These stories are getting out of control. She has never spoken with LeAnn.”

But Brandi has a completely different story. “First off, no matter what I do I will never escape the Eddie and LeAnn questions during interviews, I really tried my best to be kind towards them during my recent Nik Richie interview,” she told the site. “I say hello to LeAnn when I see her but anything to do with my children I obviously go through their father as he ultimately should be making any decisions that have to do with our children. I do not have LeAnn’s phone number, email or even a home phone number for them.”

Brandi also sent a statement about the issue that reads:

“I sent a private email in early November to Eddie requesting that he ask his wife not to post pictures of our children during holidays that I don’t have them because it hurts my heart. Obviously to say that I have never spoken to LeAnn is yet another fabrication of the known liar as both she, Eddie, and myself have been in therapy together in the past. I wish I was never asked questions about Eddie or LeAnn but I cannot control what interviewers ask me. If anything the only people trying to get press by talking about me is Eddie. They did an ENTIRE failed reality show bashing me, the mother of Eddie’s children, as a story line. I do not want a war especially at the beginning of this new year.”

“I want and need to focus on my family as my dad is going through some health issues and also on work so that I can provide for and support my children. I suggest that Eddie do the same. As far as Eddie being concerned that my kids may read on the internet that I miss them on holidays then he should probably think twice before he picks up the phone and calls his publicist which I’m not even sure why he has one, and tabloid magazines to complain about my honesty. Furthermore, if he really cared about what our children might read on the internet then he wouldn’t have cheated so publicly and without remorse — it’s one of the first things that come up when you Google his name. Our children will see all of that. He is the pot calling the kettle black and I will not be called a liar or take it. I only email and text with Eddie about our children and only when it’s necessary.”

“This whole thing makes me really sad. I thought and hoped we might get to a better place this year. I am going to now focus on my children, my family’s health, and work.”

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246 Replies to “Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian Feud Heats Up, Both Parties Release New Statements”

  1. Eddie and LeAnn belong together because they’re both crap. Brandi really needs to get to a family court judge and have a stop put to LeAnn. The kids should have supervised visitation with Eddie only, and the homewrecker barred from any further contact with them. This is beyond ridiculous.

    1. Brandi would get laughed out of court if she tried to put a stop to Leann posting photos when Brandi herself posts photos including pictures of her sons in their underwear.

      1. Not at all. Brandi is THEIR MOTHER, it’s up to her what to post, NOT the homewrecker, who uses those boys as a weapon to taunt Brandi with nonstop. She’s mental. Family court judges put the CHILDREN first. This non-stop drama is horrible for children and LeAnn, who keeps causing it, is not even a parent. The judge would likely remove her from the equation and leave the parenting to THE PARENTS. Then it all goes away and the children can return to, hopefully, a somewhat normal childhood.

        1. How does a stepmother posting pictures of her her husband and stepsons go against putting the children first?

          Eddie is their father and Brandi has no say over what Eddie allows Leann to do unless it presents a threat to their children’s safety and well-being.

            1. Rude-y Judy is back at it again with her condescending statements and assumptions! You are the one who obviously doesn’t know what you’re talking about. Supervised visitations and barring their step mother would return the kids to a “somewhat normal childhood?” That’s just mental.

              1. Um, why do I get the feeling that SOMEONE on here keeps coming back with different user names? You are very childish.

            2. This is just a silly comment. I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be unkind but her being a mother has zero to do with the fact that you’re spouting untruths. Hate to break it to you.

            3. Talk about one of the nastiest things I’ve ever read! You don’t know a THING about charrelle to make a statement like that! How do you know she’s not a mom?! She could also be someone who can’t (God forbid) have kids! There’s an old saying that DEFINITELY applies to you! “Better to be thought a fool, than open your mouth and prove the fact.” Of course, in this case, using whatever device you’re using… should stop and THINK before you type. In the legal sense of this mess……Leann has absolutely NO LEGAL STANCE, whatsoever! She is a step-parent, with no legal say regarding the kids. She does things like this to #1 get in digs at Brandi and #2 keep her name in the news. Her musical career is dragging at best. Her and Eddie’s attempt at their own reality show was just a platform to attempt to put their dying careers on life support and also trying to make themselves seem like!e the perfect, Norman Rockwell-esk family. I’ve never really cared for Brandi on RHOBH, but in this case……I’m definitely on her side. Judge Judy…….you need a HUGE lesson in THINKING before you type.

          1. She’s not even a stepmom, she uses the kids to hurt Brandi, nothing new here. She calls them her kids on instagram and stuff, no need to be a rocket scientist to understand that.

            1. Exactly. I would be incredibly hurt. I think anyone who can place themselves in another’s shoes would understand this.

          2. Sadly this is true. As someone who has split custody, we have no control over what happens in the other home. You are correct. And a judge MAY say do not post pics of the kids, but would likely state it for all parties if it came down to that. Plus this IS Cali we are talking about. They have some backwards laws.

        2. I am so exhausted by people blaming the woman when a marriage breaks up. Eddie banged every cocktail waitress in Los Angeles and Brandi was….well, Brandi. THEY wrecked their marriage, not Leann.

          1. What? Who said there has to be only one person to blame? I’m sorry but first, I did not see ANYONE on here let Eddie off the hook at all. Second, I’m sorry but that does NOT in any way mean that it’s okay to sneak around with anyone who is married. We are living in a society here and that’s just being a selfish pig. Two wrongs there, not just one or the other. Also, that’s a total strawman argument since it was never even said nor implied.

            1. You repeatedly refer to Leanne as a homewrecker. That is most certainly implying that she is the one to blame. You can’t wreck a home that is already wrecked.

              1. What a silly thing to say. ALL long marriages have their down times. That does NOT necessarily mean they are over. I call LeAnn a homewrecker because that is her correct title. However, if you pay attention you will see I say many things about Slimeball Eddie as well. Again, it is dim to insist that only one of them was to blame when it was obviously both of them. Try to focus.

                1. I’ll try to focus if you try to stop being so nasty to total strangers over something so incredibly silly. I mean seriously, some of your posts on this thread are utterly unhinged.

                    1. lean is a homewrecker, end of story. She went out on double dates with Eddie/brandi and her husband and they were already screwing, and lean knew they were married and kept going, that’s homewrecking.

                    2. One is not sour grapes, one HAS sour grapes. And clearly arguing with Capt. SaveAHoe is a huge waste of my time.

          2. I agree with you, ChristopherM. From what we saw of Brandi, my feel is that she drove Eddie to do what he did just for his peace & sanity away from her.

                1. Just like you don’t think threesomes are a big deal, some don’t think that mistresses and extra-marital sex is a big deal. Brandi has expressed that she thinks that there would be less divorce if prostitution was legal. The problem was that Brandi and Eddie’s marriage was not built on a strong foundation and IMO Brandi thought that her marriage would last if she turned a blind eye to Eddie being with other women and hoped that the connections were only sexual, but Eddie did not play by her rules and decided that he’d rather divorce her and start over than stay in a marriage where he and his wife had sex with other people.

                  1. No, she probably did what most any mother with young children would do, try to make her marriage work anyway. You seem to be going to great lengths to blame Eddie and LeAnn’s disgusting behavior on Brandi. THE CHEATERS are to blame for their horrendous behavior and the pain they cause. Period.

                    1. What lengths am I going to to blame Brandi for Eddie and Leann’s affair? Maybe you’ve gotten me confused with someone else.

                    2. They are to blame for causing the pain in the divorce and before. she is responsible for continuing to cause her sons pain now. The entire article was about HER feelings, HER missing the boys, HER, being lonely, HER as usual drowning her pain with vodka, not a word about the boys and their Christmas. Not one word about what the kids thought or felt. Because HER feelings are now and will likely always be more important than what the boys feel.

                  2. The difference is the people that don’t think mistresses and extra-marital affairs are a big deal have to be aware of it.

                    In this case Eddie didn’t think affairs were a big deal and Brandi did and wasn’t aware of them. If it were a case were both people were aware affairs were happening that is fine. Threesomes and affairs do not go hand in hand.

                    The person that field for divorce doesn’t mean they left the relationship. Brandi left him, she was one that left and went and stayed in a hotel after it came out. He went to counseling with her to try and fix the relationship.

                  3. Thank you, charrelle. I wondered if I was the only person who thought once another person is in the marriage bed, male or female, the condition of fidelity becomes blurred. Nothing makes it right what Eddie did. But he did it with many different women, and if Brandy was unaware, well, she didn’t want to know. Jeeze, my only knowledge before the “I was in hell” or whatever it said article was……nothing. The facts can’t be argued. He cheated. Yes. Leann cheated. Yes. Brandy, let’s see, she got cheated on. Yes. Now, some photos of her children were posted, laughing, smiling, cuddling Leann. Yes. Did I know? No. Did she say she was in hell? Yes. Do we know if Eddie or Leann ever read the email that according to him was one of 100 per month? No.
                    Did she make headlines using her children YES.

            1. yeah right, she drove him to sleep with half of LA’s waitresses… please! He’s a cheating moron, she’s probably cheating on lean too. Brandi is not to blame here. She were to be if she cheated while they were married, she didn’t.

          3. Human nature to blame the other woman but sadly that woman didn’t owe anyone a damn thing. The common factor was the money hungry dude who seems to have found himself a sugar mama. Regardless of what is thought of Brandi, she obviously loved her husband. Eddie is the problem.

      2. If Brandy wanted the focus off of her family, this story wouldn’t be here. She knows it’s the only public thing going on for her, Eddie and Leann, she wants public attention so, so bad. She figures she already made herself look the fool, might as well take advantage of the press.

    2. There isn’t a Judge in the world who would do this. The big question is…. would ANY OF US want Brandi as an ex-anything? It would be like dealing with evil.

      1. A family court just most certainly WOULD order this if he/she thought it was best for the children.

        I don’t know why ANY of us would want Brandi as an ex-anything but then again, I wouldn’t marry Brandi, or Eddie, or Camel-face in the first place!

        1. If a family judge/court has not stepped in to stop Brandi from posting pictures of her sons in their underwear they certainly are not going to step in to prohibit Leann from posting pictures of the kids on holidays and vacations. If a family judge/court steps in then it will be to order everyone- mother, father and stepmother from including the children on their social media.

  2. Wow! I’m not sure what to say here. Brandi does get asked about them all the time but her replies could be tempered at times. Like JJ I can’t stand Leann and have no time for Eddie. They can’t accuse her of bashing them when they do the same. On the other hand Brandi does herself no favours at all in the way she behaves.
    All in all I just feel sorry for the boys they are of an age now when they can read all of this about both parents as well as Leann and that sickens me! Why can’t three people grow up and put the boys first always!

  3. Brandi…as usual…started the fire….and then whines when she gets burned. Eddie doesn’t want to be married to her anymore. It is over. It happens. Should he have divorced her BEFORE he hooked up with his current wife. Yes, but he didn’t….but even if he had…the end results would have been the same. Eddie obviously doesn’t want anything to do with Brandi anymore (and who can blame him)…but she is his kids’ mother…so he has to.
    Geez, Brandi….have you no pride?
    Move the “F” on.

    1. Did you think Brandi wants him back? No, when his gross affair came out he said it was “just a bump in the road” and tried to stay with Brandi. She is the one who kicked him out so no. LeAnn even stalked the boys at their school when Brandi and Eddie were still together. Brandi has many faults, but this ongoing drama is 100% SkankAnn. She just doesn’t quit.

      1. Wrong, wrong and wrong. Eddie divorced Brandi, Leann rented a house in Eddie’s neighborhood AFTER Eddie and Brandi split and Leann did not stalk Eddie or his sons.

        1. Ohhhh yes she did. And she continues to taunt Brandi nonstop. She is really a nutjob and those kids should not be subjected to her. Anyway, I really think it’s sad that anyone would take the side of a homewrecker and a husband and father who thinks marriage is the same as high school dating. That’s very dysfunctional.

          1. Sorry I’m not laughing at your comment just the first line! ‘Ohhhh yes she did’. Sounds like a good old British pantomime, I thought I would wait to see if anyone said ohhhh no she didn’t! Maybe not funny to Americans but it is to Brits! I don’t like Brandi’s behaviour but I really don’t like Eddie or Leann either, just poor kids!

          2. I don’t think that the only dysfunction in Brandi and Eddie’s marriage was that Eddie had a couple of mistresses, one of whom he married. Per Brandi she was in a stale marriage and brought in other women to spice it up for her pleasure. To me Brandi wanted to stay in a stale marriage with both of them having sex with other people and she is furious and bitter that Eddie preferred to end the marriage and start over with another partner.

          1. I am correct:
            Brandi stayed with Eddie after news that he and Leann were having an affair broke.

            Brandi stayed with Eddie after Scheana announced that she and Eddie had an affair while Brandi was pregnant.

            Brandi stayed with Eddie after Eddie and Leann were spotted together showing that they were still carrying on with each other.

            The only source that Eddie had “a ton of affairs” is Brandi and she lies for publicity or because it’s a day that ends in the letter “y”.

              1. Some people just seem to not have a clue what marriage vows or being parents means. It’s scary. I hope they don’t marry anyone or have any children.

                1. I have often agreed with you on a variety of subjects, so I’m shocked at your stand here, and nor would a California family court. Being a parent does not mean causing your children perpetual angst. You’re right, the first thing the court is to consider is the welfare of the children. And the first way they do that is by assuring that one parent isn’t excluding the other. They don’t give a rip about prior marital infidelities. They certainly aren’t concerned with the grudges or feelings of any of the grown adults. They certainly aren’t going to restrict the children’s access to their father to supervised visitation because Brandi wants to destroy the father’s new family.

                  1. Where did I say that? I didn’t. I said it’s LeAnn who is using the kids as weapons against Brandi and constantly posting pictures of herself with them as she did here is one of her main methods. I do not think she is supposed to be doing that. Do read what I actually said before responding to my posts, please.

                2. Well, JJ, I do know. I just celebrated 30 years with my Husband. I was married 7 years to my first husband. Marriage vows restrict any third party being in the marriage bed, if you want to get technical about it. OK, there were “rules” Did they write another contract to replace the marriage contract when, in her words, they brought in a girl, so both parties, and the third parties would stick to the “rules?” I don’t know, but I am thinking no because she would have told us by now most likely. The cheater, Eddie, and his wife, Leann, love the boys. The pain and humiliation Brandy feels isn’t the most important thing to many people, and should never be the most important thing to those kids. That’s all. Adultery is wrong. Many, many things are wrong. Keeping this particular wrong in the face of the children constantly reminds them. Do you think that is good for the boys? What happened can not be changed. What can be changed is Brandy’s constant woe is me role she plays in public. I think Eddie is a douche. But he, with all of his faults & all of his sins, is their Dad. Their only Dad. I do wonder if he ever sat them down, if in fact he thinks they are old enough, to be sat down and have the entire adult mess explained to them. These are adult feelings, adult mistakes, adult problems. I can not count how many stories have been put out there with Brandy’s picture on them. Like someone said, two wrongs don’t make a right. If I personally wanted to show my children a strong, moral, tolerant, forgiving person, I certainly would not do what she does in front of the world. And I do know exactly what marriage means and what children do and think and feel.

                  1. When brandy falls in love and possibly has another child, only then will she look at this whole scenario differently.

                3. Well…I think I do have a clue. I stayed married for 32 years, even though it was a struggle…and I did it for my sons. But staying isn’t always the best choice. I am sure you have known couples who boast about still being married, but absolutely hate each other and torture their kids daily. I know I have…and I have talked to kids who wish their parents would just divorce so they no longer have to live in a war zone. Things aren’t always black and white, Judge Judy. People are complicated… and one size does not fit all.

              2. I am not believing either of them, I am mostly relying on dates/the timeline. It is verifiable when Eddie and Leann’s affair became public, when Scheana went public, when Eddie and Leann were spotted out together and when Eddie filed for divorce.

                1. My above comment is in response to the following comment

                  sidewinderVX January 12, 2016 at 11:01 AM Well if two PROVEN lying cheaters are your standard for who to believe, good luck.

      2. Of course Brandi doesn’t want him back. Then she couldn’t continue to get press as the scorned woman. It has been a decade…get over it!

    2. That is SUCH a good point, apple. It is the pc thing to say, to leave before, but very few men or women do it that way. She has capitalized off of her divorce, Eddie, Leann, her sons, since her appearance in the public arena. If she moves on, what would she have?

      1. Wow, that’s backwards. It’s “PC” to say cheating is wrong but it’s “really” okay and the one who is stabbed in the back is really to blame? Thanks, but I’ll take PC then!

        1. Yes. Judy. I do think Brandi wants him back….mostly to find a fresh new way to torture him and Leann.
          I think she is motivated by hatred and bitterness and she lives for revenge and retribution. I also think she needs to pull herself together, deal with her emotions instead of saturating them in booze, and focus on what is best for her kids now. I also think no one would ever call you PC.

          1. Did you not get it where this whole thing started because LeAnn once again is posting public pics of Brandi’s kids to torment her (and putting the children out there publicly is something MANY parents don’t want, for very good reasons anyway). Brandi is not allowed to have her OWN kids on the RH show, yet LeAnn does this constantly, to taunt her. Gee, is there ANYTHING skanky LeAnn and Slimeball Eddie can do that you wouldn’t find a way to blame on Brandi?

            Brandi is far from perfect but this mess is not her fault, it’s all LeAnn.

            1. You and I define “constantly” much differently. On Leann’s Instagram I found maybe 5 or 6 pictures of the kids out of 100’s…and only one is “during the holidays” . Rather than call attention to the pictures, which none of us would even know about if Brandi hadn’t used her kids to draw attention…once again… to her plight as a forsaken and abandoned single mother, maybe Brandi could just “unfollow “Leann’s Instagram account…and then she, like the rest of the world, wouldn’t even know they exist.

              1. No, she’s their mother and she has EVERY right to check and to insist that her children’s pictures NOT be posted publicly by stupid LeAnn, who is NOT their parent and has no business doing that when she is not supposed to. Many PARENTS, if not most, do NOT want anyone else posting their children’s pics or other identifying info. There are a lot of weirdos out there! Eddie is probably only making a rare appearance because LeAnn threatened to cut off his spending money!

                1. Brandi and Eddie share custody of their sons. Being their mother does not give Brandi complete autonomy over their children. The boy’s father also has custodial rights and can post pictures… or grant permission to someone else…such as his wife…to post pictures of their children online. You may need a law review, Judge.

          2. Me too. I think she still loves him and that is where all the pain she feels comes from. And, JJ, when I say PC, I mean Politically Correct. Socially Correct. Morally Correct. Biblically Correct.That was what I meant, so don’t, please, presume to apply what you might mean when you say it to what I do mean when I say it. That wasn’t an insult to being correct. I meant that as it is the CORRECT thing to do.

  4. Brandi can’t show the boys on RHOBH because Eddie didn’t want it but his homewrecker wife posts photos of herself with Eddie and Brandi and Eddie’s kids CONSTANTLY. Brandi needs to take all this to the family court judge and put a stop to LeAnn. Eddie probably only finally said something because he doesn’t want SkankAnn to cut off his money because then he can’t afford to go out with any more skanks behind her back. He is slime.

    1. IMO Leann does NOT constantly post photos.

      Brandi’s sons could be with Brandi while she was filming the first season she was on the show. Jake peed on the lawn and a big deal was made about it on the show and Jake got teased when he went to school and that’s why Eddie has been so strict about his children not being filmed.

      Brandi would get laughed out of court if she tried to “put a stop to LeAnn,” but IMO Brandi has no intention of going to court, like Eddie says she just wants to use his wife to make headlines and will even lie to get those headlines.

      1. Who would stick up for LeAnn and Eddie? Are you kidding? Gross!

        I’m really sure with your judgment, no family court judge will ask you to weigh in, but the best thing for the boys would be to get SkankAnn out of the picture completely since she just doesn’t quit trying to taunt Brandi with her own kids. She is demented.

        1. I don’t think Leann is an innocent lamb but I don’t think that taunting Brandi is her primary motive for posting pictures of her husband and stepsons.

          What do you think would carry more weight in family, that the father had an affair but ended up marrying the woman he had an affair with and they’ve been living together with his sons for over five years, or a mother who posts pictures of her children in their underwear on her social media but wants to stop the stepmom from posting pictures on her social media of her husband and stepchildren having an enjoyable holiday? And oh yeah the mother has moved seven times in six years and has been publicly drunk multiple times including one infamous incident where her breast and tampon string was exposed.

              1. Ok but don’t make it sound like Brandi was using her sons for a child porn photo when she posted that. It was a sweet pic of the boys playing. I have also posted pics of my kids in their underwear, now they also had boots a tie and a guitar, but there was nothing inappropriate about that either.

                1. I stated matter of factly that they were in their underwear, if that conjured up child porn that is in the eye of the beholder and I think Brandi should be mindful of that. I don’t want to step on toes but I can see posting pictures of kids under five on social media if your account is only visited by family and close friends but I don’t think celebrities should do it. Furthermore there have actually been stories about Brandi posting pictures of her sons in their underwear on celebrity gossip sites which gave massive exposure to her doing this and she’s continued to post underwear pictures of her sons.

      2. Oh yes, SkankAnn most certainly does constantly post photos. Anyway, anyone who actually sides with a homewrecking psycho and a sleazy repeat cheater husband and father has a few screws loose so your opinions are to be expected.

        1. I meant for this comment to go here:
          All three are jerks IMO and I don’t think I have screws loose because I am not siding with a lying, drunk, menacing, narcissistic, psycho birther.

          1. See, this is exactly the kind of debate Brandy wants, and she gets it, every time. There were 77 comments at 7:30 am my time. This is her ONLY claim to fame, and she sure does know how to take advantage of it. What talent does she have? I know, she brings divisiveness.

        2. Whoa! I really have zero shits to give about these reality fameho’s but Judge Judy, your words to other commenters are mostly unkind which is so unnecessary. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, just like you. Peace to you. (Duck and cover.)

      3. Again that’s incorrect. Brandi’s kids were never on the show.

        Jake was at the party you are talking about but he was not allowed on camera as Eddie had already said he didn’t want the kids filmed. Brandi said she couldn’t even have the kids around filming eventually as they would run through the background of a shot and it was havoc for editors to have to edit around footage.

        1. Exactly. He won’t allow Brandi to have the kids shown publicly. Then his nasty wife constantly posts pics of herself ith them publicly. She is definitely taunting Brandi, which is especially sickening when she helped break up their home.

        2. I am correct but there is a phrase that could have been better worded. I did not say that Brandi’s kids were on the show, I said that “Brandi’s sons could be with Brandi while she was filming” which is irrefutable. Brandi took her kids to a filming event her first season and an incident happened where Jake peed on the lawn in front of a group of people and a big deal was made about it on the show and Jake got teased over the incident.

          I did say “that’s why Eddie has been so strict about his children not being filmed” and a better phrase would have been,”that’s why when Brandi was asked back Eddie took additional steps to forbid his children even being present while filming was going on” since the restriction from them appearing on camera was not enough to prevent one of his children from becoming a storyline on the show and experiencing fallout from it.

          Eddie was the reason why Brandi “couldn’t even have the kids around filming,” not Brandi or production, if she said that then that is another one of her lies. Brandi has even complained about the situation because she has to get child care for them and it also limits her time with them during her custody time.

          1. Why were her children still mentioned on the show at all if that were the case?

            That party was filmed as one of Brandi’s first events, when they bring in new housewives and see if they get on with the existing ones and they probably filmed the kids at that party, but they weren’t allowed to be shown as Eddie had already got a lawyer and denied Bravo from filming the kids. They had no choice but to edit around the kids.

            If he “blocked them more after it aired”, how are they still talked about?

            I did a quick google, cuz your story sounds like bull. I found the articles were it’s mentioned. it’s a “sources say” article, so no credibility. The articles also never mention Eddie “blocking the kids more than he already had” from the show, they say he was refusing to let them film because he was teased – yet he’d already refused to let them film, which is why they aren’t in that episode, doesn’t make sense, unless he’s physic?

            Also to believe this story, you have to believe a group of 5 year olds were watching RHOBH, and knew who Brandi was.

          2. @sidewinderVX,
            What do you mean my story sounds like bull? I can see some people disagreeing with Eddie, but it is hardly inconceivable for an ex-husband, an ex-husband that does not get along with his ex-wife at that, to take steps to restrict his sons from being present while his ex-wife is filming a reality show after an incident occurred where his son peed on the lawn in a group and it became a storyline including a fight where Brandi screeched, “Don’t talk about my babies… I will f—ing kill you!”

            For a child to be shown on camera on a reality show BOTH parents have to sign off, Eddie never did that sign off. Apparently both parents don’t have to sign off for kids to be present when filming is taking place, but in Brandi’s case when the next season came around Eddie took steps to restrict his sons from even being present when filming is taking place because of what happened the previous season with the urinating incident.

            The children were still mentioned on the show because presumably that is allowed and no extra steps were taken to prevent that. The kids were mentioned on Eddie and Leann’s show as well, also in general kids get mentioned even if they do not appear on camera.

            Brandi has talked about what is going on but things get intertwined – she has complained both about Eddie not signing off for their sons to be filmed and she’s complained that they are not even allowed to be present when filming because of measures taken by Eddie after Brandi filmed her first season.

            1. It sounds like bull to me cuz it doesn’t make sense. According to these sources (not eddie, sources) what extra measures could be taken to make sure the kids aren’t around events?, You can’t ban kinds from events completely, He could Ban Bravo from showing his kids, but Bravo could technically still have the kids there and never show them or blur them out. And it also doesn’t make sense that a bunch of 5 year old kids were watching housewives.

              Brandi has complained about having to be away from the kids or having to get babysitters because they can’t film, not because they aren’t even allowed in the area of filming.

              If Bravo had Brandis children at events, they would have to check every frame of those events to edit the children out for risk of getting sued for showing the kids, it makes sense that having them there wouldn’t be an option. It wouldn’t make sense that he got some some extra court order so the kids couldn’t attend events.

              It also sound like bull to me because if there was some special order, I don’t think Bravo could air that episode with Mason peeing on the grass ever again, and I don’t think Brandi could have her kids on her podcast, which she has done.

              1. Perfect example of that by the way is in the latest episode of RHAOA when Kenya goes to her moms house, the entire screen in blurred out except Kenya. They can film whatever they like, but court orders can force them to blur it out/not show it.

                1. There are different types of restrictions. I did not watch the episode but the blurring you are referring to sounds like what happens because the show does not want to open themselves to an artist or publisher coming after them and claiming that they are owed money because their copyrighted material or intellectual property was featured on the show.

                  1. Actually, when blurring like that happens……90% of the time, it’s because the person/people concerned, refused to sign a release form. You see it a lot on shows like Cops, Jail or shows about being in prison. If someone is in a shot, a release must be signed before their face can be shown.

              2. You don’t have to agree with me but I’m calling bull on you saying I am not making sense. There is nothing nonsensical or inconceivable about a father, after his son became a storyline because he publicly urinated, took steps to restrict his children from being present while his ex-wife was filming her reality show. I am not saying that you have to agree with that action but it certainly is not nonsensical nor inconceivable.

                Of course Eddie can go to court and request that his children not be allowed to attend Real Housewives filming events, and if the judge sides with him that means that Brandi cannot take her sons with her to events where the cameras are present and she has to send them away when the film crew is at her house.

                They can still show the episode from season 2 because no rules/laws/court orders were violated when Brandi took her sons to Adrienne’s barbecue and the urination incident happened.

                Five year olds don’t have to watch Real Housewives for them to become aware that there was an incident where Jake publicly urinated.

                1. The thing that shreeks out at me is the constant defense of everything Brandy does, but because she wasn’t ever known to cheat in her marriage, every single base, foul, low class thing she does and says is looked past because Eddie cheated. I wonder if anyone who ever cheated in a marriage ever gets to have an opinion, a nice dinner, a photo, a job, without that mistake being splashed into the forefront. Hey, maybe he fell to his knees in remorse for what he did to Brandy. Maybe he regrets ever doing many of the things he has done. I honestly don’t care anymore, because I would like to think I would eventually be forgiven, even for such a totally shitty thing. I mean do any of them ever get to live that down. Maybe he is living the moral, monogamous, righteous life now to make up for that. Maybe he is trying to show his sons what it means to do better, to make up for mistakes. When does what Brandy does get to be made up for? Certainly not right now because she is still doing it. Using foul language all over social media to get noticed. Sleeping with men she met in a foreign country that night, well, that was last year, so maybe we should let that go, but wait!! What Eddie did was how many years ago. How many mistakes add up to his one mistake? That is what stands out for me. No one can say someone has no morals or has no kids or doesn’t believe in marriage because we think throwing that in his face over & over & over forever is just purely for the media attention it gets her is the wrong thing to keep doing. That is my opinion on cheating.

                2. Great. Back that statement up?

                  I can show you examples if where Brandi has said they couldn’t be there because the kids couldn’t be on camera, in case they run through the background.

                  Can you back up your statement that Eddie took extra measures to stop his kids being around events where the show was filmed?
                  You already said the reason is cuz of the party incident, which I’ve looked at news about that, and none of them say anything about extra measures to block the kids from being at events.
                  So you are the only person I see saying this, so it’s your speculation, no credibility. Any sources?

                  1. I am knitting together things from different stories so I don’t think that there is going to be single article or video that lays it out. Brandi herself confirmed/revealed the bulk of what was going on when Eddie and Leann did an interview with Giuliana Rancic and there was footage of her children on that show.

                    Google this headline,”Brandi Glanville Slams LeAnn Rimes for Featuring Sons Mason and Jake in E! Interview,” it should take you to an article from December 2012, there were other articles as well about the matter.

                    Some highlights/quotes from articles on, and

                    – Eddie’s lawyers had previously banned Brandi from taking the boys with her whilst she filmed her own reality show.

                    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 40, is furious that Cibrian’s new wife is exploiting their children on TV — especially since Glanville herself has been forbidden by her ex’s lawyers from bringing the kids with her when she films her Bravo reality series.

                    “My kids can be on [an] E news special apparently but not in the background of the show I am on?” the mom-of-two tweeted Sunday, Dec. 9. “Amazing!”

                    “The point is he says they can’t be on the background of RHOBH, so when I shoot I have to send them off to a babysitter.”

                    According to Glanville, “Eddies lawyer” told her bosses, including Andy Cohen, that Mason and Jake aren’t allowed to be featured in the background of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

                    1. This actually backs up my statement more than it back up your statement though, lol?

                      They aren’t to go to Bravo events because they can’t be on film.
                      They could never be on the show, they could never be in the background of the show, that’s why the kids aren’t even shown in the first episode – nothing changed from the first season they weren’t on.

                      The fact that they ban the kids from RHOBH but don’t consult Brandi about them being on an interview with a stepmother, or they ignore requests asking not to post pictures, shows exactly how psychotic they are.

                    2. @sidewinderVX,
                      I replied to your comment. I must’ve hit the wrong reply button but it is still in this string just a little further down.

                  2. @sidewinderVX,

                    What I posted above supports your comments, ummm, OK… 😆

                    You stated that it sounds like bull and does not make sense, and that you “can’t ban kinds [sic] from events completely” and “Bravo could technically still have the kids there and never show them or blur them out” and “Brandi has complained about having to be away from the kids or having to get babysitters because they can’t film, not because they aren’t even allowed in the area of filming.”

                    What I posted above clearly debunks what you said. Perhaps you are confused or missed that the circumstances changed from what was allowed Brandi’s first season versus what was allowed subsequent seasons. What you are describing was in place in Brandi’s first season but things changed after that season and tweets and statements from Brandi support that Eddie is the reason for the change, it was not a production decision.

                    Now I have stated pretty strongly that Eddie’s motive was because Jake was teased over the urinating incident, that is me connecting the dots from what was reported in articles that came out in Spring 2012 to what was reported months later from Brandi’s tweets. You dismissed those articles because the quote was from “a source,” “an insider,” and while my gut tell me that is the motive, I will back down on continuously including that part in my comments.

                    You said that you will post examples of Brandi saying that the kids couldn’t be there because they could not be on camera and the concern was that they’d accidentally be filmed. Will you please do that, not that I disbelieve you but I am just curious to read it.

                    1. We clearly see very different things from the same statements. If something changed from Brandi’s first season to the second, where are Brandi’s kids for the rest of the first season? The only thing they have been to was the very first thing Brandi filmed for, they would have filmed gone to get the release, Eddie said no and from there on the kids weren’t allowed. All before the episode aired on TV, so there was nothing for eddie to do differently after the first season aired.
                      None of the articles say anything about something changing after the first season, just that the kids aren’t allowed to attend events cuz they can’t be filmed by Bravo – which happened before the show aired, not after.
                      I also put a lot more stock in news that comes from the person, rather than a sources say, Brandi talked about the kids on her interview with Nik Richie on the Nik Richie Podcast

    2. Lol now that is a true statement if I ever heard one haha. He wouldn’t want his money cut off. From the outside it sure does look like he married for money and I’m sure he cheats on her too

  5. All three are jerks IMO and I don’t think I have screws loose because I am not siding with a lying, drunk, menacing, narcissistic, psycho birther.

    1. I watched the show where he peed on the lawn. You couldn’t really see him in the shot. She had crutches which is why I THOUGHT, just so it doesn’t look like I said that as a fact, I THOUGHT the reason she didn’t run over and talk to him about it was because she had crutches. I hurt my ankle really bad once when I was about her age at that time and I couldn’t “Jump up” to do anything. She herself said at the reunion Eddie said she couldn’t have the kids on the show. Twice I remember particularly, once in her last reunion. The rest might or might not be inference. Who cares?

      1. Even if Brandi ran/hobbled over to his to deal with the situation they would not have shown any footage of the children. It was the same set up with Camille Grammer’s children, they were at the event too and weren’t on camera because Kelsey did not sign off. At most they may be able to show the back of a kids head.

        1. No, I was just speaking to what was said about her not disciplining him except saying his name. I thought that is why she didn’t jump up and discipline him. Not about why he wasn’t on camera. 🙂

          1. Kids will be kids. Hate to say it but I don’t know a perfect child OR parent. I don’t think it was the worst thing in the world. Just something to embarrass them with when older.

            1. No, absolutely not. I didn’t understand why it became a big deal at all. It was something Kyle did that I didn’t like. She didn’t give any thought to any of the things in effect that day. 1st. Big deal. 2nd. Brandy had a hurt ankle and crutches. 3rd. The kid was what 4? 4th. From what Brandy said, she had already been told by Eddie he didn’t want the kids on the show, now I haven’t “fact checked” this, but it is the impression I got at her first reunion. So, therefore, knowing she was on camera, and he had already peed, no reason to make a big production, try to get up with the crutches on a lawn, by the time she would have gotten there it would have been over and she didn’t think it was necessary. She would have had to tell the camera guy not to follow, and her first day of filming I’m sure there are logistics that she had no way of knowing about. She was just going to let it go, same as I would have done. Fortunately Kyle apologized for the entire thing. We all make mistakes and we all want them to eventually be forgiven, if not forgotten. She was nervous that day and said some things that were out of line, but the kid peeing on the lawn was no big.

      2. Co-signing that it’s been discussed at multiple reunions that Eddie restricted his sons when it came to the show, although Brandi has actually said at one of the more recent reunions that she is OK with it because she’s afraid of what they might say.

    2. charrelle, we would have to follow every Brandy, Eddie, Leann story and either commit it to memory, or have it be so important that we would go back all those years to find it so any comment wouldn’t ever have any word, thought, inference or opinion that wasn’t a “fact”, to be sure we didn’t make a mistake when we made a comment.

  6. Slimeball Eddie will soon be on to the next piece of crap like himself and this gross camel face will have to stop humping his leg in her tacky little bikinis in front of his children. Of course, he’ll just find another whacko, though. Too bad the kids can’t be sent to a normal grandparent, if there is one.

    1. Well, really, aside from how Brandi acts on the show (and remember she has to make a living and had to produce enough drama to be kept around) I haven’t seen any evidence that she’s not a good mother.

      It would be so horrible to have your husband run off with a nutjob who then keeps playing games to use your kids against you. I’ve seen a lot of what she’s done and I really do think she’s unstable and that a judge would bar her from the boys. Brandi may actually be trying TOO hard to get along.

    1. That is just what I came on to say! Always the most comments and the most ‘differences of opinions’! Such fun!!

  7. That is so true. Everyone seems to hate Brandi but she gets a huge number of comments even when she’s not on the show!

    Also, as I just said on another section here, it would be very interesting to get behind why we love and hate different Housewives. There are a few of them who I just can’t stand practically on sight and others that many people hate and I’m like huh?!

    1. I really kind of like Brandi because she says the truth when no one else will and it cracks me up. I also think her bawdy sense of humor is funny, a lot of times. But sometimes I do get sick of her.

  8. People here are really bad at math.

    They got divorced in 2010, they haven’t been divorced longer then they’ve been married. He cheated with Leann in 2009, they got back together and went to counseling and stuff, and eventually when the rest of the affairs came out, she left him and they got divorced in 2010, it’s been just over 5 years.

    1. You are right, sidewinder. Also, it’s so ignorant when people glibly say “Get over it” like it’s a high school romance. Um, a family really NEVER just “gets over it.” It’s permanent damage for the entire family that’s left behind, and she is a single parent which is much harder, wasn’t the deal, and NOT anything she can just get over. She has to live it daily.

      I think Eddie is way too selfish and immature to be married at all. Let’s hope he doesn’t bring any more children into the world.

    2. I’ll disagree! 5 years is plenty!! How long is enough ? 15?? Grow some ovaries girl!!! Yes I get that the pain lingers etc etc BUT after 5 years, you have s choice! Bicker, argue and make fools out of yourselves in public OR get it together for the sake of your kids and try and act with some level of decorum. He was a cheating douche nozel, WHY WHY WHY would you want to waste more energy on him???? As they say, don’t wrestle with a pig, you’ll both get dirty but the pig will like it

      1. I agree on paper 5 years is plenty, but at the same time you are talking about someones emotions, so you can’t put a time frame on that, and you can’t just get over it.

        The fact they have kids together, means it will always be a part of their lives and the fact he’s still with his mistress adds an extra layer of hurt to the wound.

        1. Yawwwwn SWX lol. Women are much stronger than they think . And she selectively oscillates between victim and kick ass bitch ! Again, she CHOOSES that role for herself , moving on is never easy but you tuck your tits and get on with living ! I’m not picking sides, I think they’re all idiots , but I don’t buy this from her. I don’t like it when strong women play weak and adopt s victim mentality ( selectively ) . WHO CARES that he married his affair?? If you’re truly done with your ex, why would you care ?? The best revenge is living well

            1. When my kids were little, NO WAY did I want their pics posted anywhere publicly. There are a LOT of weirdos out there! LeAnn does it constantly, just to mess with Brandi. LeAnn is obsessed with Brandi, not the other way around. It’s weird when she has Eddie, but that’s what’s going on IMO.

          1. I do agree with you, she should just move on. If asked about it in interviews I wish she just wouldn’t comment. Why any of these women comment on things they really shouldn’t is baffling.

            But I also appreciate an honest answer, when an interviewer asks a direction question “does it bother you that Leann posts pictures of your children”, like if she says no comment, the same stories are still gonna get written.

            1. Lots of people in the public eye say ‘I don’t want to comment on my children ‘ and we talk all the time here about how kids should be out of discussion. If you put reporters on notice, they will respect that . You can respond honestly to questions but not go to painful detail, an interview is not a therapy session . She can CHOOSE to divulge or just answer honestly and succinctly . And by no means even refer to anything about your kids. Even if Leanne is wrong, Brandi as their MOTHER, should say I’m sorry I don’t comment about my kids . 2 wrongs don’t make a right

      2. Rain, thank you. Naturally it hurts when we think of it. But why keep on thinking of it? I think I know. Because she can’t keep herself in the headlines otherwise. If she really wanted her sons not to be in the news, this entire story would be only in HER MIND. It wouldn’t be playing out in this log.

      3. Again, when she finds true love she WILL move on. But that kind of pain has no time limit. It’s like grieving death. Took my mom many years. Took me many years. True she could be less hostile and opt to keep quiet (and That is TRULY the more adult thing to do and in the best interest of her children), but some people just are not capable. I choose to kill my ex with kindness every chance I get, and trust me, he’s nasty. But she will get there in her own time. I used to be a big brandy fan, but am no longer one. I just understand the pain and Try not to judge others for theirs. What does it make US to be so judgmental? We do not walk in their shoes.

  9. Ok folks. Wow! Everyone is on high alert this morning. Here’s my take: Eddie was a multiple-times cheater. Leeann didn’t “break up” that sham of a marriage. It was “broken” before it even started. Brandi is Brandi. Can you imagine being married to that? With that mouth? And that hair-trigger temper? And no remorse? And her refusal to grow up and act like an adult? She picked a cheater to have kids with and she needs to deal with her decision. It’s been years now and she’s still whining about it. She’s horrible.

    1. She picked a cheater to have children with and she needs to deal with her decision. So, Eddie’s cheating was Brandi’s fault even though she didn’t know about it. Yet, LeAnn has NO responsibility for helping break up a home with children because “it was broken anyway?” Wow. Is it crap all over mothers day and no one told me? Ick!

      Anyway, Eddie LOVES crazy women. Look at the camel-head he married the second time around! And with his ZIPPER problem, I hardly think he’s anyone to judge someone’s MOUTH.

      Oh dear. Why am I bothering with these trashy people again? I don’t remember… 🙂

      1. Eddie’s cheating is not Brandi’s fault but Brandi choosing to marry and have children with a man of Eddie’s character is her fault.

        With all that’s gone on forty-something Brandi still makes statements like she’s attracted to the hottest guy in the room and bad boys. Bear in mind that she criticized one of her castmates for marrying a man who she (Brandi) deemed unattractive and made it seem like the her values when it comes to choosing a mate are the right and respectable ones.

        1. Another great point. Yes, if she had wanted to marry an ugly, short man with money, she could have done that long ago. Yes, I remember now. Because Joyce and her handsome husband were showing delightful scenes with the boys, Brandy just couldn’t abide her. Joyce never got an entire sentence out at that reunion without someone, gee who was it, Yolanda, Brandy’s little guard dog, and Brandy mocking her before she could finish her point. How would we like it if our comment was read half-way, then every word we said was challenged. Oh wait, I know.

    2. So you shouldn’t blame Leann for breaking up the marriage, but you should victim blame the person that gets cheated on??
      Even if she was all those things, that doesn’t make it okay for Eddie to cheat multiple times.

      You have no idea what she was like in her marriage.

      I don’t blame Leanna for breaking up their marriage, she’s responsible for breaking up her own since she cheated on her husband, Eddie is the only one responsible for that, since he decided to cheat. Leann still slept with a married man, with kids, that makes her not responsible but it still makes her a total bitch.

                  1. Yep, the windbag from Ireland still thinks he is loved, but really I believe he is just doing his job here. Bravo or Evolution making sure the long winded arguments for Brandi Glanville remain. I believe this because no one could possibly be this sincere in defense of someone like her. According to sidewinderVX, she has never made a mistake in her life. Everything she does is correct and right. If you look, you will see he doesn’t defend her against the ones who say the most hateful things toward her, because that wouldn’t result in an argument. Therefore, in my humble opinion, his defense is false and it is a job.

                    1. Hi 3Ds!

                      If you are gonna go on anon to post mean comments, don’t leave your email address in the email field it’s a dead giveaway.

                      Thanks for continuing to read all my comments though. I’m having a great time ignoring all of yours – well the ones you log in to post under.
                      Anyway, I hope loads of people see this and get a better understanding of how petty and spiteful you are, cuz I already knew that.

                  2. There’s the 3D’s jumping out again. You so much want to think I follow you like you follow me. I hadn’t even seen anon. as I never read or reply to them. Everyone knows I have a particular problem with anon. posters, if I wanted to speak to you I do it with my name as I am not ashamed of anything I have to say. If a person wants to go back to an argument 3 days later, it means they aren’t finished, not that they are starting again, like you are here. It is a good point tho, one I think rh_dude made when he posted here. Not everyone argues the way you think they should, or thinks the was you think they should. I know you wish I did read all of you, truthfully, not only do I already know what you are going to say, I actually position my page so as to hide even your handle, that’s how offensive I find you to be. But why are you trying to start up again, I thought you were all mature, and also, you found someone else to argue with.

                    1. Click on the “Anonymous” user name on that post, it shows your email address.
                      If you are gonna post on Anon you have to leave leave the email field blank, you filled in your email address.

                      I have no interest in continuing a conversation with you, which is why I didn’t engage any of the points in your anonymous post.

                  3. Sidewinder I know you won’t believe this part, but I am asking you to read this anyway. It has always, honestly, bothered me that you thought so poorly of me. A family member uses my laptop when I take my bath and apparently has no idea about the mistakes of the blog allowing a person to see the email. But that is neither here or there.
                    When I accidentally clicked on your handle a while back, your twitter account came up, so that is how I came upon it. No matter what I thought about it, I shouldn’t have allowed myself to say anything. Although I didn’t mention your name ever in that post. Anyway, I knew a persons account of some kind appeared, so if I wanted to post anon I would have known to leave it blank. I have notified the admin. about it and I will again.
                    What I want to say is I didn’t want to say that about being able to go right to twitter from here in here, so I didn’t. I just said whatever I said.
                    I am telling you that I personally believe it is cowardly to post as anonymous, but whatever you choose to believe is fine. I genuinely don’t have horrible feelings about you and it proves it bothers me to have even a stranger a country away’s opinion of me bother me enough that I spoke to my family. I was actually shocked when I saw my own email on there. I spoke to her and she said she was getting pissed off and won’t do it again. Hey, If I wanted to use anon I would have been dong it a long time ago.
                    I hope you will accept my sincere apology about this entire argument. I do feel a different way about people than you, and I argue differently than you. I personally think posting anonymously is cowardly and would never do it. But, whatever you believe about that part please believe that I am sorry for the argument, and you do have a good argument and can give it back, but that doesn’t excuse me doing it.
                    I do hope at the very least we can just be cordial, even without replying personally.
                    I also want to apologize to everyone else here for having this all be on here. I have learned something new about my actual family today, and hope to continue having a good rapport with everyone.

                1. Really Rain? Hmm…I am not sw’s enemy…never was. But you are sweeter to him I guess…with the sugar and all. 😉

                    1. He had a rough day the other day RS so I was pouring on the sugar lol. But I think it’s time for that to end :). And yes many people like and appreciate him, just like they like you RS 🙂

                1. Hold on lol, there’s a back story 🙂 SWX had a rough day a few days ago , due to a heated discussion , so I was just pouring the sugar to make sure he’s ok . But yes many many people here like him and his opinions, just like they like you , RealSandy xoxo

        1. Well goodness, from some of these comments you’d think the moral low ground, if not the mud, is the right place to roll!

              1. I personally just don’t think anything someone does in a marriage can justify cheating.

                Like this isn’t a case of being desperately unhappy in marriage and suddenly meeting someone and falling for them, the loser was cheating with multiple women over multiple years, when it came out he went to counseling with his wife, it doesn’t really sound like someone who is unhappy in his marriage, it sounds like someone who likes to bang side chicks.

                1. I never would justify cheating! I’m addressing the behavior of all parties NOW, and AFTER the cheating and divorce etc etc . You can’t keep dragging up the past every time you drop off your kids to your ex. Both parents and their spouses need to get over themselves and focus on the kids . You can hate each other privately but don’t make s spectacle

                2. It was never justified, but he clearly has no self control when it comes to women. Maybe he should have been a Mormon…when they would let you have more than one wife. He wants variety…or whatever. His wife was pregnant when he was with Sheana. That is a disgrace. I would never speak well of that man if I was Brandi, though she was physically attracted to him. I guess maybe that is all she wanted at the time too. She seems a bit shallow to me, but that is my opinion. I don’t know her. She should stop with all the young boys and find a real relationship and move on. The boys should not be pawns in a game, and they will grow up soon enough and choose where they want to spend their time, so the fighting is not helping the family dynamic at all.

    3. Thanks GIGICAT, Quite right all that you said. Plus, she started posting first about Leann & the pics, Eddie was responding to that attack. Brandi cant let up or let go & constantly wants her presence known. Dosent matter which avenue she chooses to do so, as long as she makes sure she’s in the news. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with that woman, but mostly her boys.

      1. Uh no. As you said, what started it was LeAnn posting the pics of Brandi and Eddie’s children when she knew she was not supposed to. How could Brandi have “starting posting first” about it if LeAnn didn’t do it? I think it must be be backwards day around here!

  10. Anyway, Gigicat, that is very inaccurate that Brandi is “still whining” about the divorce. NO, see, actually she still has to RAISE KIDS with Slimeball Eddie, and his skank keeps using the kids as weapons against her. HOW is that “whining about the divorce?” The misogyny is getting old. I’m sorry but a wife and mother who is cheated on and left and has to raise kids alone and put up with the homewrecker messing with her IS the victim here, NOT the other way around. Misogyny!

    1. As hard as I try, I can’t find anything useful in Brandy saying her Christmas was “hell” The difference is, for me, I wouldn’t have even known Leann posted photos, and I believe that to be true for anyone who doesn’t “follow” anyone on twitter or instagram. This blog, and others like it is Brandy’s bread and butter, her interviews, even if not paid, ( which would be stupid to do them for free ), and the media attention it gets her keep her in the public eye. And it works. That’s why she keeps doing it. I would guess, remember it’s a guess, that the majority of us didn’t know about the photos. Does anyone want to say? I knew nothing about it until the story was here. That is the difference in what the two women did. Leann ( or maybe Eddie or maybe even the boys ) posted pics, beautiful, happy pictures on instagram, correct? Was it insta or twitter? Either way, I hadn’t seen it. Now, the story has been picked up by every housewives blog. Everyone in the entire free world knows what housewives is.

      1. Great point. I never even heard of those pics till she brought them up! Reminds me of whole hoopla about Janet’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ during the halftime. No one even noticed it till the media turned it into a circus

      2. If my children were with a woman who had been hospitalized for mental issues etc. etc. etc. and my ex was a creep, I would definitely be watching social media. And it wouldn’t have a thing to do with any interest in the ex-creep or his ho.

  11. OMG! This thread I think I’m bowing out before it gets even more nasty, silly me all I was, am, concerned about is the kids having THREE stupid adults arguing over them. Have fun all xo

  12. There are certain tragedies that do take years and years, maybe a lifetime, to get over. For me my cheating asshole husband when he cheated with my “friend” while I was literally fighting for my life in a hospital, isn’t one of them.

    1. Sadly , most of us women have been cheated on , myself included. It’s almost like a right of passage, dealing with this type of betrayal and pain. Luckily my mother was a wise hippie and taught me that I’m not responsible for other people’s behavior and touchiness and that i can only choose how I respond to it . Easier said than done for sure, by its one of the many mantras I live by . Sorry you experienced that 3D 🙁

      1. Ahhh, Rain….your hippy mother was a very wise woman. Everyone is hurt and treated badly at some point in their life…if they live long enough. We can either choose to let it destroy us, or we can let go of all the resentment and move forward. You chose the right path, Grasshopper.

      2. Thanks, you too Rain. That was a bummer, not a tragedy. Her entire “career” has been about this. Since the first moment she was on TV. If she lets this go, even though it would be best for her boys, there would be no interest in her. This page proves it. No one has said something like that if this would just stop “she could go on with her “writing,” “singing,” “business deal,” career. This is her career. Too bad every time it hurts the boys again.

  13. I will reply to myself here to say : When a woman find out she is pregnant, that there is a HUMAN SOUL INSIDE, her body, the education begins. The person INSIDE becomes the most important thing in the world. From it I learned tolerance, patience, who I am, what love means, so many things.
    I would suffer any humiliation, degradation, embarrassment or pain if it meant my children didn’t.

    1. I agree! Motherhood changed my life and personality in ways I never thought possible . I had my first at 18 (not ideal lol) and I was just a silly California hippie chick. It made me a ‘woman’ . And yes 3D, I’ve repeatedly said that suffering is part of being a woman. We love , we care and nurture and also suffer and just deal with all the crap especially for the sake of our children. But we are also strong, resilient and taugh . Power to the V

    2. I guess this is to you 3D and Rain, I know you were very young mothers and sometimes it doesn’t always work out that young mums are the best (from my experience with several friends ) but you two seem to have cracked it! Kudos to you both. Due to a failed marriage, luckily no kids, but didn’t feel lucky at the time! I didn’t have my first until 34 and I almost left it too late! ( not going in to details here) so whether you are 18 or 34 that little body growing inside you is the most amazing feeling ever. As they grow up you don’t lose that love even when they are 29 and 30 which my two are! Nowadays I’m so so proud of both of them! Brandi Eddie and Leann should all be ashamed of themselves! I don’t think one is better than the other!

      1. i think they are both scum also. But no amount of arguing can change what happened. I would never allow my kids to hear that kind of comment, and if I did think for one minute that Leann wasn’t good to them, and if the courts didn’t help, I would leave the country. I would have done ANYTHING to protect my children. Even then they would have thought it was an adventure, never would I have told them we were running from their Dad and Step. I hear the pride in your words, Sally, I am sure you are a wonderful Mum.

        1. The majority of us wouldn’t allow our children to hear that rubbish either! Personally I would never do it in a million years, if I had children with my first husband although I hated him at the end I would never have let the children know. Brandi has formed her career since kicking Eddie to the curb, as this thread shows being the wronged wife it’s pathetic after all of these years! To stay so bitter and harm those beautiful boys!! when was the last time there were as many comments? It keeps her in the public eye, what none of them are thinking and I do blame all three is what this is doing to the boys. I think Trixiebelle near the bottom of this thread summed it up perfectly!

  14. I guess I really don’t like it when people take marriage, especially with children, lightly or like it’s no big deal if someone cheats or leaves or if someone participates in that with them.

    I think it should be taken far more seriously. It’s happening a lot more that families are breaking up when maybe they could have made it and I do believe (know) a lot of that is because not taking your vows seriously the minute it’s not fun has become so very socially acceptable.

    I seriously doubt many of them are better off anyway. They have the same problems with the next person because you don’t learn anything by running off to a new shiny person. Guess what? They have faults too! And children of divorce really do just have a much harder way to go. People like to wave that off with cute sayings but that doesn’t change the sad reality for them. “Just get over it?” Yeah, it doesn’t work that way at all.

  15. Did she mention the f…ing cheating AGAIN!!!!! It was almost 10 years ago enough is enough Brandi you gotta let this go. THat is the ONLY thing that will allow you to be free and happy. If you were so happy and content in your life (which is obviously not the case) you would ignore and care less about something that went on 10 years ago. Brandi and Eddie both should NEVER be posting anything about either of their households EVER. But she cannot help trying to kick him when he has the kids. I don’t think Eddie is intimidated by Brandi at all. It gets to point where the world knows his ex wife is a trailer trash, whore and yeah he is a cheater but at this time he keeps to himself and she continues to throw crap at him on social media every time she gets a chance. Stop caring about what they do Brandi tampon string and get yourself in therapy for the horrible behavior you constantly put out for everyone to see including your kids. Those kids are going to look back and when they think of their parents do you think they are going to be mad at Leeann for posting Christmas pictures or the inexcusable disgusting, drunken whoring behavior of their mother. My guess is they will have internal issues about this entire situation and when the time comes I see Rebellion.

    1. I thought the issue was the LeAnn inappropriately posted public pictures of the boys again when she is not supposed to. Anyway, the effects of the cheating and divorce are far from over for Brandi and the kids and won’t be for some years, if ever. So tell us why, again, that Brandi shouldn’t be allowed to talk about it? Especially when LeAnn constantly goes on every third rate celeb site that will have her and rehashes how great it was to help break up a home. I’m sorry but Brandi can say whatever she damn well wants to say. She is not the one who created this disaster nor the one who keeps it going IMO. I’m for mothers and families, not for smoothing the way for the convenience of cheaters and troublemakers.

  16. Based on personal history (divorced, NOT due to affair but small children involved), most judges would look at not what caused the marriage to end but the welfare of the children in restricting pictures, etc. Most standard child custody paperwork includes verbiage that either party and their significant other must refrain from negative language regarding said parties in front of the children. It would be a hard sell to show pictures of kids smiling during the holidays and say that it is detrimental to their well being that they are in what very well could be a loving home. Yes LeAnn and Eddie started their relationship in the worst of scenarios but the court would look at the home they are providing currently and that may very well be a loving home for the children. The court system would not judge the same way posters to a website would, they would look at other factors. My husband (stepfather to my kids) has helped me raise my kids since they were very small and they consider him a father right with their own father – who has fallen short some times due to his partying nature.
    More concerning to me is that as a mother, Brandi does not have contact information for the wife of her ex husband. She should have it because the children are in this person’s home/care 50% of the time and she should be able to contact whomever is involved in their life that way. My ex and I are not great friends but it has to be acknowledged that as the adults in a child’s life you MUST get beyond your own feelings and learn to speak to someone you don’t like. Don’t make the kids pay for what happened in the marriage, even if you are 100% not to blame for the divorce and your ex’s mistress is now a large part of their life.

      1. Thanks apple. Another lesson I learned is to try not to judge someone you’ve never lived with – so many people judged me during my divorce without knowing personal info. Happy to say though that my kids are awesome and putting them first made a big difference in my relationship with them – now that they’re grown we are the best of friends and that trumps any cheap shots I could have taken towards their dad years ago. He sadly has not yet learned that lesson.

    1. Regarding Brandi not having contact information for Leann, I don’t think she has complete access to Eddie either. Either she does not have their cell numbers or she’s blocked but she can reach Eddie via an assistant or a landline. I think email is their main way of communicating and according to Eddie, “Brandi sends me hundreds of crazy emails every month.” I think that when things are going smoother Brandi and Eddie also communicate via texts.

  17. It wasn’t enough for LeAnn to help break up a family with children. She also wants to take over the children and she just doesn’t quit. I can’t wait until Creepy Eddie runs off with one of his current cheating partners. That is probably the only way this will end.

  18. The argument seems to be which one of these 3 clowns ( Brandi, Eddie, Leann) is being a bigger nozzle! Are there really any winners here??? There are losers and its those poor kids!!! You can pick whose side you’re on but it’s all poor parenting

    1. I just popped back to read more of the rubbish! I said exactly that ten hours ago! Great minds think alike! Poor kids!

  19. omg… BrandiTwinkle needs to get over it…. she should have been over it years ago. Who’s she kidding… many of us are divorced with children .. Twinkle should be glad her kids have a step mom who loves them. Instead she uses this as a means of attention…..

    1. And she gets a lot sympathy, a lot of it from people who aren’t married and don’t have children. But that’s ok, we all have our opinions. No matter what, the kids wouldn’t have known that Brandy was hurt at all if she hadn’t made sure they knew. That is a fact and there is no getting around it.

  20. These poor children, they are all selfish and seeking attention. Brandi should have kept her mouth shut from the beginning but she can’t move on. She is truly a miserable sad person. Eddie defended his wife, but they both need to just STFU as Brandi says. Their children are of age where I’m sure they know everything. Be happy you have children who are loved. While not LeAnn’s sons, they are still a family.

  21. Brandi: (1) get a good therapist and do the work; (2) get a spiritual practice and PRACTICE it.
    Leanne: You will one day be in Brandi’s shoes. Sorry to tell you that. So think twice before procreating with a serial cheater.
    Eddie: If you were my son I’d slap you upside your head so hard you wouldn’t know what hit you.

  22. Does spending the day making comments on this blog count as Brandi focusing on her children, family health and work? I almost expect her to put a link to her wine in each of her comments. Take a seat already.

    1. That’s just it, Donovan, I loved her too. It is like a child you love and you want them to find happiness and they just can’t seem to. I have found myself being so disappointed in her. I certainly have not grown to hate her though. I only hate one person, and they deserved it. She doesn’t.

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