Brandi Glanville Dishes On New Season Of RHOBH! Plus- What Happened With Adrienne Maloof!

New Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville, is dishing details on the new season of the show to The Daily Beast! She talks about her unfiltered personality, her current relationship with Kim and Kyle Richards, how the group received Yolanda Foster, Taylor’s financial struggles, and of course what went wrong with her former friend, Adrienne Maloof! Read below to see what Brandi had to say!

When Brandi is told that she can say some inappropriate things that get her in trouble, she responds, “I’m a jokester. And definitely, sh*t just comes out of my mouth. It has [gotten me in trouble] my whole life. Just now I’m on TV so everyone can see what an asshole I can be. But I try to say things that are the truth, and I don’t hold back, and sometimes it does get me into trouble. But I’m not just being catty. I’m joking 99% of the time.”

Brandi also speaks about the current relationship she has with Kim & Kyle Richards, whom she didn’t start out with on a good note last season, “They were hard (last season). They were complete assholes. But I don’t hold grudges. But you only get a certain amount of—then I shut down. Right now we’re fine. I mean throughout the season did we have our ups and downs, absolutely. Kim and I, it’s still a work in progress. I think it’s always gonna be a work in progress just because of what happened and what went down.”

When asked if the ladies were catty with new Housewife, Yolanda Foster, Brandi says, “It’s weird, because no one was mean to her like they were to me. Because she’s beautiful and she’s got celebrity—she’s with David Foster. I was curious to see how they would treat her, having seen how they treated me—nothing but lovely. I think because of her celebrity and status in the community, they’re a little afraid of her. (Smiles) And I like it.”

When asked about former friend, Adrienne Maloof, Brandi says, “I don’t get along with Adrienne, which is unfortunate. Something happened in between and before (this season’s taping).” After last season’s reunion, some things happened between Adrienne and Lisa, and Brandi explains, “But it kind of involved me because she wanted to meet up and go over what we were gonna go after Lisa for, and I didn’t want to do it. I was like, this is so ridiculous. I’m not doing that. And then things … Things went down during the break that will be explained during the season. I mean, I don’t see us being friends in the future.”

As far as the pictures, Adrienne’s chef, Bernie, released of her? “Here’s what I’ll say about that. That chef guy, Bernie, “I don’t believe what comes out of his mouth, because he’s tried to sell stories about me and my children. And he doesn’t know me or my children. So just having had him do that to me, just coming from him, I say consider the source. Because he’s a dirt bag.” Brandi says.

Brandi also speaks on Taylor Armstrong, who has had a bit of financial issues since the suicide of her husband, Russell. “I think Taylor is not in a great space right now as far as financials. I know she was having to give her Birkin bags over and they wanted her ring and all this stuff. That can’t be great. I can’t imagine,” Brandi explains, “All the people that were suing her for all of the shady deals they made. They wanted her purses and her jewelry and her this and that. I can’t imagine that’s easy for her.”

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