Brandi Glanville Dishes On The New Cast Of RHOBH


Brandi Glanville is also making her rounds in the press to promote the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Celebrity Apprentice. Although she is under strict orders not to reveal anything about the upcoming season of RHOBH, of course Brandi had a lot to say about her co-stars.

Brandi on doing the Celebrity Apprentice, Brandi told E! News, “I’ve never done anything more stressful than get a divorce. There’s so much stress on you, your team mates… you’re competing with them. They throw you under the bus and you think you made friends and then they’ll say “she should go” in the boardroom and you’re going, ‘I thought we were best friends?’ It just got crazy.”

And Brandi didn’t have nice things to say about fellow Housewife Kenya Moore…

“Two Housewives, there can only be one, so you have to choose,” Brandi said. “It’s either super-evil Kenya or trash-mouth Brandi: pick! But I’m not evil that’s the thing, there’s pure evil there. I didn’t know that Kenya Moore had fans. I really didn’t.”

When asked if she was the person who slapped Lisa Vanderpump in the shocking season trailer, Brandi said, “I was just on the phone with the Bravo people and we can’t say anything at all. We had a new level of crazy this year. I’m not overly proud of it, but it will be entertaining. I feel like it’ll be embarrassing and we will all have regrets, but it was like we got physical on several occasions. I thought it was a soap opera. I just kept looking over my shoulder like ‘what just happened.'”

Brandi admits that she agrees some of her cast mates have amped up the drama in order to keep their jobs.

“I think with having two new people come on, there’s like this ‘oh these other girls lost their job and we need to bring it,’ and there’s this heightened sense of crazy and you have to one up it. That’s my perspective. It’s 1 to 10 and we start at 11 and it just gets higher.”

The interviewer also asked Brandi a round of rapid fire questions, in which she responded:

Which housewife would you block from calling you? Eileen.

Who has the worst potty mouth? Me.

Who always makes everyone wait while shooting? Lisa.

Who is quick to bitch slap? Rinna or Myself.

Who do you trust to keep your secrets? Yolanda.

Who is the biggest flirt? Me.

Who do you wish you could fire? Kyle.

The new season of RHOBH premieres November 18th on Bravo. You can also catch the new season of The Celebrity Apprentice January 4th on NBC.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Dishes On The New Cast Of RHOBH”

  1. Lisa V said Brandi WAS the one who slapped her on a interview. And then there was the Bravo clip where Brandi shoves Kyle…what the heck? Why is Bravo allowing this kind of low brow physical violence- from a low class skank to boot? What happened to the Zero Tolerance Policy? Hello? Andy?

    1. Why would anyone let this piece of alcoholic trash speak to the media about her cast mates. This tramp hates everyone but herself. I see nothing of value in anything this ho has to say. STUF Brandi.

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