Brandi Glanville Discusses Taylor Armstrong’s Backstabbing

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to talk about how she felt watching Taylor talk behind her back at Yolanda Foster’s dinner party. Taylor kept discussing Brandi’s joke about sleeping with everyone in Beverly Hills as if it were true. Brandi says that she thinks it’s sad to watch Taylor continually bash her to strangers with secondhand information. Read what else Brandi said below!

Brandi writes, “I am so bummed that I couldn’t make Yolanda’s dinner party this episode. But I was hosting a charity event at the Kentucky Derby called Ferdinand’s Ball to benefit the horses that had previously raced and were now retired and needed care. I adore all animals and just couldn’t say no to this great cause.

Watching this episode was very visually stimulating because Yolanda and David’s house is just so pretty and almost everything and everyone looked amazing. . .

I am not sure why Taylor continues to talk about me to complete strangers with secondhand misinformation — but she does. Well clearly her misinformation wasn’t taken to heart because I did eventually have a date with the handsome Chris Botti and NO we didn’t sleep together but we did have a super sexy fun time. Sadly for me he is always traveling or working but we do keep in touch and are friends

It is sad to watch Taylor at times and right when I start to feel sorry for her she does or says something really despicable. Once I lose respect for a person I pretty much cut them out of my life.

It was very awkward to watch Paul and Adrienne sitting across from Lisa and Ken. The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I’m not sure If I would have showed up to one of Lisa’s friend’s homes for a dinner party if I were Adrienne, knowing full well Lisa would be there and there had been no resolution between the two of them.”

Tell Us- Do you agree with Brandi? Do you wish she would have been at Yolanda’s?

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