Brandi Glanville Discusses Mourning Her Divorce & Meeting With Scheana Marie Jancan!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Brandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s emotional episode. She says she believes Scheana knew the whole time Eddie was married, Brandi also explains that she has mourned her 13 year relationship with Eddie, and states she blames Eddie as well as Scheana for what happened.

Brandi writes, “I’m such a crybaby!!! This episode brought a whole lot of tears for me. Since my divorce I have taught myself to try and not show my vulnerable side to people, because I needed to be strong for the sake of my children, friends, and family.

I needed to leave Kyle’s dinner party simply because it was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to re hash old arguments with Faye, someone I didn’t even know. I hid my face when I went to leave because I don’t like it when people see me cry. For some reason I have always been this way. I feel like I have to stay strong for everyone around me because I emotionally take care of so many people in my life and don’t want anyone worrying about me.

When Kyle invited Marisa for yoga it was nice to see Marisa make her own decisions and opinions about us women and the dinner party. I think Kyle assumed because they knew each other previously that Marisa would just be another one of Kyle’s many “yes people.” Marisa is not that girl, thank God.

Seeing Yo with her beautiful family is always so cute to me and we will soon get to see a lot more of my YoYo.

I don’t think people realize how close Lisa and I have become over the past year and a half and how incredibly awkward it is for her, myself, and even Scheana when I dine at SUR — which is far more often then you see on camera. There is always some double-checking and whispers of what section Scheana is in and where we should sit and it’s made me feel bad for Lisa and just uncomfortable in general. With that said I, after much, much, much thought decided to meet with Scheana because I had known for sometime she wanted to clear the air with me.

I have mourned my 13 year relationship to Eddie at this point. He is remarried and I am in a great place in my life. That said, hearing details of the time she spent with Eddie while we were married and I was pregnant just seemed cruel and unnecessary. I believe she knew the entire time that he was married with a family. I believe it is and was just as much Eddie’s fault as hers, and I truly hope she’s learned a big lesson from her past mistakes and realizes cheating doesn’t just hurt one person — but friends and entire families as well. I have seen her a few times since our sit down and I always say, “Hello. . .get me some coffee.” JK!”

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2 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Discusses Mourning Her Divorce & Meeting With Scheana Marie Jancan!”

  1. I can’t believe she wanted your sympathy!!!! you are the best Brandi. I myself couldn’t have done that… but I know you did and you have respect! which I honor. She wanted you to feel bad for her. I neve knew she went on and said she got cheated on… We all know she knew he was married… How could you not. She is not the victim! what a !!!!!!

  2. Okay Brandi It I s Time For You To Leave The Pitty Party. you are not the first one whose husband left Them for another woman. how about Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, Vince Gill and Amy Grant and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. get over yourself everyone Is sick of having to listen to you Piss and Moan.

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