Brandi Glanville: If I Didn’t Care About Lisa And Ken I Wouldn’t Be Upset

BrandiBrandi Glanville is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and feud with Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi explains why she wasn’t able to talk at GiGi’s party and says if she didn’t care about Lisa and Ken she wouldn’t have been upset. Brandi also talks about Lisa stirring the pot about the ring Kyle gave Carlton.

Brandi writes, “As you all might have noticed, I have a bit of a lisp and underbite. I thought I was having an allergic reaction to a type of aspirin I took. I went to the doctor and they put me on steroids, but when it wouldn’t get better after weeks and weeks I decided to go see my dentist, a TMJ specialist, and see if it was related to my jaw issues. I have been wearing really-not-sexy mouthguards since age 25 for TMJ. Right before I got married something similar to me happened because of stress, and I was told I had pretty severe TMJ and would need to wear oral orthodontics day and night.

Over the years I weened off my day ones for the most part and only wore them at night. When my new dog Buddy chewed up my nighttime one, I just assumed i would get to the dentist at some point to get another one. Cut to Lisa stress and my jaw completely slipping off its discs.

Gigi’s going away party was so beautiful and you could feel the love in that room for her. I arrived with my friend Adrienne relieved that I could barely speak because I promised Yo that I would not cause any drama at her daughter’s going away party. When I saw Lisa it felt awkward. I could tell she knew I was upset with her. If I didn’t care about Lisa and Ken then I wouldn’t be upset about what was going on.

As far as the Carlton/Kyle issue, I never saw Kyle gift the necklace to Carlton and had no real idea what was going on. I knew Kyle and Carlton had gotten into it at Lisa’s and because of this I thought I would do Kyle a favor and give Carlton the part of a necklace. Blah blah blah. Like I said, I wasn’t around for the necklace gifting and the thing Kyle gave me looked like a ring. Lisa said twice that the crown didn’t match the blue necklace, but maybe it was a peace offering. . . Contradict yourself much? I just feel like why say it doesn’t even match the necklace at all? I feel like we are all in middle school sometimes still, myself included.

Other then that nonsense it was a beautiful party, and I’m glad I could barely speak. As far as Lisa and Kyle’s relationship, goes I feel like they love each other, but there is still this underlying competition of who is going to be queen bee of our group. Maybe I am wrong. It’s known to happen but I am very happy being one of the many in the hive.”

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  • Aunt Bee

    Blah blah blah. If you are so happy just being one of the bees in the hive, why do you always stir up so much trouble? Ok, so you just did what Kyle asked you to do this time and you supposedly love The Vanderpumps and Kyle so just stay out of the way and let them mend their friendship. Stop having bashing meetings with Kyle and Kim. You are the biggest source of trouble in their lives. That is why the Witch likes you so much. You are both Trouble. Stirring the cauldron is the only thing you and the Witch do best.

  • Ciryn Bristoll

    Obviously Lisa is the queen bee of the group, thats obvious. Kyle will never be a queen.

  • Cin

    More like elementary school Brandi…..

  • DebBrenn

    The bee analogy is interesting, since it’s Brandi with the biggest stinger. The “nerves” Brandi is feeling are called “guilt” by most of us, unfortunately this reaction is unfamiliar to Brandi so she can’t identify it. Brandi is losing me more with each sneaky back stab she commits.

  • Marc

    Prepare to be leaving the hive Ms
    G ; you won’t be there much longer.

    • t haJoan

      From your mouth to the producers ears, I hope and pray. If the show doesn’t let Brandi go, I predict that show going down the toilet, but then again, that’s where Brandi should be.

  • t haJoan

    The comment of “contradict yourself much?” was a ridiculous slam. But again, you, if anyone, should surely know about contradicting yourself. As for the claim that “if I didn’t care so much for Ken and Lisa…” well why did you make that comment, and why have you kept stirring the pot? You are a joke Brandi. Give it up. Everyone that has any brain at all has seen through you and all they see is ugly. I sure do agree with DebBrenn, those “nerves” are guilt, something of which you seem to know nothing about.

    • DebBrenn

      Ditto, t haJoan! How about Brandi’s reinterpretation of what Lisa said about the skull crown? She just tweaked the first comment, obviously trying to rile Kyle against Lisa (Lisa’s actual words,”wasn’t the skull blue – does this go with it?” to “it doesn’t go with the ring”) and outright lied with the second comment telling Kyle that Lisa told Carlton not to take it). Methinks there’s a snake in the grass and it’s a skinny blonde with a lisp.