Brandi Glanville Defends Kandi Burruss

Former RHOBH star Brandi Glanville is coming to the defense of Kandi Burruss amid the allegations of Burruss being a lesbian that have been going on.

Brandi wrote on twitter, “LOVE that @Kandi is an outspoken #truthcannon on #RHOA, When did being open sexually become a negative? Why put sexuality in a negative BOX?”

What do you think of Brandi defending Kandi? Comment below.

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7 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Defends Kandi Burruss”

  1. Used to really like Kandi, but this year she has been really mean. the conversation she and Porcha had, saying “you don’t want to go there” then going back and telling everyone what Porcha had done. That contradicts what she had said at the table. That is MEAN. Another thing – why are we hearing about the private sexual acts -getting a little too raunchy for me.

    1. Kandi is protecting herself from allegations that she’s in some version of a fake marriage, and the allegation that she and said husband are date druggers who roofie rape people. She has every right to vehemently defend herself from allegations that can destroy her life. Sexual felony accusations like date drugging and rape should not be toyed around with for any reason on either side of the coin, and it would serve Porsha right if Kandi sues the mink eyelashes right off her lying face.

      1. I totally agree. I am reading everywhere that Porsha has been accusing Kandi and Todd of what is clearly a crime, and Kandi has every right to defend herself against these allegations. Porsha seems to want a story at the expense of others, and if she is making all of this up, and I believe she is, she clearly needs a psych evaluation. She needs to be stopped. I agree that it would serve her right if Kandi sued her as well.

  2. It’s a day to mark on the calander, because for once, I actually agree with Glanville, and she’s not a person I really care for because her motives and intentions towards others are often questionable. But I agree, I’m tired of people being demonized on these shows for their sexual orientation and choices as consenting adults. Also, considering how utterly EXPLOSIVE this week’s episode was with Porsha Williams’ libelous date drugging allegations, Kandi absolutely needs to bring on her full arsenal of truth cannon weaponry to knock the heck out of Porsha. The lies roll so easily off her tongue to the destruction of others it’s damned near sociopathic…which Glanville herself should actually know something about….

    1. Porscha the dummy was the reason I stopped watching this show . I don’t watch now but I happened to catch a glimpse on Sunday when she was talking to Phaedra ( dummy #2) and thought Hawaii was another country! I rest my case!
      She’s a horrible dumb person . Worst combo you can have

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