Brandi Glanville Defends Her Comments About Joyce Giraud’s Marriage


The feud between Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud is continuing off camera as Brandi is responding to Joyce’s comments that “no man would want to spend the rest of his life” with Brandi because of the way she behaves. Brandi took a jab at Joyce’s marriage when she wrote in her Bravo Blog that she wasn’t willing to settle, especially for “some short, rich guy that promised to make me famous.”

Brandi took heat for the comment she made about Joyce’s marriage to Michael de Ohoven, so she took to Facebook to speak more about the topic. “Just read that I being nasty about Joyces husband… Listen if Joyce is going to go to the press and speak about my ex husband and leann (whom she claims not to know) compare me to her, then she better bet her relationship is fair game also,” Brandi wrote. “You get what you give. Two way street. xoxoxox”

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Aunt Bee

    Brandi you are a sick, jealous, vicious, drunk. You are so disgusting. I don’t know your ex or his wife but I think they have enough evidence from your appearance on this show to prove you unstable. I sincerely hope they get full custody of your sons to give them a safe childhood.

  • yaya

    Totally agree Aunt Bee- if Brandi continues to swig that bottle, then yes, Eddie & Leanne have enough ammunition to take her kids away, especially if she’s not taking care of them or leaving them unattended, passing out drunk. I honestly think that Brandi does indeed love her boys and attends to them adequately when in her care. Its just her filthy mouth I have a problem with, she needs to filter herself if she wants a comeback viewership wise. Meanwhile, I’d really wish her & Joyce would just Stop with the back & forth. Its really growing old and I’m tired of it already! Enough Brandi & Joyce!!!!!

  • SoniRay

    Comments made by Joyce’s husband were completely appropriate and in response Brandi’s vile attacks. Indeed, you do get what you give, particularly if you’re conveniently choosing to take everything out of context to try and manipulative the truth. Unfortunately, for you Brandi, the audience is not buying it. You have quite frankly let yourself and everyone else down. The majority are quite disgusted with your purile, selfish antics.

  • Boston Kate

    ‘Two-way street’, huh? I didn’t think Brandi could count that high.