Brandi Glanville “Crumbling Under Pressure” Of Celebrity Apprentice


As we previously reported, Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore have been hard at work filming NBC’s, The Celebrity Apprentice. But of course, there’s new controversy surrounding Glanville. RadarOnline reports that Brandi has been “reprimanded” several times on set and is turning to alcohol and Xanax to deal with the stress of the show.

An insider tells the site that Glanville has been fighting with her co-stars and is cracking under pressure. “Brandi got reprimanded for her behavior,” the insider says. “She was sent to hotel to get herself together.”

“Brandi told Donald she was crumbling under the pressure,” the source reveals. “Brandi admitted to taking Xanax and alcohol to cope with the high stress of the show.”

“Everyone is noticing Brandi’s problems and how it is affecting filming,” the insider shares.

UPDATE: Brandi took to Twitter to slam the rumors she is drinking and drugging, writing, “I’m working on a major network show in NYC I’m working hard! I am not “drinking & or drugging” the cameras don’t lie, so just watch &see :)” Glanville later added, “But when this is all over I will need a giant glass of wine? ;)”

Photo Credit: Bravo