Brandi Glanville Confirms She Is Leaving RHOBH


The big news recently dropped last week that Brandi Glanville would not be returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There has been speculation if she would be getting her title back or possibly just getting the role as a part-time housewife, but Brandi recently spoke about her exit with the show on her podcast Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

“After a lot of careful thought and deliberation I have decided not to return to RHOBH as a full time cast member this season,” she says. “The past 4 years have been amazing, a complete roller coaster of a ride. I will always be thankful to Bravo for the opportunities that have come along with doing this pop culture phenomenon of a show. In the meantime, I’m working hard on my podcast, my new wine business and my clothing line. And keep an eye out for my next adventure that will show everyone a more well-rounded side of who I really am.”

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65 Replies to “Brandi Glanville Confirms She Is Leaving RHOBH”

  1. Uh- huh, SHE decided not to return to the show…. Yeah right. I for one will not miss her crude and rude presence on the show, every season she progressively brought the franchise down. I can feel the lightness already with her and Kim’s removal from the cast. As Eileen so happily said when BG didn’t come to dinner in Amsterdam, “Yipee!!”

  2. So does that mean she’s a friend of? All the wording is very particular “full time housewife”, she didn’t say that in the podcast, she just said she’d be leaving.

    If she were full time I could see how she returns to the show, but I can’t see how she returns as a friend of unless Yolanda will be continuing on this season.

    I would rather they don’t include her awkwardly as a friend of just to keep her in there.

    And nice to see a housewife not trash the show after they leave, since so many go on and on about how they decided to leave to get away from the negativity and blah, blah.

    1. Not so fast…it won’t be long until she changes her tune & starts trashing the show in later interviews and books.

    2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Winner winner, chicken dinner!!!

      The Big Goon wouldn’t take the high road if she were stranded in the desert and it was the only road out. She’s simply motivated by greed and self-interest. She merely wants to keep civil ties to the only big paycheck remotely possible in her future.

      The truth about her being fired will come out, as the truth always does. And as character is revealed in times of distress, the Big Goon will explode in mean and nasty ways and she has time and time again. Time is the only variable.

      Love this news! Sorry for all you gravy-trainers, sidewinderVX. You’ll have to attach yourself to another wannabe reality star. This one is flaming out… 😉

      1. Not only Sidewinder, but all of us are included. Taylor, Adrienne, Camille, Claudia, and more have been fired but look where they are now. Didn’t miss any of them but like in Poltergeist, “They’re back.”

  3. Great move Brandi. I know you may not see it, but great move. Like I have said all along, if you and Kim are not returning for next season, let the viewers actually count how many times the other ladies make mention of you making you a part of their conversation and storylines. Since you and Kim were quote, unquote, ” The Bad Girls,” now, the other ladies have to do the work of building their own interesting storylines that will keep the viewers’ attention and not revolve around you and Kim. I may be wrong, but I think Bravo made the wrong calculations of what really brought the ratings. I know the other ladies probably will never tell you, but they are probably just a bit nervous because they have huge ratings to fill. It’s all about the ratings. Let’s watch what happens. My guess is Bravo will contact you in the future. Much success.

      1. Again, and please repeat after me: “Storylines are created by producers and editors”. 10 times or until through osmosis it sinks in. So I obviously disagree these ladies will *chose* to bring the departed idiots into their airtime- that is unless the producers want that to happen.

        I can totally see that happening in the first episode- maybe even the 2nd episode- in order to provide some character transition explanation- perhaps accompanied by some clips of their awful behavior so as to soften the backlash on Bravo. Expect some of that Bravo CYA -cover your asset :-).

        For LisaR’s sake, I hope the producers don’t ask her any questions about Kim during her first “sit-downs”. I can hear it now…”For gawd’s sake, get your own storyline you crazy itch”. Ha.

    1. It could happen, but with so many fans/viewers wanting her gone I don’t think Bravo would want to invest in her.

      1. I dont know people, love to complain. If watching Brandi fills that need to complain Bravo wouldn’t care if people complain or not.
        People would tune in cuz they love to complain, same way people that dont like her read every article on here about her.

        Losing her from Bravo wouldn’t be a great business decision for Bravo, she’s the most talked about Housewife on RHOBH (She is on here anyway), and I dont remember this much press around another wife leaving and having to make a statement, at least since the mass firings on RHONY. Claudia Jordan has apparently been let go yet no one is really talking about it, no one knew Lizzie wasn’t a full time housewife on OC till like the week before the premier when she mentioned it in a comment on instagram.

        People complain about Tamra the same way they do about Brandi but the ratings were good for her wedding show, and practically everyone complains about Teresa and it seems likely she’ll be back on NJ, or at least the Jo spin off they are filming.

        Bravo don’t really listen to complaints, if they made decision based on what the fans are saying I doubt Tamra or Kenya would be back. They make decisions based on money and who can make them money, and a cast member that is constantly talked about can do that.

        So I could see why they wouldn’t want to loose her from the network, but can see why they don’t want her on RHOBH since she’s not friends with anyone left. I personally think the show will be boring now, and some of the cast are gonna have to seriously step it up next season, but I can see the logic of not having her back on RHOBH.

        1. You do a very nice job of glossing over that wicked, trashy woman’s actions. How well does that pay? Just curious because I could use a little extra money myself.

    2. There are so many spin-offs now that it is possible. Her ex husbands worries over the kids on the show likely diminished if she had her own show. Because now she won’t have the income from HW, so he can keep his false pride and still get his portion of her money, being he is a failure as an actor and a man. It will sink into obscurity like every other one since the Bethenny series, which I thought was great.

      1. Not really obscurity, most of the spin offs do pretty well for Bravo. In terms of ratings they are often really good.

        Plus when Eddie and Leann had a reality show Brandi wouldn’t let the kids film with them, but their network wanted Brandi to appear on the show and she turned them down.

        I’d say someone somewhere will be repitching a show about their co-parenting, or any number of other scenarios.

        1. I guess I was going from the fact that I didn’t think most of them were any good. I bet a few people will watch to see, but, really, she is no one without the housewives to pick on all the time.
          HW does need a villain, I agree. But not one that 90% of the viewers see in a negative way. She would need to have some redeeming quality, and a better percentage of fans.
          I know the reason I am so disappointed is because I was on her side a lot, and I hoped she would grow and learn what it means to have some true friendships, for her sake, and anyone she befriended. I saw Lisa, Kyle and the disgusting Carlto try, and she pretty much screwed them with her mean spirited ways. And, her schtick was getting old, same old, same old..if she ever learned anything she didn’t grow perceptively from it. I am happy to see her gone.


        Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
        Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

        Wake up you sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
        Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She’s gone where the goblins go,
        Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
        Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
        Let them know
        The Wicked Witch is dead!

          1. Sorry Sidewinder, er, Beth. This loser gets nothing on TV ever again. She’ll fade unceremoniously and ungraciously into obscurity. And don’t doubt there’s a “leaked” sex tape in her future. That’s what happens to narcissistic losers with no talent but a need for attention and money.

              1. At least with Teresa, there’s some amusement- her ignorance and special language skills (“It’s a joke, like funny “ha ha”). :-0 She’s kind of like the east coast version of the Beverly Hillbillies. But instead of Bug Tussle to BH, its more like Sta-un Island to the Hamptons.

                And at her worst, she’s not as disgusting a human being as Big Goon. BG is just vile and consistently mean. The vast majority of humanity doesn’t consider her special kind of meanness as entertaining.

              2. Oh, and be careful about throwing “thirstiest” around…sidewinderVX might get on her soapbox (of diversion) accuse you of “slut shaming”.

                1. Thanks. I meant thirsty for fame, unfortunately she will always be infamous for fraud. You are right about her vocabulary, it was entertaining.

        1. …and the person who claims there are no relevant housewives on RHOBH yet comments negatively on every Lisa Vanderpump article…

      1. HAHAHA! I hope that comment is not for me! I am the one fast forward when she is on TV.. But those days are gone… She is not going to be on TV anymore!!! YEAHHHH Thank you Andy!

  4. Also, hey you guys, she has a PODCAST! Stop shaking your head in manic disbelief, you read that right! Granted, my 85 year old grandfather could have one and talk all day about naps and Jesus and get the same ratings, but hers is SUPER popular! Y’all should listen! Over 80% of every man, woman and child throughout the 7 continents tune in! The San Bushmen tribe even have it translated into clicks for them! Additionally, it’s available in Medieval English, Hieroglyphic cave paintings (you need skype for that one) and whale song!! It’s THAT popular! A REAL PODCAST!

    1. Monica, you are 100% correct, I checked and her Podcast audience is growing as we speak. Don’t know if that’s good or bad but I do know what you said is true. Thanks for the info.

  5. I saw that Joanna Krupa is suing her for the vulgar comments that she made on WWHL.. I hope that Joanna wins!!! Like Tamara from RHOC, how can anyone believe anything that comes out of her mouth.. Brandi just doesn’t learn.. that stupid mouth and bi-polar personality of hers just keeps bringing on lawsuits.. i’m sure there will be more.. So glad that Kim and Brandi are off of the show!!!!!!!

  6. Brandi decided not to return? More like Bravo, Andy & all the housewives, plus the entire world booted her out. So not going to be missed. Farewell with happiness from me.

  7. I have been a supporter of B since she limped onto our screens. She was different before her ego grew exponentially. I’ve noticed she only answers tweets if it’s a man/boy, a hater or a woman who could be described as plain. She’s not as nice or as tolerant of other girls as she’d like you to believe and is quickly losing any support I may have had for her. Adios

  8. Glad she is gone! I don’t think it was her choice, but I think Andy probably gave her the option to say she was leaving. I won’t miss her and her trashy ways at all. If I do, I’ll watch Tamara.

  9. Thanks Bravo, Brandi has earned the right to be terminated. I don’t think that she can come back in any capacity, especially a friend bc she knows nothing of friendship.

  10. Where were you when I needed you, my friend? You read all of that? There re so many worse names, most of which we see even on this little blog. But she is going to sink back where she came from, one of the Tree Cities, U.S.A.

  11. Never want to see her again. Wish her luck with her books–one hour of fame should keep her from being so horrid. Final answer——GONE.

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